The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Green Living

I looked out my window yesterday morning and found that the rains had unlocked the buds on my bushes and unleashed a sea of green upon the world. OK, so maybe it's not a sea yet, but here's my first exciting sign of spring:

In Cincinnati yesterday I was hungry so I went Panda hunting. After a successful capture and meal I found this in my fortune cookie:

Aaand this is what was next to me:

my captain and I decided that happiness was the bag with the receipt in it.

I'm in Indy for four days so hooray for that!


I'm flying to Dulles

in an hour. Not to be confused with Dallas, Dulles is even farther into Virginia than the other airport that pretends to be in the District of Columbia. After I get there I get to do a round trip through Indy (Hi Dad!) and end up in Greensboro at midnight. I sit there all day doing nothing and get back to Colum at 8pm tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Stacey!!!

She is three cubed today! And it's especially cool since it's on the month to its own power day, which equals her age! (this is properly known as the square birthday, and is often confused with turning fifty which is one's golden birthday) (These will never coincide because it is impossible to have one's 50th birthday on the 50th day of the month)

Anyway, enough with the technicalities, Happy double three cubed square birthday Stacey!!!
And now an embarrassing story about my lovely sister to commemorate the event:

oop... It looks like you arrived too late to read the story! Try again next year. :-)



After a great three days off, I'm back at work. Went to LaGuardia and back this morning. It was raining there, and apparently I brought the rain back with me. Yesterday was really nice. A refreshing drizzle coming down all day, that (appropriately) turned to a downpour about 7pm. I'm on for five more days, and then I'm scheduled to make one of my random rare appearances in Indy. If you are there, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive Josh.


Excitement in the kitchen

Made some great taco toppings that fed me for three days!


The after picture is one day leftover from my original meal, so that's why it looks old.
I didn't have any tacos, so the first round was put on tortillas, and the next two were over a layer of corn chips. So good. I'm making either chicken stir fry, or chicken with pasta and alfredo sauce next. Or a stew if unknown names.

I decided to fix my stove the other day. Either my floor is sloped or the stove coils don't seat very well, with the end result of any liquid/sauce/etc all flowing to one side of my skillet when I try to cook something. So I got some heavy cardboard and slid it under one side of the stove and then put a measuring cup + water level on top until it was pretty close to level. I also put my microwave under my counter in the space left by my former refrigerator, so now I have a much more usable work space topside.


Woo Hoo for warmth!

It's so great that it's getting warm! My heater is only kicking on in the nights now. My electric bill has dropped from $100 to $36, and that was only with a few warm days. Before long I hope to be at -$25 so I can have all my electric paying for itself.

It was snowing in LaGuardia this morning. I'm hoping it was the last time we had to deice before November.

I just found some cool stuff that goggle is putting out. They are making a delayed sending program for email so you can cancel if you send a message too early and decide that it needs more editing. They already have something where it will require you to answer some math problems before you send your message so you will be less enabled to send junk if you are temporarily thinking impaired. Bunch of cool junk~ check out the labs tab under settings.


Dear readers

I feel I must apologize for my post of yesterday. It was entirely of bad taste to splay my personal gripes about before the world. I have been properly notified of that, and do submit to you for your forgiveness.

I got informed by my wonderful sisters yesterday that Redbox was giving away free one night movie rentals, so I went a and got The Dark Night and Prince Caspian. The first was better than I expected (although the ending was kind of a downer) and the second was worse than I expected, although I should have been ready for a repeat performance of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I keep expecting them to be as thrillingly close the the books as the LOTR movies were. Oh well, sometimes thousands of words are better than as many pictures. I need to go return them all now before I get charged for a second day.

I also need to start a business were I make money off of people forgetting stuff. :P


I <3 NY

I got to fly a beautiful trip into LaGuardia today. Can't beat a 4000 ft overview of NYC.


Another day another dollar

Went to Cleveland and back in empty planes this morning. I got dropped into Columbus pretty fast so that was fun. I fly to W.D.C. tomorrow morning. Hopefully there won't be any delays so I can make it to the evening service.


My freezer quit

freezing again today. I only had one pound of beef in there, so I can eat that for dinner, but now I'm worried because I just got back from Aldi when I found out. And at Aldi I loaded up on frozen food because I was finally starting to trust my freezer to keep working. Ugg. Hopefully I won't get sent out on any long trips so I can keep a close watch on the temperature.


I left my windows open last night

And I didn't freeze! neither did my pipes. I got to wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the great feel of fresh spring air nipping at my toes.


Trianing is over

passing has occurred.
Time to sleep past 4!!!


got my hair cut

by a barber. for $20. it looks ok; I guess. he made it so short I may as well have done it myself, but whatever. I'm trying to stay awake for another three hours, but it's difficult because I've gotten up at four the last three days, and my body still doesn't like to go to sleep at eight. (Crashing for a couple hours in the afternoon in NY yesterday didn't help that at all)

Positive me to return on Monday. (or a VERY negative me, depending on how my sim session goes)

Happy weekend y'all!


Haircut on the horizon

Well, my hair is getting to the point where it REALLY needs to be cut. Or at least trimmed up so as not to look like a shaggy dog. And I thought that since the only reason (that I can understand) why people would cut their hair is to please the general public (or at least that part of it with which the have the most contact), I would open a question to you, my general public.

I can cut my own hair for free (.5 cents of electricity) or have a barber do it for 15-20 dollars. Either way it won't turn out how I want it because I'm growing tired of a buzz, and barbers only have one haircut (they just go for the placebo effect when they ask you how you want it). I've been growing it out so it could be transformed into a complementary style (there's a heap of vanity for ya') at the scissors of a good stylist, but the only one I know of was living in the Bahamas the last I heard, and is therefore inaccessible.

I guess my question would be: Do I chop all my hair off and start growing it out all over again, or blow my cash on a barber who will give my something that looks nice until the first time I wash it? I really can't decide. Is there any other alternative?

While we are on tough questions, How does one stir something occasionally in the space of five minutes? Would that be once in the middle? once at each end of the five? every minute? When I cook something for thirty minutes stirring frequently happens about every five, so I don't know how occasionally could take place sooner. Maybe I'm confusing the whole sense of the word since it was put in the directions where it normally says to stir occasionally or frequently. Maybe the author of these directions meant that I should make an occasion of stirring. It would have been better worded "Put on your best clothes and stir thoroughly with grace, majesty, and fervor."

Now, read the sentence: The nation was full of tough women.
Then tell me the more popular spelling for this word: ghoti
Prize to the winner.



Who are you and why can't I see your blog?

Just curious.

I got to vacuum my apartment yesterday. That was quite a bit of fun. Went over everything at least three times. Now I won't have any more salt or light bulb fragments hanging out and making trouble at the most inopportune times.


Flew into Buffalo

A couple days ago. Had a lady wait in the terminal until she could talk to the captain personally about whether or not she would arrive in Buffalo safely. She even had a rental car reserved. Apparently she trusted us though, because she got on board and we got here there. De-boarding comment "Thanks guys, I'd fly with you anytime."

It made me think though, those Colgan pilots probably weren't bad pilots, and they definitely weren't planning on crashing. So who on earth is to say that I won't make the same series of mistakes and kill a load of people who were counting on me to bring them to their destination safely? My experience and training? My dedication to flying safely? I can't say that I possess any of those factors more than aforementioned Colgan crew, and I probably have less experience.

Fortunately I do not rely on anyone or anything on earth for my strength and protection. Praise be to God who has brought me safe thus far, and who will bring me safely home!