The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.



So much for all my time off this week. I spent most of it getting out of my current lease in Boston and looking for a good one in Cincinnati. I found a two bedroom apartment for under $400! Hopefully it will look good and still be available in a few weeks. I get to go see Stacey tomorrow!!! At least as long as flights are emptyish. Hopefully that won't be a problem. Well I better get some sleep so I can be alive after my 6:00 flight tomorrow. Night Y'all.


total sweetness!

This has been a really great week. It started off last week with a day off in which I walked the freedom trail. It's this 2.5 mile trail in Boston that goes by a ton of historic sites and museums mostly relating to the colonial rebellion and the war for independence. Very fun and informative. I started at ten and expected to be back at my apartment by three at the latest, since 2.5 miles is so short, but there was soooo much to look at and do I ended up getting back around eight! I'll do a later post with some pictures and stuff. After the freedom trail, I had a couple great flights in some nasty weather. Got to hold for about half an hour! (Fortunately we only had two passengers and they didn't mind our diversion too much, one even want to go where we diverted to, and I got to build some instrument time.) Didn't too much of a look at the trees though. They are really gorgeous in mid-NY. Then on Friday, I had a bunch of friends over to my apartment for a house breaking/ farewell party. Great times. And to top it all off in a moment of awesomeness on Sunday, an excommunicated member of the Cambridge church was restored to full fellowship!!!

That's all for now. I have a bunch of long breaks between flights this week, so I should be able to update a little more than before.



I'm in the great state of New Brunswick. Ahem... Ahh, Excuse me> Province. Sorry about that. Just found out that the Canadian dollar passed the U.S. when I checked in to the hotel th. Which is really sweet cause I'm going to go change all my cash to Canadian at some non-par place up here and then convert it to more cash when I go back to the States tomorrow! Currently it is raining. It's been raining all day and it looks like it's going to continue. But it is kind of cool cause I got my first personal experience with icing today. We built up a nice layer of it on our flight out here. The first bid for Cincinnati came out today, so I better hurry up and decide what I'm going to do for a domicile and housing and everything else that pertains to my continued profitable existence in the world.
Here's some pictures of me at the beach from a while back:

And a sweet sunrise:

And a nice sunset:

With a huge cruise ship in in dock at Rhode Island:

P.S. For all of you government spies out there, don't worry, I'm not really going to do that whole money switch deal. I only have ten dollars anyway.


Running sweetly

Yeah, so I totally went out and spent a little money on my car and spent some good quality time on her and she came around and started running for me again. :) :) :)


So Long

Wow. It is practically the middle of October and this is my first post for the month. IIIIIEeEE. I have been busy watching my life fall apart and trying to rebuild it again. My car decided it hates me, and my roommate decided to go for a cheaper deal on housing and a bunch of other stuff has been bogging at me, so I really haven't had time to blog or even do my laundry. (That's my first priority when I get back to Boston.) I still don't have a lot of time to write. In fact, I need to grab some lunch and fly out of Quebec now.
Later Y'all

P.S. My life is still good and guided by the sovereignty of God. So don't worry about me ok?