The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


I'm in Boston!

My whole flight in, I sat next to a lady who used to be afraid of flying, but went to some program in San Fransisco to get over it. She said it worked, and it was cool cause this program taught her a lot about aviation, so she was asking me a ton of intelligent questions during our trip. So now I am staying in a nice Hoogerhouse compliments of the great Dave himself, and we are about to find some great exciting activity to occupy our day.


tried out a Cincinnati church today

I went to Church of the Covenant on the north side of Cincy. It was ok. People were pretty friendly. I was surprised and pleased to see a Psalm book there (although it was just for show this week). The theme of the sermon was Peace on Earth and the points (in ascending order, as the pastor rightfully pointed out) were: 1. Peace with creation 2. Peace with man 3. Peace with God.
I'm trying to decide whether or not I should go back, because one thing that the pastor opened with and spent a long time on is bugging me. He said that we should be more concerned about having peace with each other than with theological correctness. He used the fellow who objected to the PCUSA? supporting missionaries who didn't believe the DEITY OF CHRIST! and was kicked out to start the OP church as an example of what not to do.
Taken to its fullest extent, this pastor should probably apologize to the Roman Catholics about our disunity and try out for a priest position. (Except he is married, so I guess that nixes that idea) But going the other way is the possibility that he understands the tendency of Presbyterians to throw out love in our search for truth (and in arguments over petty points of theology), and he trusts his congregation enough to see the point that peace and unity are REALLY IMPORTANT to God, without taking it all the way to my first extreme. Unfortunately, his example says that unity is more important than the deity of Christ, so I'm not too enthused.

I'm thinking about flying out to Boston next week.


-1 job

Well Big Sky is shrinking up like a styrofoam plate in a fire, so now there are like 139 pilots out looking for the job I need. And I was stupid and didn't save any of the pseudo-resumes I created in school, so now I am trying to build a nice one from scratch. I guess I do have a couple early drafts to look at, but I am really trying to find a nice style that has a really efficient use of space.

Here are a few of my pictures from Cincinnati:
Delta tails.

Circle Rainbows!!!

Sweet Clouds

And WHAT is THAT???



is really hard when the only internet connection you have is in the hotel where you have about seven hours to sleep between eight hour flight days. But hopefully I'll be getting a connection in my apartment pretty soon. Got to fly through a little mid-western snow today, and it looks like we are going to get pounded (in the non-Boston nor'easterner sense) tomorrow.

How the average street greeting changes across America:
East coast: OwYa Doin?
Mid-West: Hey Ya'llllllll
Real-West: Hey Buddy you got ten cents?
West Coast: Duuudddeeeee!