The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


I just got out of my first exam of the semester

Yes I know I have only had three classes before it was time for the exam, and that it covered in-depth reading of three chapters of a textbook, and that instructors should give us at least three weeks before any quiz or exam whatsoever, but there wasn't really much I could do about it. It was a pretty easy test because I studied a TON for it, but I still couldn't remember if TACANs or GPS stations were controlled by the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, or in a joint agreement by both. I hope I guessed right.
ok I gotta quit writing and start writing.
ironic isn't it.


Even as Pluto bids farewell

new galaxies are coming into existence. I got a glimpse at a couple new ones tonight. Very cool. Even though I should be studying for my test on Thursday.
hope and joy out.


It's going to be weird

trying to live and stay ahead of projects without any internet access between Thursday evening and Monday morning. Right now I've got a big list of stuff to memorize for a quiz coming up in an hour, so I better go.
Grace out.


I'm starting to figure out how to use a MAC

so I might be able to survive english, but it still isn't pretty. I had to ask someone to show me how to print one of my documents today. I also got a ton of assignments that I need to work on. I hope I don't have to quit my job to keep up.
Peace out.


I'm going to LOVE English class

I get to pay fifty bucks for the book AND I have the chance to write papers in a MAC lab. I would put in the hundred lines worth of sound effects I just made showing my despair, aggravation, annoyance, frustration, and denial, but I will skip that and save you all the trouble. Please send candy. I wonder if I bought a good laptop (i.e. one that does what I think I'm asking it to do), and just used the wireless on campus, if the prof would let me do all my assignments on it. I get to do my first real sim session at 3:30 today! yes yes yes! It will be so fun. And then I get to go to Indy and get some furniture. Grace Out.

P.S. I really enjoy writing on computers where the end key takes you to the end of your current line instead of to the end of the whole stinking document.


just got out of Air Traffic Control class

looks like it is going to be a lot more work than I hoped for, but it should still be fun. And now I get to go to my only class on campus: Business Writing a.k.a. ENGL 420. Cair Paravel is going to be a lot of fun this year. We are kinda doing themes for all the rooms, with the living room as a 1920's mobster type and the kitchen with a 50's style. We even found a great James Dean poster at Goodwill for the wall! I'm going to ask for a bunch of days off at Sam's, so I hope they don't fire me. Ok I have to go buy a book and get to class now.
Longsuffering Out.


I was going to do some daily posting

but Ross took our internet, so until we get something new set up our computers at home are pretty much useless. Nathan moved in yesterday. Cool man that. Jared's wall is practically done and I just got out of my first class at school. So now I am going to go help Jared finish up.
Joy out.


The foundation is laid!

We finished it around 9:30 tonight. Now we will see how well it was laid as we set the wall. Will it be another leaning tower of Pizza? Only time will tell. Pray that my job at Sam's up here would work out. They are trying to triple book my schedule, and seeing as how I can only work on a double booked time frame something has to give. I'm just afraid it might be my job. But that is just my lack of sleep talking. You guys won't believe us the next time you see me or Jared. With our power lifting routine, we are going to be more ripped than a curtain being attacked by a hundred angry kittens.


I am pooped

We got most of the dirt cleared from where the foundation is going to go at Jared's house today. And we received our load of landscaping block. With each block weighing about 80 pounds, the entire load was around 4 tons of concrete! Somewhere in the middle of unloading 2 tons of block, drinking over 5 liters of water, and tearing out the rest of the old wall, I forgot to put on my sunscreen. So I came home wearing a beautiful shade of bright pink on my upper arms and neck. I'm not going to need to go to the gym for a month after this project is over. My legs are so sore it feels like all my muscle cells in my calf are having their own world war. Ok, time to fix that problem~ off to bed.
Goodnight y'all.


Wow! What a day!

I went running this morning. Stayed too long and missed saying goodbye to Stacey and Caleb :(. Got all packed up as mom got me more food:). Unpacked in West Lafayette and went to help pastor Olivetti make like Gorbachev and tear down his wall. It was a massive limestone and mortar wall with tons of slimy, sticky, and soggy dirt that kept mud-sliding in our way. But we got done with way more than I expected and Lisa cooked us a beautiful dinner complete with fresh strawberries and she didn't even visibly mind the sweaty, smelly, and dirty guys eating at her table. OK, so I am totally beat and I will leave this final question as I go to bed: Why are you excited?


The summer is so about to come to a

crashing halt. I have three days left at Sam's and four days for Mr. Cutter.
It's amazing how much I have learned this year. Last year I was scared at the thought of reviewing Men In Training homework with a peer, and would not have thought myself able to be of much use in anyone's spiritual development. But now I've developed my own MIT plans, been a counselor at COVFAMIKOI and even led a couple Bible studies. Amazing. But I tell you what, it wasn't anything from me (aside from a willingness to go) that brought me here. It was only the grace of God and the dedication of several great men in training me. It's weird, as I sit here and think, I am probably humanly the worst person to do any of that stuff. But that is what makes God so amazing. Nobody else was stepping up to fill needs, and I learned last year that God takes our weakness and turns it to show His strength, so I was like "Well Lord, You know me and all my faults and sins, but You are so much stronger than all that, so here I am. Use me if You want to." Then I took every opportunity that was presented to me, and now all I can say is "WOW!" Truly the Lord is gracious and just, and He has dealt very bountifully with me.

For the rest of the summer I will be working and packing. see you back here in a week. Faith Out


blah blah blah

I wrote a paragraph on here, and when I re-read it I was just like "blah blah blah DELETE." I need to invigorate my life. Anybody want to try out a pizza place on Tuesday? The owner comes to Sam's all the time and he's pretty cool. Give me a holla or a comment and we'll arrange rides.

I'm doing the walk for life in October. You should sponsor me because it's not about me. I already raised $40 dollars at work! If you want to help fight abortion go here or talk to me.

I only have a week left to work and pack before I head back to school. Time goes fast. Deserts are usually hot. Ice is slick. I am rambling.
Love out.


I went to Sam's

with paint all over the back of my leg today. We had to run and pack up all our paint stuff as lightning torched trees all around us, so I must have brushed something without noticing it. The storm was really loud today. Anyway at Sam's there was this incredibly annoying fly buzzing around. He finally landed and I shot him with my rubber band. I didn't kill him but I broke his wings or something, because he fell upside down on my conveyor belt. He couldn't flip himself over so he lay there as the belt pushed him toward the front. He was right in line with a hole and his wings caught on the side, so he hovered for a second before he was dragged screaming into the black abyss. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm not usually this cruel. Really. Don't ask Caleb. I hope PETA doesn't read this.

That was your fly campfire story of the day.
Joy out.


So hot

I had a lady pass out from the heat in my line at Sam's the other day. She left in a lot better condition than the last person I'd seen taken out on a stretcher. Other than that, my life is same as usual. My (dad's) car, on the other hand, is living it up as a movie star! The director of some big film saw my car and thought it would be great for his film, so he worked out a swap with me. So I get to drive a car with a CD player this week. WOOOOO!!!!!! Caleb and I are painting this old garage that is totally infested with just about every kind of bee, wasp, or hornet known to Indiana, but we haven't been stung yet. We should get finished tomorrow. But now I need some sleep.
Peace out.