The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


memorial day

Yesterday was sooo cool! We had some awesome sermons at church, I ate mac and cheese with a spoon, and we got the best storm of the year! I usually eat mac & cheese with a fork, but we were out and I was to lazy to wash one. It still tastes the same with a spoon. I was supposed to fly at Eagle Creek Airport today, but the winds were still really high, so I got it moved to next Wednesday.



I just got back from all the open houses after our church high school graduation today. It made me think back to last year when I was doing the same thing. Wow! So much has happened since then. Anyway, the graduation was nice, and the open houses were really cool. I need to find some deep inspirational tips for the graduates though. Maybe I can think of something great for next year. Well, I better head off to bed now so I can be ready for church in the morning.



Go Dad! he found my music! I was playing guitar in my family room a couple days ago and lost some of my music in all of our papers, but Dad found it. And I finally got in touch with the flight instructors at Eagle Creek for a check-flight. (You know, the kind where they make sure I am a safe enough pilot to rent their planes.) Wow! we just got a puppy! Well, we don't get it to keep, but we do get to care for our neighbor's dog for the weekend. Well I better sign off so I can get ready for Greg's open house.


My First Real Post Ever

Hooray! I finally got my own blog. I am going to kick myself for this later because I will have to take the time to post. Oh well, I guess there isn't really anything better to do with all of my tremendous amounts of free time.