The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Happy Reformation Day!

Mine started out pretty well. We got to see Ryan get baptised and he and Bonnie were brought into the membership of the church. Ryan has an amazing testimony of God's grace in his life. I was only given a little trouble for skipping out on the square dance. I had a good excuse because I put my time to a lot more profit doing physics hw than spending half of my cash to sit and watch people dance. During the college class we looked at the presence of our bodies in heaven, and how the Bible says we will have totally new bodies, which puts to confusion those who believe that God can only raise our bodies from the grave and not make new ones, and that those who have lost their bodies (as in a nuclear blast or fire) will not be in heaven. When we got home I found that the test of my patience had been at the devil's work once again in vandalizing my car. I really don't know what to do. For my part, I have been friendly, always giving a pleasant greeting or a wave, and still he continually goes out of his way to be aggrivating. But I will praise the Lord, for how often I myself have strayed from His commandments and plotted to break His law, but He continues to love me and draw me to Himself.


Dead Mice and puny Muscles

The mice around here are really strange. Jumping all over the place and stuff. Today there was a dead one right in front of my computer. I grabbed it and moved it all around and clicked both bottons, but it wouldn't register anything. Ross and I took it apart and looked at it and tried it on his computer and took it apart and looked at it some more, but it didn't do anything. It's almost as useless as a macntrash mouse. (Yeah, almost.) You know, the little ones that don't fit in your hand and only have one button. So I guess I will have to throw it away. Well, actually Ross and I were talking about going out and shooting it up. My birthday is only a few months away, so I might be able to survive until then with my expert knowledge of how to use a computer without a mouse. Or not. (about the expert part, not the survival part) I'm actually pretty surprised because I am doing this whole post without a mouse. You never appreciate rodents until they are gone. On to muscles. My left leg muscles are getting really small. When I first go my cast I could only stick three fingers down my cast, but now I can get nine in there. I can grab my whole calf muscle in one hand. Now I know why old people have depression so much, because they see their bodies falling apart and they can't do anything about it. I hope I die before I am an old person.

Quote of the day: They (60's Students) wanted a world with love inculding "free love" with no private responsibility; a world without killing, except for unborn babies, and a world where the environment was pure of toxic substances, except for the ones they used on themselves.
~R.C. Sproul Lifeviews



It's that time of year again. The time when the air turns crisp and birthdays start popping up all over the place. First off my blog had its eleventy-first post a few day ago, which means that I am now an old blogger. The mark of a good blogger will (hopefully) come soon as I get my 1,000th hit. (And a prize to whoever hits it if I can get it to you) check the bottom to see what number you are. And Shu is 22 today! Happy Birthday Shu! In the usual custom of our house I made him a cake. So stop by sometime to say happy birthday and get a piece of chocolate cake with rich & creamy triple chocolate fudge chip frosting. Extra points to whoever brings chocolate milk and ice cream. oh, and candles. I only have one candle, and it wasn't really made for a cake. So as I start my last week in a cast I will say goodbye, God bless, and never fall like a giant sequoia cause you might squash the mushroom of hope that is starting to grow in the wrinkled apples of the brain next to you and you really wouldn't want to firebomb that fungus on the hair of life now would you? haha Don't you just love run on sentences the just go on and on and on and on and on?


Totally Random Complete

So here's my most recent collection of random stuff.
I almost fell over in church on Sunday. I was standing up on my one good leg while we were singing and I started tipping. I probably didn't get past 15 deg., but I had to grab the pew in front of me really quick to keep from falling on Nick.
If you want to know what Christ suffered on the cross, don't watch The Passion, read Psalm 69. Then consider your most shameful sin, multiply by several thousand and think of that shame being put on the One who had never known sin. I read it yesterday morning and I am still in amazement of the inspiration that David had when writing that one.
I've only got a month before I take my instrument written exam. AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!
I've got four languages on my cast. (five if you count slang and six if you count art) So cool.
I've been thinking about breaking my leg in May so I can do the Mini on crutches. Maybe Stacey would go with me then.
Is slang a dialect?
What are you doing while you read this post? I'm eating M&M's from Shrek. "Look princess, I don't know about this knight thing. I just want to get my swamp back."


Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofan engine

Classes are finally done for the day, but school is hardly over. I took Exam 2 in systems class today. I think I did pretty well, but I might have missed one. Or two. Or forty-nine. But I did get one right. My only other grades from that class are the group project and the final (3:30-5:30 Saturday of finals week.) (Also known as the worst time ever to get a final.) We started on pressure in physics and I understood it! That's only because we just finished covering it in systems and that professor can actually teach. So now I'm working on the group project for powerplants, in which we act as reps from P&W and "sell" the F119-PW-100 engine. That engine is so incredible! It starts out with a three stage, wide chord, shroudless, "Alloy C" titanium fan blades; able to ingest several Canadian geese at Mach 1.8 and keep running. I don't know about you, but if I hit anything and almost twice the speed of sound, I would fall apart right away. Then the air is pushed into a six stage, counter rotating, axial flow compressor where a huge volume of air is efficiently squeezed into a very small area. It is then injected with pure jet fuel and blown up. The amazing force of the explosion drives a single stage, high pressure, next generation single-crystal superalloy turbine, and a single stage, low pressure turbine. The air is then directed to the exhaust portion of the engine where additional fuel is injected and exploded by the heat of the super high velocity air (afterburning) and after deflecting off of two dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles, the air rushes out of the back of the engine with such force that it pushes the huge F/A-22 Raptor multi-role, stealth strike fighter through the air at Mach 1.4 even without the afterburners! With the added advantage of smokeless operation, there is no wonder that the F119-PW-100 engine was selected to power the most advanced fighter jet in history. Oh, Yeah! (Say it deep and slow) You were probably just bored to death, but I love it. If you put one of those on a 1,500 pound Warrior (what I fly) its 35,000 pound thrust capability would rip the wings off and launch me to about 52,800 feet (10 miles above the ground) in a couple seconds.


God is so great!

We had an awesome (In the true sense of the word) sermon this morning. Pastor Olivetti finished preaching through Micah. He told about how Our God is so great because He is a God who forgives. Other gods claim strength and power, but they require prayer five times a day and special sacrifices whereas our God is Strong and Powerful and He offers free forgiveness to His people. Pastor Olivetti gave an amazing illustration of the forgiveness God offers to us even while we are doing our worst against Him. The congregation was visibly moved. At least this part of it. We also had a baptism for a set of twins recently born into the Lafayette church. After church the Stockwell's had me over for lunch, where I learned that Subaru is developing a totally new line of vehicle, but could uncover no more information other than that they will be putting more cup-holders in their American models than their Japanese ones. So I came home and here I am now.


It's so hard to wake up when it's raining.

That's why rain on Saturday is so good. This morning I ate breakfast while Ross cleaned the kitchen and lamented his complete lack of breakfast food (except for what he didn't want to eat). I offered him some pancakes but he politely refused. Then we sat in my room and read everybody's blogs (at least those who post) but now Ross has gone to do something that I will not say what it is, and I am sitting here posting. I am so ready for school to be done. If anybody wants to come by and play card games and eat licorice or something just hop on over. The house is clean and the occupants are bored. Or if you want to stay home and be bored that's fine too, just be sure to look at Ross's post on swearing. Very true. Do people somehow think that hollering about excretions is going to make their life better or something?


The occasional random firing of the nerve endings in my brain

will constitute the majority of this post. Physics has really got me down. I can do anything with linear physics, but as soon as a bit of rotation gets thrown in I'm lost. Actually I'm starting to understand the basic rotational stuff, but that dosen't really help since we're getting into advanced roatatioal problems. I guess it would help if Purdue actually tried to focus on learning instead of raking in the dough and hired a real physics professor instead of some foreign research guy. He's about as lost as I am. Ask me about it sometime. In other news, my two aviation projects are coming along nicely. And I got a 100% on my paper for instrument ground! That was a great relief. Last night I flew my first two ILS approaches in a simulator. Very cool. You just line up the needles and wait and all of a sudden you break out of the clouds about 500 feet above the runway and land. I am so glad for the weekend.


long post,, little time- read highlights

I had a very long day. I spent to much time getting ready for class, so I only had time to grab a trail bar on the way out the door. Between classes today we had a career fair down at the airport. Talked to a lot of companies (Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Southwest Airlines, regional ATA carrier, Lockheed Martin....) lots of big names, got some good info and tons of free stuff. Got a cool visor from Delta airlines. Two A-10s flew in! A-10s are among my top 10 favorite planes. Then went to the physics class and got even more confused. then on my way to powerplants I got a call from the lady driver's insurance agent and he kept me late making a recorded statement so I missed a talk from P&W and GE reps. :( I was able to grab a hot dog for lunch. And some southwest peanuts. I did some research on the computer for about an hour, and went over to hanger 6 for the start of my simulator class. Sim went pretty well. My instructor wants to impress me and he ends up not. He is not making me think worse of him or anything, but I wish he would show his skill instead of talking about it. A simulator is hard to keep coordinated with one foot, but I pegged a constant airspeed, standard rate, climbing turn right on the numbers! Watched a chinook taxi out and jumped in my car to head to a saftey meeting. We finally got out of the saftey meeting at 7ish and some friends invited me to eat with them at the dining hall. Got home from that and studied for an hour before Bible study at 9. Pastor Long talked about marriage and gave me a great reason not to do it. (It wasn't a statement against marriage, just my personal calling.) so I got home about eleven. I haven't taken any drugs for two days!!! :) :) (Monday really scared me) I don't hurt much, but I feel terrible. Just a general wearyness and achy feeling. Hope it goes away soon. So once again, I have babbled on far to long. Good night y'all.


Instrument Ground

So after making a weak attempt to re-word my drug-induced babblings and pacify various females on my other blog, (various titanium reinforced, super-plastic-crushing females) I went to my instrument ground class. I got a 101% on my second exam last Thursday, which is really great, but I'm still not safe because exam 3 and my instrument written count for 50% of my grade. I got my song mostly finished while I was burning off my super dose of hydrocodone, but I still need to tweak the chorus a bit. I'll save that for my next dose. I also developed a testimony baised on my seemingly amazing ability to survive life threatening, bone crushing accidents. I might post it on my other blog sometime. I need to go to bed now, since I didn't get to sleep until four this morning. (Or was it last night?)


Good Morning

Happy Tuesday y'all! So I went home Monday afternoon and got some dinner. I forgot what I ate but I took a pain pill and had a bag of popcorn for dessert. Then I sat out in the living room and had a nice little conversation with Shu until about 5:30. Then he lay down to nap on the couch, and I went over to my mattress to do the same. After a deep refreshing sleep I woke up at about 8:00 Tuesday morning. I was like "Wow I must be sleeping better because I didn't hear Ross come back or leave again." So I read Psalm 63 for my quiet time. (I was really looking forward to it because I really like Psalm 63) And then I fixed up some oatmeal for breakfast. Along with my oatmeal I had my morning pain pill and my vitamin supplement. After I ate my oatmeal, I decided I wasn't hungry enough to eat a bagel, so I got a my books together and prepared for a full day of study. After everything was set I sat down, got out my AT247 books and rotated my clock towards me so I could be ready for the MIT group to come over at 1:00. Oddly enough my clock said 21:06 (I have it set on aviation time because I am an aviator) I was like "How did it get twelve hours off?" "Did I push the wrong button when I set my alarm?" I got my other clock to make sure I reset my first one correctly and it said 9:07 P.M. Panic started to flash through my brain. I looked at another clock and it too said 9:07 p.m.! I looked outside and it was dark! What was happening? Did I just sleep all the way through Tuesday? Wouldn't someone wake me up before now? I got out my cell phone and started searching frantically for my calendar while I asked Shu what day it was. He was like "Monday night." I didn't believe him until my cell phone calendar confirmed it. That's when it hit me. I was only asleep for two or three hours! And I had just o/d-ed on my vitamin supp, and taken a double pain killer dose! I just kind of laid on the floor for a while and thought "O Wow!" The life of a druggie. Then Ross came home and heard my story and didn't believe it until he found out that I did indeed eat breakfast. I was so giddy I just sat on the floor and laughed at everthing. (Especially the thought that I would have called Jared at one in the morning to find out why nobody had gotten to my house yet.) Well, I was already awake so I went ahead and studied for a while. And I threw a ball in the air and caught it for entertainment. I started working on a new song for the Cowpies in the Rain CD called Trip to Tuesday. It's going to be good. I need my mommy. Good night from the high pilot. (I'm going to crash so hard tomorrow.)


Have been very rainy up here. As have Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. But that's okay because I can't run around outside anyway. My crutches do get a little slippery though. Yesterday we had a couple amazing sermons by pastors Long and Olivetti. I've got a lot of work done already today, which is good because I have a TON of homework this week. I've got to find some quick and easy but nutritious and filling meals. For some reason I seem to have totally lost my appetite after my surgery. I've been good today on half a bowl of cereal and an oatmeal cookie. Ross got a blog! Now he's caught hook line and sinker in the world of bloggers! HAHAHAHA (Evil laugh) It's doing pretty well though. It's already got at least three comments. Check it out. Well I'm off to see what I can do about getting the Air Force to bring an F/A-22 Falcon to campus for one of my powerplants projects.


More reading

If you want to read some more, and quite possibly get angry with me (If you are a girl) go read my post here.

Ye Olde Dayese

I went to Indy for a medieval dinner last night. I feel sorry for the lame people in the medieval days. They couldn't joust or anything. Not even have a decent sword fight. Cool dinner though. I almost felt like I had gone through a time warp. After the dinner Dad took me and a couple of friends from school on a tour of the Indy control tower. It was a slow night so we didn't see much, but it was still cool. This morning I rushed back to Lafayette to get to MIT, but I found out it was canceled. AAUUUUGGGGHHHH! I should have checked my email at home. Oh well. I've got some work I should be doing, so I better get off now.


Patience (Yay I spelled it right on the first try)

I'm sorry about the constant updating, I just get sick of study and this is my only option since I can't run around like a wild man anymore. (That's what I used to do when I got sick of study) (That's my secret for staying in shape) So I totally aced the instrument ground quiz because we got the teacher to let us look at old quizzes and the TA at the study session last night told us that they did not have time to make a new quiz so they were using one of the ones we had. Then I came back to the house and was totally dumbfounded. There was a Kerry Edwards sign in our front yard. (Well it was in front of the 930 house, but it is still our front yard) I am leaning toward the republucan view this year, so I really don't know what to do. Here are my options:
1. Sneak over and rip the sign out. Nope. That wouldn't be right.
2. Put a Mitch sign on one side and a Bush sign on the other. Hmm.. Where do I get the signs?
3. Make my own sign that says "Support killing babies and immoral marrage" or "Hate our troops" and put it next to it. Anybody have some cardboard I can borrow?
4. Go over and talk to the guys in 930 about taking it out. Two go to my church and they would only put it there as a really strange joke so if they put it up the would probably take it down, but the other guy is a self-proclaimed freak and is my greatest trial of patience ever. He would put up the sign just to offend people, so he would get joy (and therefore leave the sign up) if he found out that I didn't like it.
Now that you all know my political leaning this year, go look at this blog. Be warned that it is a little crude, but he has a very interesting play by play on the debate.

Back to Patience.
I think that is what God is trying to teach me with my broken bones. I really have a hrad time waiting, and now I am being forced to. It'll be good for me.

God bless Ross and Shu

I feel sorry for the rest of you guys. I got the best room mates ever. Last night they got my mattress down and put it in the living room for me so I didn't have to sleep with just a sleeping bag and a thin carpet between me and the concrete. I had the best nights sleep in a week. Thanks guys. I think I found another post to do for my other blog so it's not dead yet.



I finally updated my profile if anybody wants to see a current one.

long day

So I woke up at two this morning and every 45 minutes after that until I got up at seven and got ready to go to the doctor. On the way Jefferson High School Raido was having country music trivia for their morning show (interrupted to play Eve of Destruction within 5 seconds of the request because Jeff 92 is your McDonalds of radio) anyway, the contestants were as clueless as I was, so the winner got four out of ten right. It was pretty funny. Then I hobbled into the doc's and signed a bunch of papers (I think one of them said somehing about donating my by to science) before they called me back. Dr. Page (who is an excellant doctor) unwrapped me and ran me through several foot contortions. I was like "WOW" when I first saw my foot. It was several different interesting colors and had two huge gashes with about ten staples on each side. The doctor decided to remove my staples which was alittle lower than having teeth pulled on the fun scale. Then he showed me my x-rays. Now THAT was interesting. I broke the tips off of both leg bones, so I had two screws (about 3" tapcon style) on the inside and six screws and a plate on the outside. then I went and got a parking pass and went to all my classes and just got home. The pass cost $15.00 which should be construed as extortion, especially since I have to crutch across Northwestern to get to the Physics building. Oh I got a hard cast on before I left the doctor. Try and guess what color it is. Ross and anybody that would not be guessing can't play. I was so glad to get home and put my foot up today, becaus eI didn't have time to take a pain pill in the morning and it was starting to swell.



I've had some pretty weird ones recently. After watching the debate I dreampt that someone with a voice just like former president Clinton's (I never saw him) was telling me what was wrong with both Kerry's and Bush's foreign policy. That dream is still the most vivid, but I know I've had worse. Little things from my day all get thrown together and messed up. Dad brought me back up to school today. We stopped by the police station and picked up an action report on my accident. It mentioned something about me riding on the sidewalk when I should have been on the street. ARE YOU CRAZY? Ride on Airport Rd.? NO WAY! First off, the police don't ticket people there, so cars go up to 50 m.p.h.; second, the road is mostly populated by (no offence, but this is the way one of my pastors put it) little Asian ladies who can't speak English and everybody wonders how they got their drivers licenses (maybe by bribing the BMV?); third, the shoulder is about two inches wide. So you have little Asian ladies who can't drive zipping along uncorrected at 50 m.p.h. within two inches of any fool who tries to ride the road. Sounds like a death wish to me. Oh, and there is a bike lane farther down the road, and it clearly merges into the sidewalk, implying that all who were on the bike lane should now use the sidewalk. I thought about going in and hollering at whoever wrote up the report, but I was afraid they would give me a drug test.


In Memory of Elder Ken Thompson

The Lord has seen fit to bring Mr. Thompson home today. He had been an elder in our church for as long as I can remember. He was great man, well loved by all, and one of such faith that the world was not worthy of his presence. He was a traveler, one who was not at home. Sure, he was content with whatever God gave him, but he always looked forward to getting home. I remember when I was younger and he helped me learn how to fish. He would patiently explain how I was to bait my hook and cast just the right way, and he would help me do it over and over again until I got it just right. He would tell me how I should be like Jesus and fish for men. He was an inspiration to me in scripture memory. Long ago, when our church was small, he would dress up as Peter and quote scripture for our evening services. He was always looking to serve his Lord. He spent more hours than most of the rest of the church combined working on our church building and grounds, using his amazing skill as a gardener to ensure that the church property was always a place of beauty, where one could go and meditate, or just praise God for his creation. Mr. Thompson lived to serve the Lord, and now the Lord let him end his travels and finally come home to a place where he can put away all his earthly hindrances and weaknesses and joyfully praise God as he so desired to do. While we have lost a beloved member of our congregation down here, we can now look to heaven with that much more excitement and hope. Praise God for the wonderful life and example of Ken Thompson!

If any of you have a memory of Mr. Thompson that you would like to share, please feel free to do so.


Spiders in the night

I was trying to get comfotable last night when I felt a hair in my face. I brushed away the hair and it started running. I was like "That's no hair!" I turned on the light and saw one of the biggest spiders I had ever seen in this house. (Still it was pretty small in comparison to spiders in Lafayette.) So I grabbed the nearest container which just happened to be my retainer box and captured him. After showing him to my folks (proof that it wasn't my meds) and letting whoever was willing pet him, I let him out the front door and wished him happy hunting. I would have let him out in the house, but Mom objected. Go to Stacey's blog and ask her some good questions.


Pain Meds and wierd visions

Okay, so my doctor said that I needed to have surgery "if I ever wanted to walk on that ankle again" so after a few phone calls to Dad, we decided that surgery would be good. The nurses came and got me all set up with wires and tubes and needles (I still can't watch them put a needle in me) and sensor pads and wheeled me down to the surgery room. They started the IV that would put me to sleep and I think I missed something because everybody started laughing. The kept asking me questions so I was trying to stay awake and answer them, but the next thing I remember they were all standing around me and I was gasping for breath. It was wierd. There was all this air around me, but it just wouldn't go in my lungs. I don't remember having this much trouble in my other surgerys. I finally got my breath and got taken to a room where pastor's Long and Olivetti came to see me. And Ross and Shu and mi familia. I spent the whole next day in that room and feasted on hospital food (it really is as bad as they say). After I got crutches lessons (which I didn't need) they let me go. We first went to my house in W.Laf and Dad talked to my teachers and advisors about missing class while I packed up my books and clothes. Then we came home to Indy. It takes two tracks short of an Andrea Bocelli CD to get home. So for the past couple days I have been lying in bed and entertaining myself with hw, reading, cards, food and trying to find a good way to prop up my leg. Being immobilized is not fun. Until you add hydrocodone to the formula. WoooHooo That stuff is crazy. And no I am not addicted. You throw up if you take it on an empty stomach so I don't plan on getting addicted either. Well I have some hw to do. (I'm not sure I should do it though, becasue my hydrocodone is telling me that 6 x 7 = 42. ha ha ha. Can you believe it?)


The Life of an Accident Prone Individual

Okay where was I? Sitting on the ground and the cop was just pulling up. While we were waiting for the cop, the freshman that saw the accident helped me get everything that I needed out of my bike bag. I asked her how her first solo went and she was it was real good so that is some good news. Then the police officer hopped out of his car and told me not to move and that the ambulance was on the way. Well, I was just fine with sitting by the side of the road, so that is what I did. The officer got all the information of all the parties involved and one of my good friends from flight showed up and took some pictures with his cell phone. He took my backpack for me, and by that time the ambulance arrived. The EMTs jumped out and made sure that I was still alive and could feel everything. Then they stuck me in a neck brace and strapped me to a back board. There is not much more of a helpless feeling than being strapped to a board and tossed around. They tossed me in the ambulance and went to the hospital. Unfortunately, I wasn't injured enough for them to turn their lights on, so we had to stop at every stop light. When we got to the hospital they put me in a little room and told me that if I moved I might die or be stuck in a wheelchair for life. Then everybody left for about two hours. I was so bored. Finally a doctor came in and said my ankle looked really bad. He felt my back and took my straps off and said that I would not die if I moved. Yay! More good news. They x-rayed me and left for another two hours. So I sat around and watched the paint that was already dry. THRILLING! I am not exaggerating on the times either. I got hit at 1:25ish and didn't get to talk to the bone doctor until fiveish. I went over all of my scripture memory. (Three and a half chapters and two TMS sections) I was thinking about doing it again when the doctor finally came back in. (actually I was interviewing myself on what it felt like to get hit by a car) (So Mr. Bright, what's it like to get hit by a car?...) And I need to eat now, so I will tell about my surgery later.


No I do not have a death wish.

Well the word is out and spreading like wildfire, but I have to tell about my whole day. I had a wonderful morning. I did a 2.2 hour x-c to KOXI (Knox, IN). Beautiful waether. Then I got back and watched some cool aircraft testing movies in my systems class. We were covering landing gear and got to see a crane drop a warrior and a cessna from several different angles, sometimes much to the dismay of the landing gear (and the crash dummies). The warrior fared much better than the cessna (it didn't flip) in my opinion, but the amazing thing was the way the planes were designed so that even in a very high angle crash, everything but the cockpit crumpled. If I ever have to face a crash (highly unlikely) I now have a lot more confidiance in the ability of the plane to cushion the blow. To top off my morning I found my picture on the front page of the Purdue Exponent! Way cool! Then my morning ended. I went back to my house and started working on a dinner a few of us guys were going to make for the Long's, and ate lunch. I found myself a little late for Physics so I just grabbed my books and headed out the door. Without my bike helmet. (For the record Ross later said: That is not like Josh at all to not wear a helmet.) I got to Physics just fine and studied for my exam for about an hour. I left for my powerplants class at 1:15, giving me a whole 15 min to ride across campus to the airport. I was just coming down the homestretch of the sidewalk next to airport road when it happeneed. I saw a car pulling out of the parking lot for married student housing just ahead of me. It was slowing at a rate that would bring it to a stop before the sidewalk so I kept up my speed to get out of its way. Unfortunately, the driver did not see me as I had assumed and was just slowing to look for cross traffic. She came to a stop before the sidewalk and proceeded to pull out directly in front of me. I couldn't stop so I turned right as hard as I could (which put my west component of velocity about equal to that of the car). Well my south component of velocity (due to inertia) was still really big and I smacked right into the car. I flipped off of my bike (I think I caught my ankle on the cross bar and broke it there), rolled across the hood of the car, and landed on the road on the other side. Ouch! It was a fun ride. My backpack took a lot of the hit as my much accident trained reflexes caused me to tuck and cover my head. Somehow I cracked the car's windshield pretty bad. I don't know what hit it though. I lay on the ground for a second and was like "Wow I just got hit by a car and I'm still alive!" Then a freshman in the aviation department who I had just reecently met ran up and was like "Wow dude are you okay?" I sat up and was like "Yeah but I think I broke my ankle" cause it felt like it wasn't attached to anything. I crwaled to the side of the raod and the driver of the car jumped out and was like "Are you okay?" After I said I was, she got back in the car to move it off the street. Just then a Purdue Police officer who "just happened" to be doing that leg of his route pulled up. And I have to go to bed so I will maybe tell the rest tomorrow.
Note: I said "just happened" in quotes becuase I believe that God directed him to that portion of his route at that perfect time- not a matter of luck as many hopeless and comfortless souls would have it.


My God is so great!

Worship services were such a great idea. A whole day for those who love the Lord to come together and praise Him for His great glory. This morning pastor Long told how God had so richly blessed them through Katie's surgery. The congregation was visibly moved. Then pastor Olivetti told of the Lord's coming justice and how we need to wait in obediance because God will hear our cry and wring ou tHis wrath on those who oppose Him. To which I can only say "Lord have mercy on us." Then I went out to plead with the people of America for the lives of unborn children. And said again "Lord have mercy on us." This evening pastor Blackwood urged us to run to attian glory, to be perfected, and to apprehend our final resting place without looking back and living in the past of "I wish I would had done this," or "It would have been better if." Then I came home and read Psalm 46, telling of God's promise to be my refuge and strength, of the Lord of hosts being with me. And all I can think to write now is How wonderful it is to serve the Lord of all creation and to exalt His name in the earth!


October: the month of manliness

It was so cool. Right after I did that post about wanting to play soccer, I was invited to play soccer. I played for two hours and wore myself out because I am getting out of shape. I was pretty sore yesterday, but I got to meet Mitch Daniels! I shook his hand and signed his RV in green on the passenger side mirror. Look for it if you see his RV. I wrote "Joshua Bright." Okay, enough over commentary. Last night the CORPS guys had a competition against the ladies retreat by hosting a manliness night and Charlie's house. I think we got more guys than they did. We grilled chicken and drank pop and watched a couple movies with very high explosion/chase/gun fight/karate to acting ratios. We also played some nintendo games while wearing wife-beaters. Not gamecube not N64 not super nintendo, but real have-to-use-the-blow-tap-reset-method-to-get-it-to-work nintendo. But I better quit now, so I can clean my room. Oh yeah I asked some questions on Brian's blog, so now I have to let anyone ask me three questions according to the rules.