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exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.



~Insert Something Deep and Insightful about Mondays Here~ Did two sim sessions today with a quick subway break in between. Somebody needs to put a diner at the airport.


Fireside Chat

was great! Stacey came up (finally). And Pastor Long continued his discussion on Philippians. The worship today was great also. With a Sermon on "He must increase, I must decrease" (very challenging) in the morning and a continued studay of Proverbs (4:1-9) in the evening. I realized again how much I enjoy car rides. It was when Stacey took me to work every day before I got my liscense that we really started to connect in a true friendship (instead of I-have-to-be-nice-to-you-because-you-are-my-sister kind of thing). Anyway I gave somebody a ride to the fireside chat and we had a really cool conversation about the future and what was going on in our lives. (DON'T get any ideas. It was a guy; I just don't have permission to use his name.)



I didn't get to fly because of the snow, but it's okay because our hill looks really cool with all the trees and bushed laced in white. We move on to magenitism in physics next week. I am glad becasue I was starting to get lost in electricity.



Pretty good day. Except that it feels like January again. I almost broke a finger off when I rode from the airport over to Krannert. But it warmed up and unfroze after a while. I am almost done with sim class!!!! I could be done by Thursday of Friday depending on how hard I push it. Went to Navs tonight. Remembered why I like the Psalms without the band so much. Travis (the leader) talked about Godly relationships. I hope it dosen't snow so I can fly tomorrow.



Woo Hoo! I am now an official Arrow pilot! After 99.9 hours PIC in a Warrior I have upgraded to retractible gear, constant speed prop and bigger engine (just under 200hp)! Of course now I have a lot more to worry about, like making sure my wheels are down when I land. And programming the dual Garmin G-300s while maintaining heading and altitude. If I get good enough at that the government will let me fly almost anywhere in any kind of weather. Scary huh?

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Went to the doctor this morning. Said I had marligatilfonlduspoitis. Or not. He just said that my foot was ALL BETTER! and that there was nothing that I could not do. Except he was like "Go slowly into running, don't go out and run five miles tomorrow." Didn't tell him that I ran three miles over break. I hope that is the last doctor I will ever see. At least for the purpose of my care. I hope the clouds are high enough that I get to start flying today.



Someone turned my stuff in to lost and found! So now I can ride my bike again!


What a difference

a professor can make. Where I used to despise physics class for wasting my time and money, I now enjoy it and learn in it. I am actually motivated to work at it. And all because of the professor. He doesn’t understand the technology any better than the other ones I've had, but he does understand questions. He knows what we are asking and he finds a creative real-world example or some other way of helping us figure it out, instead of going of on some tangent about the inverse derivative of theta squared divided by the cotangent of omega pi.
So I was wrong. The physics department can do something right!


This is what my computer told me last night:

A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C001BEC3 in VXD IFSMGR(01)
+ 000036DF. The current application will be terminated.

* Press any key to terminate the current application.
* Press CTRL+ALT+DEL again to restart your computer. You will
lose any unsaved information in all applications.

Press any key to continue _ .


)%)(*-Picasso's Smiley and update worth 5 days.

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. Well, Maybe I can. A lot has happened since then. And my computer hasn't been very friendly.
*First off, I decided to put my cooking blog idea in the garbage disposal. I was just trying to fool myself with that. I really can't cook. Not even oatmeal. Every time I manage to turn my back just before it decides to overflow and make a huge mess all over the microwave. And don't even get me started on my first attempt at frying something last Thursday. At least I made cooking fun for a while. Well about as fun as a paper cut. With lemon juice on it. (All you have to do is:...)
**Second, I'm thinking of changing my position on marriage. I'm absent minded. And I lose stuff. A lot. Like my watch. I think I dropped it in physics recitation in the first week of last semester. And my memory verse packet and keys- at least once a week. But Friday really tops my list. I forgot to put my physics answer pad (which I paid over $17 for) in my backpack because I forgot I had physics lecture. But that was okay because nobody could figure out how to put up the questions. (Physics at work!) Any as I sat outside physics, waiting for the class before me to get out, I started talking to one of my friends and ended up walking in with just my backpack and without my helmet, gloves, scarf and bandana. And somebody decided that the hallway was a bad place for a helmet. So I'm really praying that I get at least it and my gloves back. Anyway, maybe a wife could keep track of my stuff for me.
***On the good side, Physics is a lot better. Our original professor lost his visa, so we got a new one. Who knows how to teach AND he can speak fluent English! So now we can focus on learning instead of translating. I even got all of my homework done before the deadline! I feel kind of bad for the first prof though.
****I didn't know riding a bike could be so frightening. I did a practice ride on Thursday so I can get back in shape a little, and I accidentally ended up going along next to Grant St. Downhill. In snow. The whole way I was thinking I'm gonna die I'm gonna die. Actually I was like "I'm gonna get hurt really bad." I wouldn't mind dying; I just can't take lying in bed watching the spiders spin webs on my face.
*****So I've been reading other peoples blogs and noticing a common thread among most of them. They argue with their parents, they drink, they dump, they cry, they argue with their siblings, they get high, they get dumped, they cry, they argue with their friends, they hate their life and get no satisfaction out of it, but they keep on living what they think is impossible to change because they are to afraid of death to consider that alternative. (Suicide)
I want to go to these people with the same love that Christ approached me with and tell them that it doesn’t have to be that way. There is an alternative! Not just a pathetic “10 steps to quit bad habits” alternative either. Something Real. Someone True. Somebody that allows me to rest in the peace of knowing that even though I lose everything I touch, and mess up every meal I make, everything is still okay because I am loved and forgiven. A Lord that provides for me spiritually, physically, and emotionally, so I can have true EVERLASTING satisfaction in Him and not temporary unfulfilling highs.
Unfortunately comments don’t really work because the love gets lost behind the computer screen, and they are like “What do you know? You’ve never been deserted, You’ve never been abused, You’ve never had to go through what I’ve had to.” It’s true but that’s what they miss. I’ve never been deserted because God deserted Jesus on the cross, so that He could always uphold me. He let the Christ be abused that He might protect me from all ill. He let my savior go through things that are worse than humans can imagine, so that I would never have to. It’s so amazing! It’s so wonderful!
Let's see if my computer works this time.


When I'm aaatttt the WC!

So if you haven’t heard me say it already, the Winter Conference was INCREDIBLE! I think it really pushed home a lesson that God has been trying to get through to me for a long time. I have this big problem about not relying on Christ and relying on horses and chariots (Ps 20:7) of this world. The Lord has been weaning me off of this foolish reliance by removing those things that I depend on (Bike, bike, arm, bike and leg, wages, car and computer on occasion…) and David Reese really emphasized that, while it is our duty to continue to obey the law, we still come short of perfection, and must rely on Christ alone for our complete sanctification. And I guess this is where I have failed most miserably. I kind of had the mentality that now that I am a Christian it’s up to me to be good and keep my salvation, even while I knew and affirmed the truth that God and God alone can and will continue the perseverance of His saints by His own power. Praise the Lord for that today!

Today’s menu is: A trail bar for breakfast, Pollo con brecol cosa for lunch, and lasagna for dinner.

Breakfast: I you can’t figure this one out yourself, you need to walk home to your mother. Nope. NO! Don’t touch that car! I said WALK!

Lunch: translated “Chicken with broccoli stuff” All you need to do is dump it out of the bowl that your mother gave you, cut the chicken up a little, put it in the microwave and press buttons on the microwave until it says 1SRV and then let it cook for that time. You can have some German Chocolate Cake for dessert if you are good.

Dinner. Put the rest of the leftovers from Christo’s in the nuker for a bit, and then eat them. And have some milk so your bones don’t crumble. (It really hurts when that happens)

In other news: Next time I have to do surgery, remind me that it would be more painless to do without the Anesthesiologist.



I just got back from the Winter Conference last night. It was increadible! The food was great and the lessons were even better. I learned so much about Holiness and the work of Christ in Justification and Sanctification. I also learned a lot more about relying on Christ for the perfection of my salvation. I might post some of all of my notes I you guys want me to, but I'm sure they are going up on other blogs- see Brian and Michael's, so tell me if you want to see them and I will at least email them to you or something.

Today's feature meal will be breakfast!
If you are looking for a great breakfast food with no prep time and only one thing to wash, then you should eat leftover Bananna Cream Pie! Right out of the take-home box with a fork! Throw away the box and wash the fork! Great breakfast!


Half way to root beer!

Root beer has a great taste. Especially when sipped from a cold glass bottle on a hot summer day while you are sitting under a comfortable tree next to a creek with your best friend. And since I turned 20 today that means that I have to start being mature. It also means that I just have to go another 20 years to get my rootbeer. The feature food for today is: Hot Beef Manhattan with mashed potatoes, onion rings, clam chowder, and bananna cream pie.
Instructions: Go to Christo's. Order Food. Eat. (sprinkle on a good dose of family company to make it really good)
I'm going to the winter conference now. Goodbye.


Last teenage post

It's really hard to imagine that this will be the last post I ever do while I am still a teenager. It will be even harder to try and figure out something mature and responsible to post for the rest of my life. So as I promised, after a quick and late happy birthday to Ross, my blog is going to introduce it's new and improved and much more mature phase.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSS. sorry I didn't post this yesterday.


>>>Josh's College Cooking Blog!!!!!<<<
With daily (almost) menus AND cooking tips for those who have trouble with Mac & Cheese!
Using simple methods you too can cook gourmet foods like Tacos, and Chicken Parmesan Twice Cooked, and Ultimate Beef Stew (guaranteed to stop or reverse that embarrassing chest hair thinning). If you eat these foods, plus some vegetables, and exercise and sleep right, you will be able to do moves like SPIDERMAN! Seriously. I don't joke about these things.

Soooo Let's Get Started! I make cooking fun!
Today's menu:
Breakfast: Bagel
Lunch: Burritos
Supper: Yogurt
Bagels are the ultimate breakfast food, especially If you wake up fifteen minutes before your class starts. I personally like to stick a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel on my finger as I head for my car or bike. It makes for great eating on the go. Of course if time is not of the essence, I usually prefer to toast a plain bagel and lavish it with butter and strawberry preserves. (Homemade from hand picked strawberries, just like Martha Stewart does it.)
Burritos are a pretty clean, leisurely meal good for when you have no pressing needs. Just throw some leftover taco meat on a burrito (I try to throw it behind my back, but you can do a hook shot if you prefer) and pop it in the microwave for thirty American seconds (or sixty French seconds). Take it out of the microwave and gently place some shredded lettuce, cheese and onions on it. Give it one good scoop of sour cream (yogurt works as a substitute) and one packet on Taco Bell fire sauce. (Read the funny little quote on the front of the packet before you tear it up.) Wrap the burrito around the toppings and you have yourself a great meal!
Yogurt is a great all around food. You can eat it anytime anywhere. (as long as it stays in the kitchen) Just follow these three simple steps:
1) put yogurt in bowl
2) put peaches or crushed pineapple on yogurt
3) eat.
4) go to an extra sim slot and fly some NDB approaches.
5) oops. That was four steps.
6) you can skip anything past #3 and still have a great meal.



I'm kind of mad right now, so you don't need to read this post. I thought I could get by with just $200 worth of books for this semester, but my econ book cost $80 and then there was physics. Let me tell you about physics. They hired most of their professors to do research with teaching on the side, and it is really obvious. They are all brilliant guys, but they can't teach worth a lick. They're like: Look at the huge slide covered in Greek letters and understand what I've been talking about in heavily accented technical jargon for the last fifteen minutes. Then when somebody asks a question about it, they're like: I'm going to answer a totally different question, but its okay because we use at least one common word in both our questions.

So the physics department has tried to cover its hiring blunder by continually installing new technology in our classrooms. It didn't work. Now our professors can't even figure out how to turn on the computer operated overheads to display their demonstrations. Oh, did I mention the clickers? They got these little computer response pads so they could give quizzes in class; they worked great and everything was fine. So they just had to go and change it. I had to buy a whole new pad, so I went to the store and was expecting to pay like three to five dollars (how much they cost last year) for the new one, but it was OVER $17!!! Good grief. And it didn't even work. I had to take it back and get a new one. I ended up paying well over $250

Purdue is a good school, but if you want to study physics, go somewhere else.
The weather was great today. Right after the thunderstorm and everything.
In other news, my blog has informed me that it is tired of hearing about me and will be coming out with a new edition of itself very soon (like tomorrow).

I had a terrific rant here, but the new software on the computers erased it. Maybe I will try later.


Back at school

I stayed in Indy a lot longer than I expected. I was planning on going back sometime saturday morning, but I stayed until about 9:00 last night. So I unloaded my car between classes today. I had commercial ground and physics. The physics class switched clickers from the ones they had last semester (which worked just fine) so now I have to go buy a new one, and probably won't be able to sell my old one. :( But most all else is good. I had to store some of my food in my bedroom because there is not enough room in the pantry. Well I better go get ready for sim which is the only class left today.


Been a while

Wow! I haven't posted since last year! Blessed new year y'all! Mine has been very blessed so far. I have not broken anything >yet< AND Mum and Dad, being the wonderful parents that they are, gave me a bike for an early birthday present because my other one was a little too bent out of shape to be ridden again. I go back to school on Saturday, so I will probably be posting a lot more after that.


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