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Happy Leap Day!!!

If you didn't leap today-shame on you!! You only get one day every four years in which to leap about wildly and have a good excuse for it, so you really must take advantage of it. I would post a picture of me leaping and also of me in my JET SIMULATOR!!! but I'm too tired to today. So I probably might tomorrow. (do you like the way I leapt around the responsibility there?)

A skippy good night to you all.


Well, I passed my test today.

I'm glad it's over, but the two hardest tests are yet to come. The first, and what is probably the hardest of all is on the second, so we shall see if I am still a Chautauqua pilot on Monday. But systems is OVER!!!! So we get to start learning our actual procedures tomorrow and I am SOO excited about that! I'll get to sit in my little chair in front of a big sheet of paper and pretend that I am flying high over the world, where the sun shines bright and the air is thin enough to suck the oxygen right out of your bloodstream!

sigh~time to leave fantasy land and get back to studying.


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We finished the systems manual today, though I can't really say how much good it did me. I'm so mentally exhausted right now that I went to class and back before I realized that I forgot to wear a belt. And I was forgetting stuff and messing up easy questions when we were reviewing everything. AAAGGHHH *bashes head against wall* I've got to get my brain to work harder. I did a super review my memory items for the first time in a week and I'd only forgotten part of one out of 32, so I guess that's good. Still have to get the zero fuel weight for the 135 though. I think I need more sleep. I shall go to sleep now.


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well I'm three days into systems training in St. Louis right now. I should be able to tell you about most of the 145's limitations, as well as describe its electrical, fire protection, fuel, EFIS, and Auxiliary Power Unit systems in detail. There are only sixteen systems tabs in our Operating Manual, so I only have eleven left to learn!!! Which is good, cause I'm already so deep in this stuff that I dream about systems instead of having nice relaxing dreams like trying to run a three minute mile or jump over tall buildings....

There is a Republic 170 class right next to us with a few guys that I knew from Big Sky in it. But it's kind of odd, cause I was hired a week before them, so now I'm senior to a couple of my former captains, and if I upgrade before them (which I won't, but whatever) I could be their captain. Weird huh?

I'm debating whether or not to go running tonight since I just ate a bunch of pretzels and I'm using most of my break time to post on here. hmmm...


Indoc is almost over!

I have two more days of class, then a big final and an evening of climbing all over some airplanes before I head to St. Louis for systems and simulator.