The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


O Happy Day!

I'm getting used! I fly to a plane and forsake this city for the sweet streets of Columbus!


This jailbird couldn't get past the chicken fence. They've delayed my trip to 2:30 and say it might not even go at all :(

Oh well, the van ride out to the airport and back was a little bit of excitement, well worth the buck I tipped the driver.

"Dear Diary... today I was crazy and my brother was arrogant...
we got captured by hill folk who tried to kill us
it was the best day ever!"


AHH St. Louis

I hope Louis was saintly, cause that would be about the only redeeming quality of this missouri(able) city. I wore out everything within walking distance when I was stuck here for three months (and then it was nice cause the only thing left to do was study) and now it's raining so that doesn't increase my options very much. Yesterday turned out better than I expected cause I have a friend who is based out here and he dropped in for a bit, so that was cool. One down three to go.

Not to be all miserable about everything. There are a few nice things to being stuck in a hotel for four days (besides the free greasy brekky) For instance: I have a continuous internet connection out here, so I can respond to emails within five minutes of getting them!


A light to the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.

I was reading Luke this morning, and it struck me that Jesus grew in stature and favor with God and man. How does God grow in favor of Himself? Can God like Himself better? Does that mean that He previously liked Himself less? I might know some of the answers, but I think I should like to study this some more.

Test flying went well and without incident. (Well aside from our one hour sit in STL getting extended to 5+ hours, and getting to watch the NatGuard F-15s have fun while there.) Hooray for getting home after midnight after jacking oneself up on Dr. Pepper!

I'm all set for summer now. Reduced my blanket count down to one this morning.


Hello blog!

I haven't visited in a while. Mostly because I've been running around having a non-internet filled blast! Got to visit my dear sister and brother-in-law, watch my brother graduate, see Star Trek, go knife-throwing and gun shopping, and watch some astronomical collisions!

Yesterday I flew into LaGuardia and discovered that fleet week was going on. Apparently navies from around the globe sail in and float around together in the Hudson Bay. The fire boat was shooting water streams in a cool pattern all around it as we flew over. I wished I brought my camera. The only downer was that I was flying with a captain who has yet to not insult something about me as soon as he sees me. (Tip for creating a friendly flight environment: degrade your co-worker as much as possible) Anyway I stopped caring about his opinion the second time he did it, and now it only causes momentary annoyance.

Tomorrow I get to be a test pilot. Chuck Yeager watch out! If I die you can blame in on the mechanics.

I heard something like this on the radio on the way into the airport yesterday:
"The space shuttle crew is taking a rest after a series of five grueling spacewalks over the past few days."
Oh poor babies. Are you kidding me? I know a number of people who would DIE to get the chance to take a "grueling" spacewalk. No offence to the astronauts or anything, just the media. Be offended media.

I went shopping today! Amazing, I know. Bought a lug nut wrench and some food. Now I'm ready to handle my ox's mishaps on my own.



Due to my ox being lame from falling into a well, I decided to use my travel benefits for the first time since the middle of last year, and ride a terradactyl out to visit Stacey & Joel. We toured a mall in Des Moines and drove through a dutch village yesterday. (even the wal-mart had dutch architecture!) Joel and I had a great conversation on the way back, and I have finally firmly decided that I do not want to be a liberaterian. I was wavering around that idea for a while, but have examined the course of such a government and decided that it dosen't look so hot.

I'm probably going to regret just saying that, because I'm sure it will incite somebody to tell me something that I hadn't considered yet, and cause me to consider such a position once again, but whatever.

Hope y'all are having as much fun as me!


Jesus said

"Which one of you will have a son or an ox fall into a well, and will not immediately pull him out on a Sabbath day?"
And now, 2000 years later, I am very grateful to my father for rescuing his son and his son's ox (which fell into a well while his son was riding it home) from the well.

I am currently bummed. I am bummed that my ox is now lame and that I have a huge wrench in all my plans, I am bummed that Caleb can't go to Iowa, and I am bummed that my whole "ox falling into the well" episode delayed Mother's appreciation lunch by three hours. (And I'm also sorta bummed that my body won't let me sleep past five a.m.; but it is helping me get a lot of stuff done, that otherwise would have been left undone.)

I noticed a curiosity at my apartment the other day. I have had bugs start trying to take up residence with me, without even offering to help with the rent! Can you believe it? The audacity! Anyway, the weird part is that they only started coming in after it got warm outside. I thought bugs tried to escape the cold?!? I've got a couple spiders in there now, and I think I better take a sword with me when I go back, because I left it dark and slightly damp (my sink never got fixed) which would be the perfect conditions for the offspring of Shelob to take up residence.


Flying Bites

Here were some clouds we passed this morning:

The waves there help one to visualize what happened to our attempt at flying straight and level.
I have found that once one is used to it, most turbulence is quite relaxing~ kinda halfway between a gently rocking boat and a massage chair.

Dad decided to take a break while I was in Indy, so I have to wait another couple days to talk to him. (I'm going to hunt him down in person this time, so I can figure out if he's avoiding me on purpose.)

I think I'm flying a bite around. I noticed a sore spot on my leg a couple days ago, and now I have a medium-sized circle of odd colored skin (another bruise?!?) with a red dot in the middle of it all. :(
Could it be the swine flu??? I've been as hungry as a pig recently.



From an afternoon-to-midnight schedule to a 4am-to-afternoon schedule is hard. I was doing pretty well until my third leg of the morning (ATL-CLE). Had to work pretty hard to stay alert on that one (especially since we sat in line on the ground for an hour with nothing to do). Leg #4 into Philly got delayed by two hours so I got a chance to walk around a bit between flights and wake up for it. (Plus the weather that delayed us was exciting enough to keep my attention.) Tomorrow I should be good to go with the new rhythm, or at least I hope so since I'll be on it for three more days.

I get to talk to dad tomorrow! (At least as long as he works his normal schedule and we don't have anything weird happen)

Have you read Udolpho?



I am very forgetful. I had three fun topics to blog about when I woke up this morning and all I can come up with now is this:

I have a bruise. This is odd because I haven't had one since I broke my leg. I have no idea how long bruises are supposed to last. Does it depend on size or location? It's only a centimeter in diameter at the most, right on top of my bicep, but it's been hanging around for about two weeks now. What causes them anyway? Blood vessels bursting or something?



Three red chilies are too much for one bowl of ramen noodles. Although it is a fun experiment. I got to sit on the floor and cry while I tried to eat as much as I could. 1.5 liters of water didn't help too much, but after I was forced to find myself a bowl of peaches, it turned out to be quite enjoyable.

My trip to JFK yesterday was late in the afternoon so I actually got to go to a morning service at Grace! I had to look up what time it started since I haven't been able to go for two months. I saw the A380 when I got to JFK... What a MASSIVE plane!

Day off today, I'll make like a pirate and hang with friends.


Heading to Boston!

Of course I only get to stay there for 37 minutes, so I won't get to see anybody, but I'll wave as I go over.

I haven't slept well for the past three nights... I don't know what's wrong with me (maybe the swine flu??)
I need to chop down a tree and wear myself out or something. Maybe my body just isn't used to sleeping at temperatures above 55 degrees. Or maybe I should stop taking naps to get the rest I missed the night before. IDK hopefully tomorrow will go better.