The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


in one hour

I will leave for Columbus. It will be my last trip into Columbus as my base because....

I'm Moving To Indy!



Happiness is:

Wearing a Purdue sweatshirt in Michigan and Ohio!
Seeing a TRIPLE full circle rainbow in the clouds
Flying my first go-around at Chautauqua. (Traffic on the runway took too long, so it wasn't my fault that we had to do it)
Getting a really nice looking piece for my uniform and having my uniform allowance pay for it all.
Taking off with the sun at just the right angle to make the perfect green grass have a great contrast with the white stripes, black rubber and the pavement of a great runway. (Oh man, I wish I had a video of that one.)
Seeing a beautiful night where the moon is sooo bright, and the clouds and stars look like a picture from a storybook.
Talking to Candace on the phone.

Happiness is not: having my bags fall over and breaking the handle of my favorite one :(

Of course all that good stuff waaay outweighs my bag, so it was a great day overall.

I said goodbye

to a lot of my friends today. It was kinda sad, but also really nice. I would have been exceedingly sad not to ave been able to see everyone one last time. And now I am on my very last trip from Columbus!


One day

One day, can you believe it, there will be an end to ALL sin! The last sin ever will have been committed, and it will all be done and over. Lord haste that day! I so can't wait.


I really and truly am

getting moved to Indy!



I got a call from an Indy FO (first officer) and we both emailed crew planning to trade bases.