The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Proverb of the day:

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Is milk an OK substitute for water in Hot Chocolate? I hope so cause I used it. Tasted strange, so I might die before the morning, but that's okay too.



So after a flood of my usual wacky and off the wall posts, I have decided to calm things down a bit. Maybe I will talk about what I've been considering in the Bible, or why you should thaw out ground beef before you cook it or something.
Or I will write of Aragorn as I promised long ago. The Two towers relates this as to the second meeting between Aragorn and Eowyn: "As she stood before Aragornshe paused suddenly and looked at him, and her eyes were shining. And her looked down upon her fair face and smiled; but as he took the cup, his hand met hers, and he knew that she trembled at the touch. 'Hail Aragorn son of Arathorn!' she said. 'Hail Lady of Rohan!' he answered, but his face now was troubled and he did not smile." After that encounter he stayed pretty much away from her so as not to encourage her feelings. Pretty remarkable guy. Gracefully distant. He knew the truth (his heart was for Arwen) and did not desire that which was not his (Eowyn) even though he knew it would probably hurt her for a while. He knew it would be worse for her in the end if he engaged anything besides pity for her pain.
Half of your ground beef will burn before the rest of it gets done cooking if you don't thaw it first.


That explains it!

Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve


Nothing. I firmly believe that I have nothing to say. And something that is believed so very deeply deserves to be proclaimed. I just can't keep it in. We need to go out and shout it from the housetops!
nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing
nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing
Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing


Ins and Outs of Physics.

Yesterday was possibly one of the best evenings of my life. I got together with one of my friends from physics at around 5:00 and we studied for our exam over dinner from the Oasis. After and hour there, we headed up to the Physics building and edited our crib sheets and studied another two and a half hours, with all that study, on top of the whole day I put in on Monday, I felt pretty ready. I got into the test and realized that I was wrong. I knew about 60% of what was going on. That was probably the hardest test of my life. And it didn't help much that I got "food" poisoning from the Oasis. So I was building up a headache all through study and the test. When I finally got home from the test it was so bad that I had to go sit in the bathroom for the rest of the evening so that I could do the 'ThunderMug Hurl' instead of the ol' puk'n'slide. This morning dawned quite a bit better (at 6:30 since I forgot to turn off my alarm from yesterday) so I'm ready to go again. I'm still trying to decide wether I would rather have my exam 1 experience from last semester or this semester. I'm leaning towards last semester- at least I was asleep then.


Amburgers & Wootbeer

A&W is great, but is does not mix with good company very well. I went to the fireside chat last night and heard a great talk on Philippians 2 by pastor Long. Stacey came up! with Eric and Carrie! So after the talk all of us + Andrew and Ross and Kara were sitting around talking and I decided to take a sip of Root Beer right when someone said something really funny. And it all ended in a very dignified episode of me spitting Root beer all over myself and Eric. Sorry Eric. Funny thing is that I usually wear the same clothes all day- which would have been a nice white dress shirt, but it was cold so I changed into an old shirt that I wear maybe once a year. So I don't have to worry about getting stains out of my shirt, even though I do have to worry about not being able to hold my root beer anymore.


Music for Sunday

In worship this morning Pastor Long preached on the Essence of Worship from John 4. He talked about The false idea that we can come to God any way that we please (a lesson that several Isrealites learned the hard way), The fact that worship is decreed by God, and That Worship is in Spirit, Truth and Honesty, and is centered in the Word. Very interesting since I am reading God's decrees for worship in Exodus in my Quiet time right now. I had invited Jon to come with me this morning, but he didn't so I'll have to keep trying.


there and gone again

Classes were still being held today so I went to them like I usually do. Then I came hom for the congregational meeting and to get some bread. All stuff you didn't want to just read about. So before class this morning I was reading Proverbs 18 and came across two interesting verses. Verse 2 accurately describes Disney and psychology today and 22 is like "Why did that have to be there?" O well, guess it's true.



I was going to do a nice little post about the fun times Ross and I have together rideing bikes through four feet of flodded river or getting supershakes (my first one) in the rain. But I went and read everybody else's blogs first. So I found out that my cousin is getting married! In North Carolina! And I'm going! for like a week! AND NOBODY TOLD ME!!!! Now I know how Connie Kindall feels. Oh well, at least I found out before the wedding started.


Why Why Why Why????

I just asked for a simple four line color change. Now my blog looks like a nice green field after a war. With swords and blenders. Okay that was gross. I'll stop. I finally updated my other blog so feel free to go there and argue with me. I might not argue back because I am feeling really lazy right now. Maybe because I went to the gym last night. I found out how to boil 1 & 1/3 eggs! so I made my tuna salad! If you want some come over to my house while I am there. If you don't want any, well I really don't know how describe you without using words like "completely" and "insane" and "taste buds from...Hmm... can't think of any place in the world that would associate with not liking about Mars?" No, they like tuna there too. Hooray!!! I did some editing and got my colors fixed! Guess I can keep blogger. But you better not do it again >( Or I will switch to xanga >( even though they are worse and less user friendly. Wow. I just read my post and it is probably one of the weirdest I have done. On a scale of one to ten how crazy is this post? I'd say it's an 8.



Yesterday was great! Heard two sermons and a cool college class lesson. The sermon last night was on Proverbs 5, in which Pastor Olivetti gave the truth about the temptress and ways to avoid her horrible death trap. One word: Distance. In the college class Mr. Humphreys continued his typological study of the book of Judges. We had a very vigorous discussion about the significance of Jericho and the use of deceit in the work of the Lord. He went a little far when he started dealing with the meaning behind multiples of Joshua's age when he died (110= 11x10, 11= # of disciples-Judas & # of tribes - Dan) but everything else was intriguing. But that brings me to an interesting topic for your opinions:
Why did God put so many numbers in the Bible?
Is it just to show historical accuracy,
do they correspond (600 chosen chariots destroyed in Red Sea><>
or does every part of every number have special meaning {[(600 squared/10000) -1 ]/5 = 7= perfect number}?
Also how bad would it be to be a trained warrior and get killed by an ox goad? I mean come on, It's like Dude 600 of you guys with swords and shields can't even take out a little guy with an ox goad? LOL
I love the way God fights for His people! (It's got to be SO humiliating for His opponents)


Oh, what was I going to write about?

I always forget right before I get on here. Maybe I will just type the random thoughts that pop into my brain until I come across a good subject. Um. If you ever want to bake a potato, make sure you know how to do it BEFORE you start cooking. I hope I get to fly tomorrow. Did you know that people who are not in a relationship over valentine's day can be loving caring people? That's what the exponent said. Front page story today was about palm reading. >( Disgusting. Along with most of the rest of the trash they out in there. CORPS was good tonight. James Faris told everybody what Jared has been telling us in MIT for the past two weeks. I'm trying to decide if I should go to the men's breakfast tomorrow morning. I only have eggs and oatmeal left as breakfast foods, oh, and one bagel, and they don't travel very well. I also have no cash on hand so I can't really buy breakfast at the Union. I could just go and fast, or I could stay home and study my memory verses over bacon and eggs. How many boiled eggs per can of tuna are there in tuna salad? I want to make some and I don't know how many eggs I should boil. Leave your guesses as a comment.



I just finished AT211! Which means I'll have about ten more hours of free time each week and I get done at 1:30 on Fridays instead of 5:30! I also did my last discussion lesson possible for 253 which means that if the weather is bad we have no alternatives besides canceling class or redoing a discussion lesson.


Weekend of fun and joy.

I went straight home from flight class on Saturday. Then I watched The Village (very thought provoking), and went to Rod's post-wedding reception. I stayed up way to late talking to Stacey so I was a little tired all through church yesterday. James preached on: Do you not yet see? about how the disciples could still not trust Jesus to provide for them even though they had just seen him feed many thousands of people. That message, along with one on Gideon which I heard just recently, convicted me of how many times I expect God to do big miracles for lots of people, but when it comes down to me, I just think "I'm so small, why would God bother doing something great for me when He's got the rest of the world to care for?" Which is a very untrusting spirit to say the least. I really need to work on getting out and serving Him with my whole heart and not worrying about petty items like food or gas (filled up for $1.83 today!) or my next rent payment.... Stayed up way to late last night also, but after getting up at seven I had a pretty uneventful drive back up here.


1 class

Is very hard to survive. You go to it and then you come home and piddle around with the constant nagging that you need to be doing something of value all the rest of the day. I guess I really need to work on my self-control or something. Tomorrow ought to be a little more exciting. And Saturday even better (cause I get to go home and see The Village and go to Rod&Amy's post-wedding reception)!



Today was really slow. Especially since I wasn't really that motivated to study. We didn't get an Arrow today. So instead I got to fly a big old C-182! We went up and I did a couple stalls, steep turns and landings then I got my high performance sign-off. (Means I can be pilot-in-command of a plane with >200 horespower engines.) Steep turns were cool because I could look out my side window and see straight down to the ground. (A Cessna 182 is a high wing airplane unlike the ones I usually fly.) My instructor and I agreed that we both like low wing planes better. My sim instructor commented the other day about how bad the air in W. Lafayette stinks. Finally. I've been saying that for a year and a half, and he's been the first person to agree with me. I thought my nose was bad or something. If you've never been up here, some days the air has this indescribably horrid stale smell that dosen't go away over time.


Almost Done

I'm so close to being done with sim I can almost taste it!!! And I should be getting a cool package in 4-6 weeks!!! I'll tell you what it is after I get it, but you can go ahead and guess now. (I might even tell you if you are right.)