The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Training Starts Tomorrow

Unless it is easier than I expect, I will be disappearing from the known world for a couple months.


Oh My Goodness!

the Winter conference was so great! I thought I was doing good just to follow the arguments of Job, but now I can follow them and get a grasp on the meaning and implications of everything there. Thanks David! But now I'm a little concerned, because I'm not really going through any suffering presently, and I just learned a ton about how to deal with it, so I wonder if I'm being set up for something. It was also really super to see everybody again and to catch up with a lot of old friends.

It is now one week until my training starts.



What does it stand for? What should you not end sentences with? I'll leave that for you to decide. But while you are making up your mind, unless you are fast, I'll be going there. While I'm there, I won't be thinking about a new design for my blog, although I might be trying some out when I get back. I'm going in to my last day of work for Mr.C today :( I hope I made this week profitable for him.


Working hard

I've been working for Mr. Cutter this week. Breakin' my back digging out an elevator shaft and carting out all the dirt. It is so much FUN!!! I'm even getting blisters again. But WOW I come home sore. It's the good kind of sore...with every muscle in your body saying "ok that's enough work for today" and your brain telling you that all you need to do is close your eyes and you'll sleep like a baby till kingdom come. OK, slight exaggeration, but I'm glad that I'm still young enough to enjoy being worn out when I get home. But I better get to bed or I'll be zapping myself in our electrical project tomorrow.


I got the Job!

I get to start training for Chautauqua on January 30! And if I work really really hard and pass training, I'll get to fly the Embraer 145! Ooo look ma, no props!


I got an Interview with Republic!

YES OH YES OH YES OH YES!!!! So now that I have my foot in the door, it is pretty much up to me to lose a job offer. And even though the interview isn't until Monday, I'm already stressing out about it and getting ready to study like crazy over the next few days. Do you like how I start my sentences with conjunctions? Anyway, I'll be back in Indy for the next couple weeks (till the WC) so if anybody wants to come hang out/ ask me the hardest interview question you can think of, just give a call. Praise God and Pray for me Please.


Well Now

I am officially jobless. I think that and the fact that I'm living in Kentucky have gone to my head, because now I'm lounging around in a wife-beater, snacking on pretzels, drinking a cold beverage out of a glass bottle, and getting fat. At least I'm not listening to country music. yet.


Just returned

from my interview with Republic. It wasn't really an interview, but we got to meet the HR lady and take a couple quizzes. She gave a really good presentation on the airline and its training process, and now I am entering the stage where I second guess everything I did, and wonder if there's anything I could have done better. I don't have to wonder very long cause I should have studied a lot, but seeing as I only found out about it last night and I had to fly to Owensboro today (where I got to see Aunt Nancy!!!!!) I didn't really have a lot of time. I'm supposed to hear back from them pretty soon, but I'll be on pins and needles until then.


I love my job!

It snowed in Cincinnati again! yay! and I got to fly in it. Did this fun approach and landing in a 23 knot direct crosswind. It's so cold (-13) that all the snow is really light and fluffy and just blows around, so it's not so great for snowball fights, but it makes cleaning your car off a breeze. heh heh heh We had some crazy wind going on today. Even at 23,000 feet it was shifting so much that the controllers didn't believe that we were going the direction that they told us to go. I got an email today that says that Republic is coming out to Cincy to recruit pilots. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE recruit me.