The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


PES class this morning was great!

First we drove our abs to failure, then our arms and followed with our legs. We didn't quite get all the way to failure on our sprints mostly because we have some really athletic people who would take forever to drop and our class is only for an hour. We only carried one guy off of the track. After that I filled up my car for forty bucks. I had to hunt forever to bag forty bucks. Almost more trouble than it's worth.


Beautiful Sabbath

Today was very nice and restful. Ross lost his alternator belt on the way to church this morning because his idle wheel froze up. So he had to get that fixed. Went to the annual hymn fest, where most of the churches in Lafayette perform a selection of music from their church. Even though there were a huge representation of Catholic and JWs there was surprisingly little blasphemy sung. I believe it was even the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception that had lyrics about being saved by faith. The most outright heretical lyrics came from a Presbyterian church~ Something along the lines of dear mother earth something something something. Then there was another "Jesus the Savior of all" line by the Catholics. I guess it depends on the context of "all." Anyway it was nice to go straight to the evening service and not have to censor music and hear a great sermon about the sovereignty of God.


I was going to do a post

about my great day and a bunch of cool stuff that happened, but I ended up just adding Andrew D to my links and getting ready for bed so I can be awake in church tomorrow. I think I am done with links for a while- I added a few non-blogspot blogs and a bunch of cool people. I might start deleting ones that haven't had any activity since '05 unless they have a good excuse~ my family, being in China, or Africa... something like that. anyway, I'm gone. generosity out.


Yesterday I had a bit of fun.

I got caught up on my sleep and after a quick breakfast (at 11:30) I went over to campus for a blood drive they were having. The nurse lady that made sure I answered all the screening questions right asked me if I ever heard of apheresis and told me that it was where I could donate two units of blood by running it through a machine that takes all the red cells out and puts the juice and some other chemical back into me. She said they needed large people who had enough red cells to healthily donate two units for the process, so I was like 'sure whatever you want.'
For a brief interjection here, I must say that I am not good with needles, I can never watch anybody put a needle into me, and I don't like injections at all.
OK, so I got all tested and set up and I pumped out my first pint pretty fast and I was like 'yeah! doing good!' as the pneumatic tourniquet eased up on my arm which meant that I was about to get the juice from #1 back. The little tube in my arm turned from deep red to a dirty pink color as it came back to me. Getting injected kind of hurt a little. But I was like 'I can do this, I can take the pain.' But I started feeling really tired and the ceiling was kind of wobbly, so I was going to ask the nurse is there was some way to slow it down, but I was just.... so........ tired......Then I heard someone saying "Open your eyes Josh, Josh wake up, look at me Josh" and I looked up to see four or five nurses all standing around me asking a bunch of questions like 'where are you? and how old are you?' And I was just like 'huh?' and they told me they were going to stop my donation, but it was ok cause they got one unit that they could still use from me.

So yeah. That was my bit of fun.
Afterwards I went to the store and got corndogs and stuff to make chipped beef casserole. I got 20 items for 18 bucks!!!

Top Secret Operations

I just want to do a post from the computer of the Supreme Commander of the legions of MOAB. MOAB being an anti-blogging bunch of fellows up here. This is really dangerous cause my life may be at stake if he finds me down here doing this. HAHAHAHA I defy you MOAB!!!! Eat my posts.


I learned the dangers of flying

on consecutive nights of five hour sleep. I was captain and got full hydraulic A and B system failure on climb-out. All I could think about was "speedbrake lever down, control wheel neutral, spoilers off." Normally that would be good, but I was in a pretty high angle climb and didn't think about flying the airplane being better than following the checklist, so I just released the control wheel and let the plane stall on me. Agggh! I felt really stupid. I did pretty well on my two engine failures and made my first engine out landing. I went to AfterDARK last night. It was a concert by TAIT and a gospel presentation hosted by most of the Christian campus organizations. It was smartly pretty. I had a quiz in 320 today and totally forgot the name for the Drag-divergence Mach number. It is going to be so nice to sleep for eight hours tonight. Hope Out.


Getting up early really helps me do a lot of stuff

I got to actually work out in the PES class this morning! Even though I didn't have my physical waver signed yet, they let me go since I was getting my exam later today. It was fun. One kid passed out and they called an ambulance. After my workout I took a quick shower and went over to PUSH and got my waver signed, then I read a chapter of my book and went over to Sam's to fill out paperwork. My first official bit of work is Saturday at 10:15. After that I came home and finished my tacos. I made one pound of ground beef last for three meals! I used to put it all down in one. I guess it helps to use a lot of extra toppings. Anyway, I forgot to mention yesterday that I went over to the library and got some CD's and a book. W.Lafayette's theology book selection is quite lacking in any good material. I did find the Confessions of Saint Augustine, so I got it since I haven't read it yet. He's a pretty cool writer. Doesn't beat about the bush.

OK I have some emergency immediate action items to memorize before I fly tomorrow, so I better get off of here. OHHH! Wait one second. Professor Young said that if the simulator people (who are on the verge of losing their contract) get on the ball like they said they would, then my class will get to fly the 737 during our last semester here! Totally lighting. Faith out.


Dense Fog

covered the airport this morning when I rode down for my class. It was eerie and cool. I had a quiz on my CR-2 flight computer that I think I aced. I almost messed up one question and said that there were 70 liters to 185 gallons instead of 18.5, but I ckecked all my answers with a calculator and got ratio of 2.63 instead of the 3.77 like it is supposed to be, so I got it fixed. We started talking about high-speed rejected and aborted takeoffs in my 727 class. We also went over situations where the captian would have to decide when to call for an emergency evacuation or just sit tight and wait for the firetrucks. fun fun fun. Hope out.

Man, I got a lot done today. After the first part of this post I found my next checkbook which was good since I used up my last one a few weeks ago. And I got set up to take a physical so I can actually work out in my PE class. And I got my job transferred up here! yesyesyesPraiseTheLord!!! I go and fill out paperwork at 11 or 12 tomorrow. I also put $50 dollars in my account and promptly gave twice that to Ross for utilities. If my outflows keep being twice my inflows, I might soon be driven to eating only corn dogs and oatmeal. ;-)


Nice Day

Yesterday I slept through the men's breakfast at church. AAGGGGHHHH. I only remembered it this morning when they talked about how great it was. But the rest of the day was great. Dad came up and took me to Lone Star! Then after a bit of homework Ross convinced me to go see End of the Spear with him. It wouldn't loose anything to wait for the DVD, but it was still a great movie, so my 6.50 was not wasted. Which reminds me... America really is a land of materialism and instant gratification. Recently I've been taking heat for being too cheap. I'm like "What???" Since when is saving up for the years when it really counts something to be dissed? I mean sure, I don't eat top of the line food, or go see every new movie release, or any of that stuff; and people think I must live a miserable existence. But I still have healthy meals and enjoy a lot of free leisure activities, so I'm like what's the problem? Maybe one of you can explain it to me. OK enough griping. Church was great today. Pastor Long preached about Freedom in Christ ~how we are free from holiness, and how we are free to be holy. Then we started a new thing in the college class about worldview. I've kinda said stuff about worldview classes being rather pointless, so I'm really interested in seeing if what Jason Moore has to say will change my mind.


I forgot to post yesterday

Maybe it was cause I had 14hours of class. Or I guess it was just 6 hours spread neatly across 14 hours of the day. That and I did more important stuff like work out with Ross and get a fish. Yep. Josh has a fish. He is a very cool Betta of Blue/Green and Red with a black spot on his lower dorsal fin. Eric, Mike Tyson, and Sushi are being considered for names, but I am still open to suggestions. Getting ready for MIT now.




Lots of stuff

The Winter Conference was very cool. Anthony did a great job expounding on the book of Canticles. I saw lots of old friends, learned a bunch of practical lessons, and had a really great time of fellowship. And I was wrong about the food. The first night was the worst. Which is saying a lot cause it was pretty good. Heidi and Michele did a great job cooking. Classes are back in swing, and I should be reading right now. Tomorrow I'm supposed to talk to a manager up here to see if my job transfer went through. Pray that it did.
Patience out.



A bunch of girls came over to our house last night to make us dinner and have kind of a combined birthday party for Andrew, Ross, and myself. It was an evening of revealing deep secrets. We found out that Ross, after hiding it so well for all these years, is indeed a closet tree hugger. ... ... Let the shock settle in... It's OK Ross, we're here for you, we can help, we'll work through this, it's nothing a little counseling can't work out. I'm so ready for the WINTER CONFERENCE!!! It's going to be so great to spend the weekend talking about God and similar great subjects. The food is going to be great too. At least for the first meal.


It is official

I will be flying a Beechcraft King Air (Be-20/G) over the summer. I have no clue what this is going to do to any future summer plans, so I suppose I will just not make any plans and go with the flow as they come at me. Anyway, I'm just about to go upstairs and try to get two more classes added to my schedule and push me up to 16 hours. One of my classes that meets Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 is requiring that I report on current events in the airline world, so if any of y'all hear anything shoot it at me please.



Got up early for my 7:30 Simulator. It was cool cause I have the same instructor as last year. We pretty much just ran through preflight flows, checklists, and engine start malfunctions. I got to do a fire warning test and run through two sets of hung and hot starts. Then I went and bought food while it was snowing and after Ross and I worked out, it was like 45 outside. But now I have a class that goes till 9:30 so I hope it is interesting. I nearly fell asleep in the last one.


When I don't have a lot to keep me busy

I start to think about weird stuff. Since I had no classes today and no studying to speak of yet, I unpacked the rest of my stuff, cleaned my room and thought about weird stuff. I thought about glass bottles, I thought about drinking root beer from glass bottles, I thought about it being 19 years and four days until I get a bunch of free root beer in glass bottles. (Oh what joy! :) ) Then I started thinking about that verse I mentioned a long time ago (Proverbs 18:22) and several books I've read. Most of those books being ones I had to read in high school about the joys and opportunities of singleness. Now correct me if I am wrong, because it has been a few years since I read them, but one of the main points of those books seemed to focus on encouraging the reader to not worry about finding their future spouse, and to be content with their singleness.
The first is an admirable goal to be sure, but I'm not totally sure the second fits with scripture. Let me explain. See when one is content, one does not want anything that he does not have, and would like nothing more than for life to continue in its current state. Then Proverbs says "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord." Now this might just be me, but finding implies looking and looking has a prerequisite of wanting. I mean who in their right mind would look for something that he doesn't want?
So herein lies my problem. I am just fine and dandy without a wife and I really can't see a spot in my future plans that would make it easy, practical, or better to get married. So I am wondering: Am I wrong to be content with singleness? I want to obtain favor from God, yet to take the advice of Solomon would require the abandoning of the council of many modern authors and more practically a change in my desired career/future.

IIIIEEEEEE.. So that was a quick bite from the psycho sample platter of my brain. Your thoughts are quite welcomed.


break in review

Well I had a pretty busy break as seen by the fact that one of the first things I did was dump the contents of my car on the floor of my room and thats where most of it still was when I went to pack it back up again. I was sick the first week. I worked for a few days but after I got a temperature of 102.5 (which, coincidentally is the maximum continous power in kw's that you can get from three operating generators) mom made me call in sick. It was like God was forcing a real break on me. My Dec. 25th was rather disappointing. I went to church but we didn't even get a sermon, so it would have been more profitable to stay home and read Calvin. However I did get to see Joel so there was some benefit to it. I went to the LOTR exhibit at the Indiana State Museum and it was SOOOO COOL! At the end of my break Mom and Dad gave me a Bible and a bike to take back to school with me. I put the first twelve miles on my bike today and it was beautiful. Ok that is all for now. Grace out.


Dedicated to the faithful 10

Well a new year has come, and I am back from break and all set to go again. And even though I took a break from posting too, I still got 10 people per day on my site the last two weeks! I bet you were just coming for the links though. But that's still cool. I need to get to bed now so I can go to my 7:30 class tomorrow. I will do a quick break review tomorrow. Faithfulness out.