The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.



Today is a great day in history! It started out pretty much like most days this summer. I went up to Carmel to dry-wall, and then down to Sam's when I got off at Covenant. I found out that the power had been off from ten last night until one this afternoon, so we lost all our freezer/cooler stock. bummer. But I also found out that we are now carrying Purdue gear!!! Yes Yes Yay Yippie whoop holler Yay Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice polos for 9.81 and jackets for a little more. I am so happy. I was pushing for purdue stock ever since last year and now it is finally here. Come and buy it before I get my paycheck and get it myself.


Water Rescue!

So I worked my longest shift ever at Sam's, going from nine to nine. I was out doing carts when the thunderstorm started rolling across. It was so cool! lightning and thunder all around, people scampering to and fro across the parking lot with the hope of getting home before the rain. Very majestic and powerful, yet somehow peaceful also. I wish Stacey had been there. Anyway I was coming home and Dad called to tell me not to even try to drive down our street cause it was flooded. I called Eric to see if I could wait it out at his house but he was out partying. So I came home, parked out on the main road of our subdivision, and walked/swam the rest of the way. Then dad and I and occasional neighobors spent the rest of the evening pushing cars that decided to take their drivers through the water and ended up stalling. Stupid cars. Almost as bad as guns. I just got back from carrying most of a mexican family out of the middle of the street so they wouldn't get to wet. I felt like a fireman and it was so cool! I want to be a fireman when I grow up.


I'm back to work again!

So after two hours of sleep, we finished covfamikoi and started the long trek home yesterday. The whole conference was an absolute blast. Josh and the rest of the CYA folks really worked hard to keep us doing fun stuff together whenever we didn't have scheduled events. So we all played guitars, games and participated in general fellowship instead of just horbgorbling around. Ask me about it if you want a full report. Anyway we hopped over to Evansville (Evan dosen't live there anymore) and picked up Grandma to come home with us. Today I drove around with the Boss and picked up a huge load of lumber and went up to Zionsville and started work on a huge and really cool two-story deck! That's it for now folks. See ya around!



I'm at COVFAMIKOI and having a blast! If you didn't come you are really missing out. Cause it is great! See you all when I get back.