The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Stacey Posted!

about some really cool fabric that would make some sweet shirts.


Here comes the fall...

as fast as time, but that is not what this post is about. I'm back fighting in the front lines again for General Dan. What a great commander! After a while out for rest and training, I get to come back as an officer this time. The General also enlisted my little brother and sent us both on a covert mission somewhere north of the equator. It looks like a pretty quick in and out job, but seeing as we can only move or take action for four or five hours in the morning, it is going a little slower than I expected.

The formula one teams came to Sam's today to stock up before the race. The fellow from Great Britan recognized me from last year, but both of his Itiallian partners were new. Kind of a bummer cause I had kind of gotten to know one of the guys who came the last few years. It was still fun to have a little customer diversity beyond the American/Mexican norm.

But now with my 6 hours of sleep between working 7am to 9:30pm I can no longer type a straight line, so I must go to bed.


Blessed be the Lord

Who is sovereign over all!

On my drives to and from work I've started listening to a series of tapes that I've had sitting in the basement for four years. They are from a big conference on reformed theology and feature a lot of good pastors. Great stuff! I had a gold mine sitting down there, and didn't even bother to scratch at it. But in reality I think it gained a lot of value as it sat there, because I have to work to grasp the material now, so it probably would have been way beyond me when I first got them.

I wonder what would have taken me to Purdue and the best three years of learning and exponential spiritual growth, if it weren't for the aviation degree they offered.



we got a cart guy at work who actually tries to work hard and do a good job! Funny thing is, we just got rid of all the corrals with the best design and replaced them with crummy ones. So now the cart guys will have to work twice as hard to keep up. I must go do family stuff now.
love out


Is summer for relaxing?

I seem to have forgotten. All my days have been packed with action and adventure. And my nights have been filled with good (and a few just ok) books and sleep. I'm doing like four seperate Bible studies, although I have to drop one due to work scheduling. I do need to pick up another qiuck one for a couple weeks to prepare me for COVFAMIKOI. I'm really stoked about going this year. I went to the doctor today. Had a pretty bunch of tests, that all showed me in great condition. Maybe I won't be grounded for much longer. pray for my time management. (What am I doing on here?)
hope out


I just went from having all the time in the world

to having a totally crammed week. I took the president and another couple to O'Hare this afternoon. It was a totally great flight (Captain Suckow said I was sounding professional on the radio at O'Hare), and it was supposed to be my last. But Twilla (the secretary) couldn't find a pilot for tomorrw, so I GET TO GO TO WASHINGTON DC!!! (IAD)
It will totally be my coolest flight ever, but now I have to plan it in between work and spent all tomorrow out East instead of packing for home.
Yesterday I almost died. I rode my bike to work (with my helmet on) and I was coming up on a stoplight. The light turned green when I was about 15-20 meters from it, so I sped up and kept my head up so I could see oncoming traffic that would block my left turn. I just got up to the intersection when an old lady came up from the left and just started cruising through the red. I laid my bike over in a massive swerve as visions of 6 months in bed and crazy durgs swirled in my head. fortunately see saw me too and hit the brakes so I survived. If I hadn't just been thinking about forgiveness I probably would have hopped off and had the police come take her liscense away, cause I was pretty upset. I was like "I am SO not getting killed when I am doing everything right." But I just rode on and let her finish running the light in front of another car (which she probably would have hit if she hadn't stopped for me).


Yep I haven't posted in a while.

Maybe because I decided I've been wasting too much time on the computer recently. I've been reading through Ecclesiastes, and there's nothing like that book for making us stop and think about how important it is to use our short time to its fullest potential. I am soo glad that I have the hope and assurance of life beyond this one, because if this as all I had, I would be really depressed right now. I'll have to tell about my funny flight to Angola and my crazy fun trip through Chicago's two busiest airports next time.