The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Everybody in the whole world

Except for pilots will lose five pounds automatically at midnight.

This information was brought to you by extensive research from the FAA and your friendly neighborhood blogger.



It's an April shower! Haven't seen to many of those this month. It's the warm dizzily kind of rain that makes one want to do odd things, like run about outside and get wet. Or play soccer.

Yesterday was quite fun, however I did discover that this will probably be a bad spring for my allergies :P



with the windows open is so great! I've gotten to do that the last two nights. Today is my day off, which scheduling apparently didn't realize when they called me at four am to try to get me to work. ("Uhh guys, working seven days in a row is Illegal... Uh yeah... especially when working it would send me into a thirteen day stretch") Thank goodness for FARs. SO now I get a completely free day that I get to use to it's fullest due to getting out of bed six hours before I was planning to :) I get to have lunch with a pastor and do my laundry today, so I'll sign off now, and wish you all the beauty of the weather that I am getting out here.


Three days

Of flying out of Cincinnati has occurred. Here are some of the results:
Some really nice sunsets. I love the clouds to the left of the Sun there.

We got to see two sunsets and two sunrises. I only captured the sets.

And a cool town on the edge of a windy river.

The evenings were just perfect. I seriously considered sleeping on the wing of my plane instead of riding all the way back to some lousy hotel.


This was the weather yesterday

click on it so you can see the large version.
Had our first encounter with thunderstorms and lightning this year. Included for free was some moderate turbulence (yee-Haw!). After passing over one of the best views of NYC yet (The Empire State building was the only thing rising above the clouds) We shot an approach down to absolute minimums and proceeded to get stuck on the ground for an hour behind a line of traffic that was waiting for the T-storms to get clear of the departure area. After a VEEERRRYYY LLOOONNNNGGGGG flight back I grabbed a couple cokes and an OJ and ran to my next plane to do a Repo to Saint Louis. It would have been a mountain dew/vault flight, but they don't give those out on airplanes (I wonder why) so I was glad that I typically have a very low caffiene intake. (And I was also glad that I practiced staying up till 3, cause that's apout the time we ended up at the hotel this morning.)

I get to stay here till five and then drag myself home. It will be slightly unpleasant for me, and worse for whoever has to sit beside me because scheduling wouldn't let me get a change of clothes from my car between flights. ugg.

In more pleasant news, I hear that Columbus is suposed to get up to 80 today!


Ahh Life.

SO. Big things are rolling the the Josh world. I just got back from a fabulous five days of break this afternoon. In those five days many things were accomplished, including going to a sweet concert with the bro, Oystering with a super bunch of oysters (minus Jurries and and couple other notable folks), telling folks about my real home, and ice skating with a meteor and the sibs!

Today I was supposed to fly to La Guardia at 2, so I showed up at 1:15 to find it delayed to 3:30. Hung out in the crew room for a while, and then went back to the plane to find our delay increased to 4:10, which ended up cancelling the flight due to the Captain and Flight Attendant not being allowed to work more than 14 hours in a day. So I got put on Hot reserve (where I stay at the airport and wait. And get paid :) a lot. ) After waiting a while I got assigned to try to fly to La Guardia again at 6, so I went to the plane at the proper time to find us delayed to 7:30! Just recently got an update that pushes us back to 8 something, and better not go much farther because I'll either get in trouble with the 14 hour rule or the "you have to get at least eight hours of rest between work periods" rule. (Rest by the way, includes driving to and from work, and a bunch of other non-rest stuff, so here's to six hours of sleep tonight!) (Good thing I slept in a little this morning)

Another big deal rolling along is that the national HQ for our union (teamsters) went and changed the locks of the doors to our chapter's offices. Really! Apparently the fellow in charge has had some shady goings-on, and three of the four airlines it represented filing the paperwork to switch to a new union helped to alert the nationals that everything wasn't kosher. I for one am really happy, and from the general impression that eminnates from the fellows I work with, I think that most of them will be really happy too. Reasons why etc. are private, so ask if you want to know and think I trust you enough to tell you.

My schedule is really stacked up for the next three weeks (woo-hoo!) so that is a really good sign for things to come. If I can make it to November I'll have held down a steady job for an entire year! Of course Novermber is a long way off, so I better not speak too soon.

OK time to find something else to do for and hour and a half. Who wants me to comment on their post?


Life is good

Especially that part of it lived in Indiana.


Another day in Buffalo

I got here Monday at 11pm. Went to the mall today. It was a pretty nice mall. My feet got tired of walking in flip flops so I carried them for a bit. People stared. I get to go home tomorrow.


My body reacted to the spring

and switched to the "it should be warm by now" mode, so when a cold front came back through I was freeeeezing. Like wearing my super-parka or two shirts+two sweaters in the house cold. But another warm front came up last night so I should be back to normal for a couple days. I'm going to plead and beg for the days in May that I want to be free, so if you want a reservation on my schedule just shoot me an email. I will be going to Indy early in the month because I need to get my medical renewed.

A while back I was at Kroger and they had a bag of sliced french bread on the clearance rack so I got it. I experimented with it to see if I could make garlic toast. I tried a couple different methods and one of them worked really well! Bring on the vampires.


words that compose a title here

Last week was a lot of fun. I had four days off so I went back to Indy and spent my time tromping about and enjoying every moment to it's fullest. I got to see Nicole do marvelously in her play (for which Caleb did a super-sweet job moving scenery around). And that is all I am saying for now, because I currently have more important stuff to do.