The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


It is so great

to serve a God who doesn't bow to our every whim, but works out His good plan in His own time isn't it? I mean how messed up would this world be if we only had to offer some special sacrifice or pray for a certain amount of time or repent of a few sins to get God to do whatever we wanted Him to. There is none of this "Lord I will double my tithe and pray for fourteen hours straight if You let me fly again." ... Well there is... but it doesn't work. That's not to say that God hasn't set up a cause and effect system , or that He doesn't hear our prayers. It's just nice to know that whatever does happen is His will and not the result of my (usually messed up) priorities.

Wow this whole posting again thing might get to me. I better head to work now.
Grace out.


It's been so long

since I've posted that I can't tell about all the great and cool things that have happened. But here are some major points:
COVFAMIKOI was WONDERFUL (which would be a great name for it if we ever got tired of COVFAMIKOI). I was a counselor for the freshmen guys and they were stellar characters.
Work is good. Caleb is learning much faster than I ever did.
I am sick of doctors, and I only have to keep seeing them because they are the only unhealthy thing about me.
I just finished a cool study with Pastor Faris yesterday morning.
I'm thinking about talking less about me on here (who needs that anyway) and doing some book reviews or something.
OK I have to get to work soon. Here are a few pictures from a recent roll:

Fam with Gram!

my sweet plane

taxiing over the cars at O'Hare



enough said.


Posting is rare


Covfamikoi tomorrow.
Got to pack.
Hope out.


Independence Day

To celebrate the freedom of my country I had bear arms while I went jogging this morning. Then I went to work. I thought about looking for a party to join after I got off, since my family all went out of town without me, but I decided to come home and play war games on the computer instead. Or maybe I will do a bit of Bible reading. hmm... either way I must be off. joy out