The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.



I got to fly yesterday.
It was my first time to be in the air in nine months and twenty five days.
Ross said I did alright on my landings.

It was a little weird at first, because I am so used to landing fifteen feet above the runway with a lot of power in, but after I got adjusted to pulling my power all the way out and coming down to two feet above the runway, it felt a lot better.



I finally got my Chicago pics! woot.
Here's the short version.

Can you guess what restaurant this is?

Riding the escalators in Neiman Marcus

Water tower from before the great fire.

Me and Mr. LEGO dude.

Ross trying to figure out how to use a Chicago style straw.

Warthog at the field museum.
Guess who got to be a barnacle!

Stegosaurus's are so cool!

Millennium Bean.
Sears tower from a bus.

Westminster church.

That's all folks.


Josh is _________

fill in the blank.


Back in the WLIN

Doesn't quite have the same ring as USSR does it? Got up at seven this morning and left my dear parents and beloved siblings (not to mention my super grandmas) and trekked up to the wastelands of Lafayette to work. Most of the wasteland part of Lafayette consisted of my bedroom, but I got that pretty well cleaned up after work. I also wrote a thank you note to my neurologist, for his work on my flight case. If any of you need brain surgery, I can recommend a doctor to you. Well I should be in bed now since I get to work again in the morning. I will leave you all to ponder this question:
Will we sleep in heaven?


Spring Break!

I am having quite a lovely spring break right now. Both my grandmothers came to visit and to go to the Genevans concert last night. Great music there. CORPS took a trip to Chicago over Saturday and Sunday. Twas quite fun. I would post some pictures from it, but I left my USB cable in Lafayette, and my memory card doesn't fit in mom's camera. Oh well, you will just have to wait then. God is really awesome isn't He? I've been learning a lot about His sovereignty over everything recently. spectacular.


three words+two words:

I CAN FLY!!!!!!

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!


Total Sweetness!

The library had a sale today. You could get a bag of books for two dollars. I got about ten books, six tapes, fifteen records, and three puzzles in one bag! I got the book of Mormon and two records by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but don't worry, I don't plan on converting anytime soon. There is no weather class today :( so I am all done until my 2nd round playoffs wallyball game at nine tonight. I think I will go home and read some books.


Quick post

I think the number of posts I do in a week is inversely related to how busy I am in that week. I am so glad that today is Sunday :)