The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Didn't work this morning

so I ran about eight miles with Eric and worked around the house. Here is the final portion of my vacation pics. enjoy!

WOW Posted by Hello

Dad's former missile control station Posted by Hello

wagon ruts from all the trains Posted by Hello

almost the whole rock in the background there Posted by Hello

mum and dad standing on top of Independence rock Posted by Hello

grizzly cub probably weighs more than me Posted by Hello

bighorn sheep. can you find all of them? Posted by Hello

me and sis in front of icy yellowstone lake Posted by Hello

the whole gang Posted by Hello

Dad sneezing at the mudpots Posted by Hello

old faithful throwing a tantrum Posted by Hello

Caleb and Stacey and a lot of water Posted by Hello

Cool waterfall Posted by Hello

Sulfur Springs Posted by Hello

Finally at yellowstone! Posted by Hello

Devil's tower Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

we met some nice donkeys in custer. Caleb liked them the most Posted by Hello


Didn't work this morning,

so I went on a short bike trip with Caleb. It was fun. I got to work in the Cafe at Sam's tonight. Now the only things I haven't done are optical, photo and pharmacy. Here are some more pics from vacation:

cool rocks and that's all for today. Posted by Hello

Dad with his head in a cloud Posted by Hello

went to custer state park and went on a hike Posted by Hello

Beautiful lady and not beautiful dead guy's model Posted by Hello

close-up Posted by Hello

After Ellisworth AFB we drove to Mt. Rushmore. Posted by Hello

tail of a B-1 that got too big for its hangar. (they were doing all kinds of flyovers while we were there!) Posted by Hello