The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


3 days 3 pages

That's all I have to do to keep up with school. Oh and study for my next three exams. And make a powerpoint presentation on Regional Jets. PES has been getting better. I can finally come home and not feel so totally burned out that I just conk out for a couple hours before I get anything done.
....................Back to doing stuff................


I'm glad

that whatever it is that keeps hitting me only stays for a day. I have my scholarship paper done so I need to get it sent off tomorrow. I worked scrapped my origional draft and worked on it for a long time to get it finished today. I still have to polish off my resume. And go to my 6:30am class and pick up my transcript after 3 and stop at the post office and be at work by 3:30. wow I better go to bed. night


Great Weekend

Going home and getting stuff done and almost finishing a paper. (It's all in my head, I just need to type it out) Had a cool dinner and movie with sis and friends, and went bowling with the whole fam. I did kinda bad cause I hadn't bowled since I was in NY fifty weeks ago. It was still a lot of fun though. Time for bed now.


PES was great this morning!

We had a Tae Kwon Doe team come in and give us instruction in basic fighting. Now I can fight anybody! except for girls. I'm kinda worried right now, because I asked to be not on the schedule for spring break at Sam's yesterday, which is like 2 weeks before spring break, but they had just run the schedule through, so now I have to find people to cover for any spots that they put me on the schedule, or else I have to quit or not go to Colorado.



my class that goes to 9:30 tonight got out early. cause we had another easy quiz that I wasted too much time reading for. oops, a preposition was what I ended that last sentance with. ending sentances with them is out. ok, my time to waste is up. school i must go back to.



sorry for not posting much. My life is soo busy. I'm really working hard to stay on top of school, work, and scholarship essays. I have a week to write this one essay on "My core theological commitments and the ways in which the shape my exporation of vocation." I have a lot done but my introduction paragraph REEALLY inverse sneezes. So I'm going back to work now. I'll write more tomorrow maybe. hope out.


High Dive Certification Testing Tomorrow

Pray hard please.


The brunt is over

Now I only have high dive testing and about four papers to write.

God is Awesome!


This poor man cried and Jehovah heard him!


I found a cool place to study today

It is very quiet (one passerby per hour) and has a super view of all the runways down at the airport. I saw the Semionle doing its stuff and I was like "Sweet!" when I found I could instantly recall engine failure procedures. I got to fly a couple approaches with a dead engine in the 727 today. Have you ever yelled at part of yourself before? I have. My wrist and ankle were complaining about the cold and I was like "Just shut up and get over it already!" Tomorrow is going to be so wierd. I have absolutely nothing mandatory to go to. Maybe I could go home and eat some real food. sound good mom?
charity out.



life is crazy. All my AT professors jumped into ultra test mode last week. I don't have much substance right now, but here's some random thoughts:
pulled hamstings hurt.
Psalms are so Awesome!
I've been reading them for my devos this week.
They are astounding in how they encompass so many emotions, point to Christ and praise God all at the same time.
Shawn has a friend who can give me a mohawk.
You know you like an artist when you get their music from the library and try to get tired of hearing them, but have to return the disc before you do.
God is so Awesome!
just cause.
Because of you I thought about buying a table.
peace out.



Ok school is really starting to pick up and work is great and giving me lots of hours, so I'm really busy. I had a wonderful break today when my whole family came up to see me. I have a great family. Stacey and I went and hit a bar together. That was pretty fun. I need to get some sleep now. After Devos. Faith out.