The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


The world is a mortal coil

that holds me bound in its clutches. When shall I break free from its corrupted grasp?


Some days I wish I wern't such a jerk

jerk: 6. Slang. A dull, stupid, or fatuous person.

I was flipping through radio stations and I decided to stay on the country station for one song just for Eric. And guess what? It was a song about trouble, bills, and pain hollered by a woman with a whiny voice. hmm.

Someone set up an idol grove that I have to go by every day. It is really disgusting. I'm not sure what idol it is for, but there are a bunch of what appers to be little sacrifices all around it. Does ebay sell flamethrowers?



I love Indiana Weather

I woke up to a beautiful layer of snow on the ground and had a great drive through it to work. Then it warmed up and the sky was super and I even got to put my window down on the way home. Hung out with my little brother for a while. Taught him how to build a corner and we played monopoly. After that, Stacey and I went over to the Faris household and we talked about the differences between recognized and communicate church membership. Quite enlightening. We also did a bunch more fun stuff like play games and eat food and address/stuff envelopes (IN-velopes NOT ON-velopes). And James got TPed!!! It was so funny. There was TP all over. We went out and helped him clean up. Then I came home and typed on my blog after hearing about Mom and Dad's evening. Tomorrow is their anniversary!! Yay Mom and Dad!!


3 semesters, 5 finals, 3 quizzes, and 1 paper

away from graduation. Or to bring the time scale down a lot~ 1 class till break!!! I have to wait till tomorrow morning for that class, so I think I'm going to go ahead and pack up my car and be ready to take off right after class. The weekend was really nice. I got to get up early Saturday and go rake leaves to raise money for CPC. When we were done raking a bunch of kids started attacking me in the huge leaf pile we made. So I had a lot of fun throwing them across the pile, foiling their attacks and feeling like a mighty warrior. Once I was nearly succumbed and had about seven kids sitting on me and stuffing leaves in my face, but I managed to throw them all off and jump up to resume the battle. Twas a ton of fun. Afterwards Stacey and I went to the Gillespie's house for tea and football. Only five guys were there for football, but it was still fun. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Pacifier. Josh said the Pacifier wasn't as bad as it could be, which was as close as he could get to saying it was a great movie, since he dissed it before he watched it. Sunday Caleb became an official member of the church, and we had a Thanksgiving dinner and then I went back to Lafayette for an awesome Psalm sing with the Kokomo, Elkhart, and Chicago churches.


Last night we had a rally

It was pretty sweet. James Faris came up and talked about thanksgiving. Not as in the holiday, but as in giving thanks to God. We made a list of like 27-28ish different biblical reasons for thanking God. Very Cool. After the rally I drove back to Indy and got waylaid as I tried to sneak through the door. Then I stayed up way to late and got up way to early to be good for anyone. I've been thinking about something the last couple week and James mentioned it at the beginning of his talk so I'm going to give a little space to it now. >>> Seems that the god of christmas and his ever seductively beautiful goddess of materalism have a greater grasp on the hearts and minds of Americans than ever before. Even last year I made it at least through Thanksgiving before I had to quit listening to the radio because of their blasphemous commercials exlating the great giver, yes lord santa himself, above all and blantantly abusing the name of my Savior. ~going to breakfast~ might write more later.


check this out

twas my Grandpa's ship.



What's up with that? I mean just last night we were having thunderstorms and tornadoes. Which are caused by massive thermal (heat) updrafts. It looks nice outside. But I'll stay in here until we get a little accumulation. Oh, by the way, thanks for your massive response to my last post. Apparently you all know that you can't change the world unless you speak up and do something about the current situation. Casses are starting to get better. I think finally got a handle on flying the 727. Which is good because today I had my last flight before my phase check. And everything else is normal in W. Lafayette.


Delta Blog

I've made a few changes to my blog> Most notably the addition of three more, being Josh and Catherine Gillespie and Mercy at the Heart's door. Josh gives me four total Josh links making that the most popular name in blogging. He and Catherine are very cool so enjoy their blogs. Mercy, I don't know the author's real name, but she writes a very excellent and, so far as I can tell, Biblical page concerning one of the greatest failures of our nation. Also, since I now have 54 links, I am trying out an interesting style I found: taking the breaks out so you don't have to scroll so much to get to the ones farther down. I have only done it to the lower half of my links so you all can compare them and tell me what you think. Should I put them all like this, or do you have trouble sorting out the names and want them back how they were? Would it be helpful if I fiddled around and made each link a separate color for ease of searching? So check out the cool new blogs and tell me what style you like.

Oh! I almost forgot. My Pressurization/Air Conditioning test is over. Thursday I will find out if I am worthy of the privilege of taking a metal tube to an altitude where oxygen would get sucked out of your bloodstream and blowing it up like a giant balloon.


Walking is fun

but I don't want to talk about that right now. I am also going to avoid discussion of the many tests I should be studying for right now. First I will whine about the Exponent: While free and just a college publication, I really think they do a terrible job. This blog has fewer typos than they have on a daily basis, and their comics suck like a black hole. Really. Whoever they got to do it is a little less mature than a Jr. High kid and about three times as disgusting. After a month of unfunny, crude, and bland comics they still haven't fired the fatuous fellow. Dense. Like a black hole. Also the columnists are despicable. One fellow, a certain Mr. Hughes, is outright blasphemous, irreverent, lame, crude and stupid. And if I ever get the chance to meet him I will tell him that to his face. Come on Exponent, I expected better from a college paper. Other than that, the weekend was very good, made some essential progress in studying, and laundered my money. My whole wallet in fact. Oh well, it needed it. Ok maybe I will talk about walking. I'm looking forward to doing a lot of it since I just lost half of the spokes on one side of my front tire on my bike. I really don't want anymore faceplants. Extra incentive to get a pedal assembly on my huffy.


I have finally met Nathan

of blogger fame~ if you haven't already, you can see his posts on the Andrew+ link~ and he's pretty cool. Salmon shirt and all. The only other thing interesting today was that Shawn E passed his checkride!!! Way to go man! Oh and I might be able to get home for Thanksgiving early.


Ok, I survived my management exam

Now I just have to live through about three or four more and two papers + one revision before Thanksgiving. Studying is going to extra hard this week because I am nearly out of snack food. For some reason I can't concentrate when I'm not chewing on something.


Battery of tests coming up

I have one almost every day for the rest of this week and next week. It's going to be rough. I made my sweetest landing yet in a 727 though, so things are looking good. Flying is so much fun! Now however, I am not going to fly, but ride home and cram for my management exam. Or sleep. Didn't get much last night. Had more important things to do.

I just remembered what I was going to post about~ Last night I had artichoke heart lasagna and green tomato/apple pie~ first time for both. Artichokes taste pretty good~ a little strange maybe, but they make me thirsty, and the pie was uncannily normal tasting. Overall a very enjoyable dinner.


I have nothing to say

But if you want to keep reading go ahead. I've been having a hard time sticking to a regular schedule in my Bible studies recently, I just throw them in if and when I get the chance. So, being inspired by Job (Jobe not job) I am going to try and do my quiet time before I eat in the morning. My one problem with that is that I usually get up with just enough time to grab a bagel and eat as I ride to class, and I find it rather difficult to read and ride at the same time. ~That reminds me, I had some girl on a cell phone walk into me while I was riding through campus yesterday. I have no idea how people can be so oblivious to everything around them. She was going at an angle towards me, so I cut as close to the wall as I could get, but still as I cross her path, she turns and walks right into me. So weird~ Anyway, aside from being inspired by Job, I am finding the patient forgiveness of God to be quite awesome. If I could only be as forgiving of others as He has been to me, I would have a start at being a civilized person. Ok, I'm done now. Really. You can quit reading.


Mom and Dad came up last night

for a really cool parent/student dinner hosted by CORPS. Twas very nice. This evening Jared preached on Malachi 1 about the evils of formality and boredom in worship, and then we had communion. Afterwards Ross and I had a bunch of people come over for Psalms + waffles.


Life is good

Becasue my group projects are over. Well, mostly. I still have to submit a draft of a parer to be officially done, but it is going to be no sweat. We are doing weight and balance calculations in my 727 ground class and I like doing the problems so much that I have decided to abandon my flight training, and be an airplane loading calculator person. jk. But the problems really are fun. We had a craeer fair down at the airport yesterday, and I talked to some nice companies. Found out that Delta Connection will consider me when I get 600 total and 100 multi hours! Which is really great because their minimums used to be twice that. ok. I should start my paper now. charity out.


So I found this on Lukes blog:

You have the eyes of a hawk. You're very much aware
about your surroundings and the situations that
you're in. People can't touch your things
because you would immediately notice what's
been touched or what's missing. You can analyze
people's thoughts and actions quite well.
That's good for you. Don't lose that sharp
vision of yours.

What Animal Eyes Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla


So my group projects are finally coming together. I don't have to present for one of them, so that will be really nice. I just have to write two papers instead. In other news I just got my initial schedule for next semester and it looks pretty good. I have no classes on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday so I can work on those days. But Wednesday is looking kind of poor cause I start at 7:30am at the airport, go home, come back at 2:30, go home again, and come back once more from 6:30- 9:30. Overall though, I should have a great semester.