The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


In Houston

I did a JFK turn this morning, and when I was finished I got reassigned to do an overnight to Houston! It was 105 when we got here, but it rained really hard for about half an hour and brought it down to 85.

I am thinking about changing my whole writing style around for a bit. This might be the last pseudonormal post you see from me in a while.


They both said "I do"

So they are married.



The Brightish are coming!

Three lamps will be in the window of the church tonight! Because I am going to Boston, not by land or by sea, but by air! I'm just posting it here first so that Paul can out ride my plane and rouse the citizenry to arms in time. Hopefully though, the arms that greet me won't be carrying guns, pitchforks, and torches, but we shall see.


Many things

I went to the grocery. It was having a sale on vegetables. The only ones left were okra and cauliflower. I left them too.

I was able to go to the grocery because God provides in amazing ways! I had to buy wedding presents this month, and I got carried away and spent all my food money for the month, but then I was provided with a small job that nearly perfectly paid for my entire round of shopping!

I am reading a book about skillful driving. It taught me how to make the best boiled eggs ever! Seriously, these things are amazing.

And finally:
the worst mistake I have made more than once in the last month (that I care to admit at least): tearing up red chillies and then touching my eyes. =0 don't try it

a kiss to whoever finds the common thread first.


Happy Birthday Dad!

I was reading this morning about the year of jubilee in Israel. That would be pretty cool if we could get a system like that going in America. I would totally throw credit companies for a loop to have to cancel all debts every fifty years. They'd probably be a lot more careful about allowing people buy way more than they can afford on a wanton and rampant basis. We then wouldn't have hyper-inflation in things like housing and college tuition, which means that they wouldn't have to collapse, and that they wouldn't take the rest of the economy with them!

Just decided to jump seat home to say happy birthday to Dad in person so I gotta get ready to fly now.


muy cansado

Yesterday I got up at 4am (after going to bed too late) and flew to LGA and back. This morning I did it again! I didn't get much sleep last night cause I let myself nap for an hour or so yesterday, and because of a thunderstorm, and my body's clock not being set to sleep at 8 and all that. So I was really looking forward to a good nap when I got home at 11ish.
Well, it turns out, I didn't get home at 11ish. I got assigned to do a test flight on a plane we were selling to Air Mexico. AM had a rep on board and he had a big list of tests to take it through which were pretty extensive. So extensive in fact that we actually refused to do one of them (slow the plane all the way to stick pusher)! That flight lasted for about three hours and I was REALLY looking forward to getting home after that.
Well, it turns out, I didn't get home after that. I got assigned to repo a plane to Celveland and deadhead back. But the deadhead would put me 40 minutes past my drop-dead 16 hour duty limit of 9:15pm, so now I get to stay in the Sheraton hotel and fly home tomorrow at 4 something pm.
Cleveland probably has a lot more to do around the hotel than St. Louis, but I doubt I'll be exploring too much. I think I'll sleep until it's time to go back to the airport. Maybe I'll eat something too. Goodnight!



I can't believe it's already June. May went by so fast (Except for a four day stretch last week, but we can repress that memory). This morning I had to get up at 4am to go fly to LGA and back. I do it again tomorrow too. I pinned a couple blankets to the molding above my window so I could go to sleep at 8-9ish. They make great blackout curtains!