The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.



So I met this great girl last night! She seems super fun and very clever too. My family took hers out to see a play so I got a nice chance to talk to her without being too obvious :) I think this might go somewhere.

Oh wait! That was eight years ago, and now I'm married to the absolute best girl on the planet!


So I am not engaged anymore

And I thought after a few months of silence I would put up a link to the blog that my wife and I have started together. Visit to see what is going on at random moments in our life. I expect you'll hear more from her than me, but that's ok because she's the exciting one anyway.


Monthly post for July:

I'm getting married in ten days! :D



Do you think Flint was named for the kind of rocks in the area? I always dreamed about having my own flint and steel as a kid.... all those pyromaniac urges welling up in me... Maybe I can find some steel and go out and get me a piece of Flint tonight. :D


I was closer to a current president

Than ever before today.

I saw his jet taxiing at the same airport.

We all had to sit there and let the airline economy/jobs stagnate while he did his thing.


I can't go to sleep again. I'm supposed to be tired now. I guess I'll have to use the old caffeine-in-a-cup trick to stay awake tomorrow.


Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.


Where is the off switch?

I just want to sleep, but sleep will not come. So I'm awake mindlessly roaming about, waiting, waiting to be tired. Yet though mindless, it is my very mind that is preventing my rest.
Ah, the ironies of life.


There's nothing like being trounced

By your little sister

In boxing




I just spent an engaging couple of days in Lafayette. I was looking around at apartments where I could theoretically be living by the end of the summer. On one of my enjoyable stays at the hospitality of the Wegener and other dudes house I took a moment to adjust some of my layout from my Uintas trip.


The reason I have not been posting recently

and now I can blatantly and publicly announce that I Love Candace Jones!



Yesterday I went skiing with my girlfriend.
Today I flew jets.
Tomorrow who knows?
Life is good.


this is a post

that I have posted



A bunch of people have been reading my blog recently. They didn't leave any comments and I haven't posted for like two and a half months so I see no reason why I had such a flurry of activity. Anyway, to those of you who do still read, here is my life: December~ got based in Indy, moved to my parent's basement, flew a lot, and visited a girl whenever I could. January~ had a birthday (the big quarter-of-a-century one), flew a lot, and visited a girl whenever I could. February~ Flew less often, went to and passed recurrent training, visited a girl whenever I could.

Now that we are all caught up, here is what I think about Google. They just started this buzz thing. I am annoyed. It looks like Twitter. I loathe twitter. I also noticed that I have 5 followers. Does that make me a type of 1st century Jewish rabbis? (Is that the plural of rabbi?) Getting followers and sharing information with them and all that. If so, is it bad that I follow most of the people who are following me? Just seems like walking in circles. That whole idea just struck me like five minutes ago so it's probably wrong and you should not consider it. But then again, maybe I should be more wary.


in one hour

I will leave for Columbus. It will be my last trip into Columbus as my base because....

I'm Moving To Indy!