The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Am I better yet?

Good grief! It shouldn't take this long to get over a cold. Maybe if I had some orange juice and quit riding to classes in sub-zero temperatures I would get better faster. Anyway I called the FAA today and they said they needed more information before they could make a decision on my case. Which is good because they didn't decline me right off, but bad because I'm still right here waiting. In other flight news, I was the captain of a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco yesterday morning. The clouds and visibility at SanFran were horrid and worse respectively, so I had to execute a missed approach and fly over to my alternate airport at Oakland Metro just across the bay. It would have had a great view if there weren't all those clouds in the way.


cough kof hufff cough

My posting temporarily resigned to my cold, which has been assailing me since Friday. As far as colds go, this one has been one bad dude. I almost took some medicine. Fortunately, I don't have any decongestant here, so I couldn't even if I did want to. I flew from Denver Co to Salt Lake City Ut yesterday morning. That was fun even though I was afraid that the pressure changes would explode my head. Good thing my true altitude didn't go much above 620' MSL (Mean Sea Level). CORPS has it's first intramural basketball game tonight! We have a pretty big team, so I hope we can do well.


Missing Person!!!

I was part of a manhunt today. A couple hundred students and townsfolk turned out to do a huge search of all the areas around Purdue for a fellow named Wade Steffy. He disappeared without a trace on Saturday after a frat party, although his bank account was accessed on Monday. Robert found a shoe and some other people found cell phone parts and some keys, but all of those could belong to anybody as far as I know.

Pray that Wade gets found.



We are totally burninating in this house this semester. The smoke alarm has gone off twice in as many days! If you are wondering why, don't even ask because I am not allowed to confirm or deny the possibility that anyone in this house can burn green beans and/or pizza.



What American accent do you have?
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Winter Conference was Great!

And it snowed today! I left with plenty of time to get to the airport, but my normal route was completely blocked by a wreck, so after waiting for ten minutes to see if the half dozen police officers in the area would direct traffic around it at all, I made a quick Uee and started heading through campus. I hit a beautiful patch of ice at Northwestern and Stadium and slid into the curb. :( No fun there. But I bounced right off and was able to continue on to my simulator class without further incident.

Here's those pictures again, with a little more context this time. Keep guessing.


I found some of my notes

from my freshman English class today. We had to analyze a movie, and I had written this interesting quote from the main character: "My problem is fine. My treatment is killing me." Reminds me of what I think every time I dump a load of salt on some food.

Weather class was stokingly NOT boring today! And we had an easy quiz at the end. I hope the rest of them are like this one.

P.S. Mr. Puliam, if you read this blog, I think you will be pleased to note that I almost ended the sentence above with "this," but I didn't because of all the little red circles you used to draw on my writing assignments.


full swing

I'm totally into my semester now. Just had a mostly sweet sim flight. After I recovered from busting my altitude by, should I even say?, 1000 feet, the rest of my flight went well and was ended by a couple of the best landings I have ever done. Of course if you saw me landing before you would know that that isn't saying much. I can't take the history of the Christian Church class like I wanted to, so I tried to get into STAT 225 which looked cool (and Stephen Roberts was taking it) but I got put in the 7:30 section, so it is totally dropped.

Before I came back from Indy my parents gave me an early birthday present and it was a CAMERA!!! Thanks Mom and Dad! Here is a picture that I took with it. Can anybody guess what it is?

or how about this one?


this little pig went to school

maybe he will learn something there. like the proper use of capital letters and that he shouldn't really refer to himself in third person. maybe he will switch to first person in the middle of this post.
this little pig got up early this morning and jogged down to the co-rec with Rory (ooohh a capital!) and they worked out a little before Rory's first class. Thus began my final semester of this year, Purdue, and undergraduate education. Wow! who knew that it would go by so fast? It was great being a counselor for the High School Winter Conference and thinking back to the crazy fun and carefree life of those years.