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Delta Head

So I made my big change on Saturday night! Here's a new picture of me. Who can guess what is different about me? Bonus points to anyone who gets more than five things.


Flew into Boston this morning. Clouds looked like this the whole way so we couldn't even tell that we were 25 miles out over open water.

In Boston the water is so polluted that it looses its natural qualities. You will notice that in my water bottle some of the water is clean enough to become less dense and rise as it is colder than surrounding water, but a large portion of the ice actually stayed on the bottom!

Went to my apartment, found some shut-eye and promptly caught it, then sat out on my porch with this view:

And drank a refreshing Vanilla Coke.

Then I brought my room into a somewhat orderly state. Notice the addition of some furniture! Got a lamp, a chair, a bed, some shelves, and even a desk with a CD storage space in the back.
This picture was brought to you by Boeing and Raytheon.

I might make a large change to my person if I have time tonight.



That would be the identifier for Watertown NY, though the town is about as artsy as a pair of monkeys having a paint fight. Probably the bset part of the whole town is the Dodge dealership that we walk past on the way to food. There are some sweet Magnums there. I flew in last night and was supposed to leave at 6:30 this morning, but it is now 7:37pm and I am very glad that I brought Francine with me. Sitting here listening to the Cranberries and.... oooh getting a call from scheduling. Now I have to wait till at least 5:30 tomorrow morning. :/ At least I'm getting paid to sit here. My captain was talking about getting a internet or at least computer based side job that he could do on these overnight trips. I thought it was a great idea, so if anybody want some essays written give me a call and I'll work a deal with you. ;) I passed both my colege englash clases so I kin wright reel good.

P.S. Katrina, YOU WIN!!! If you noticed, my laptop is now Francine, although now I kind of want a cool title to go along with it. Something along the lines of "the Magnificent" but that's already taken so I'll have to keep looking. How does Francine the Fabulous sound?


Stay on target, Stay on Target!

Went to Target on Saturday night to try to get some stuff for the apartment, but we arrived about five minutes after they closed. :( So we went to the Stop & Shop next door and got a can opener. At least we can eat now. :) But now that we know how to get to Target we can finally go get some stuff today after John gets back from his overnight.

Here are a few random pictures of the East coast:
downtown Boston

French McDonalds (read the whole sign)

Sunset in New York

Our two newest airplanes

Props over Albany


Boston apartment

Well, I'm finally living in my own apartment in Boston.

Here's a picture of it:

I've got my bed, my clothes chest, and my bookshelves all set up, but my filing cabinet is still spread all about the floor there.

here is the kitchen taken from the living room, through the cool little pass-through thingy in the wall. I think our range hood was supposed to be white at one time.

John and I took a cool walk through downtown and saw the Hancock tower:

check out it's impressive size in comparison to Trinity Church.

And here is George Washington riding his horse above the public gardens.



The Bright family is less one person. I'm not sure what I think yet. Got to see all my grandmas and most of my aunts, and several cousins yesterday. That was pretty fun.


Back home again in Indiana!

I got to jump home yesterday. I went to our house and almost missed it. Look what happened to our yard!

Well that is all I can post for now. I must go get ready for Stacey's wedding.


Vermont Again?

I got into Burlington at 1:30 this morning after a terrific 18 hour day which consisted mostly of waiting to fly and partially of flying and signing leases. Now I am the proud renter of an apartment in Revere MA! I officially get it on the 10th and I'll probably move in a little later. I would write a little more but I am falling slave to my belly and I must go out like my ancestors in search of some wild game for breakfast.