The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Bummer dude

I'm beginning to believe that heaven itself is against my flying the Chipmunk. We had complete ovecast at 2,500 feet, right up until an hour after my flight time when the sky was clear and the sun was shining. But I won't complain anymore cause it really was a beautiful day.


Pilot news today:

I got to do a LAF-MQJ-LAF x-c (cross country to Mount Comfort) today. Heard Dad on the radios. I was going to talk to him but my instructor took over communications to put in a request that he didn't tell me about.
In other news it has been reported that the dude who crashed was not IFR rated- so Icing may not have been the cause of the accident, and the fact that he flew on a day when even IFR rated pilots would not fly seems to confirm the rumor of substance abuse. ~If you fly make sure your pilot is sober and sane.
Also, I hope to fly the chipmunk tomorrow (emphasis on tomorrow) and do a x-c to Danville on Friday and a long x-c to somewhere in Ohio or Illinois on Saturday! That would conclude my x-c training and put me about a week away from getting IFR rated!

In not pilot news: I only have three physics labs left in my life!!!!! :) :) :) so happy!!!


The good news is that my legs are stronger than I thought they were,

But the bad news is that my bike chain gave out before they did on a pleasure ride this morning.


I flew off in a huf this morning

Well actually I flew to HUF (Terre Haute), and skipped my commercial ground class. I was a little behind the airplane the whole way down because Chicago center handed me off to Hulman Approach even before I got my cruise checklist done. Hulman was nice though and kept me on till my crossover point, so my return leg was really good. I came home and studied and finished the boigraphy of John Eliot and started on Henry Martyn. Ross is in Nebraska and Shu is off at a meeting, so I might just go hang at the co-rec for a while.


Happy Birthday Stacey!



This morning a Lafayette Aviation plane crashed about a mile north of the airport. Both occupants died. It was not Ross or Jon or Robert or Shawn or myself. I don't know who it was, but they probably experianced icing conditions (98% chance), lost lift, and impaced trees at the end of their fall. The news of this accident was really shocking since Lafayette ariport has one of the best saftey records. The pilot was pretty foolish to fly a non-icing certified plane on a day like today. If something like that should ever happen to me it is nice to know where I will go. I have no hope in coming back as a better person or animal, nor do I need to worry about spending even one second in purgitory, because I have full confidence that the words of my Savior were true when He told me that He was preparing a place for me in heaven and that He would get me there by His perfect goodness so that I would not have to earn His love. Pray for the families of whoever it was that died, and if you are a pilot I don't care what you do with fire, JUST DON'T PLAY WITH ICE!


Life is Short Live Fast.

Totally unrelated to my title: I think I'm beginning to see a bone/weather prediction pattern. My ankle hurt all day then it rained. Now I'm fine. To bad I can't predict rain like a week in advance.


I was supposed to fly yesterday

but we were getting reports of level two echos and embedded thunderstorms so we decided against it. I'm kind of disappointed because I was ready to go actual (reported 600 overcast at HUF) in 42 with the all new TCAS and terrain mapping system installed, but I suppose it is a good thing not to fly into embedded thunderstorms. I'm going to try again this afternoon.


Yay I'm back!

And I'm exhausted. I thought spring break was supposed to be refreshing.



I came home last night after an okay exam in Econ and I am leaving tomorrow morning for a mission trip to Walton NY! So cool! bad part is I only got to see my family for a day :`( But Stacey gets to come too! So I am excited. I would really appreciate prayer that I would be able to work hard, give my energy freely, and stay well. I've been in a house full of flu virus all day so there is a high probability that I might get sick. Anyway, if I know you, I hope to see you soon, and if I don't, well I guess I hope to meet you soon. Thanks for reading. I hope to find a phone line somewhere up there so I can update maybe once or something.



I'm sure glad that today is over. I did a good six hours of sleep, Econ exam review, revised physics lab report, did physics lab, ate my hot dogs without bread because I forgot to keep track of how much I had and ate too much toast one morning, studied and cleaned room, took my FAA Commercial Pilot Written Exam and got a 93%!!!!! Yes YES YES!! I wanted a 100, but 93 is still great. Then I read more of the biography of William Chalmers Burns and cleaned out whatever I had left in the freezer for dinner. After which I went down to the airport and did a bad 1.4 hours night partial panel sim instrument flying. Couldn't hold altitude or heading for anything until I was established. I just wasn't focused or something. So I came back and was really hungry and I greatly rejoiced because I left my pancakes off of my "eat before spring break" menu for just this occasion. I whipped up some pancakes and I got too full to eat the last two so I decided to write a post while the first six settle. (Did you like my use of all three forms of to/too/two in one sentence?) And I just realized that I schedule for classes tomorrow morning so my day is not over yet. Oh, and I have to plan an IFR x-c to KOKK for tomorrow afternoon. Well I guess I better get back at em.

So much to do so little time


1 down more to come

So I finished my most stressful midterm this morning. :) Happy!!!! The weight of fifty points off of my shoulders. Funny thing is that I am scheduled for my FAA written over the exact same question bank and its worth more points, but I not as worried about it because I just passed it. So now I just have lab, exam, flight, hw, flight, MIT assingment, and exam in the next three days. No stress.


Talking to God

So Saturday I had to miss a wedding (and my family) because I was scheduled to fly which didn't happen because the weather was too bad (SOMEBODY has been praying to hard). But today was a very blessed Sabbath which saw our great Lord working mightily in the lives of many saints. This morning pastor Olivetti preached on deliverance and how we should continually pray to be delivered from sin. Then I decided to forgo the college class (building deep insight into the book of Judges) for the alternative of an adult class just starting on the topic of prayer. I really hope it will help me. This evening we had communion and a very moving time of testimonies followed. Tomorrow is the big test that determines whether or not I have to skip a class to go home early.


Zach is Peachy

because he fixed my computer. I got a "new" one last week from the purdue disposal warehouse, but the video card was bad so I could only get 16 colors on my moniter. But he worked with me for like three hours a day until we finally got it fixed last night. So this is a major big happy public THANK YOU ZACHARY PEACHY YOU ARE GOD'S GIFT TO TECHNOLOGY DEFFICIENT PEOPLE LIKE ME. I'm so glad that God didn't make just sixteen colors. The world is really boring and hard to see like that. I might get to do a IFR x-country Saturday (Lord Willing), so everybody go to the basement and stay there. I wonder what colors we would see if we could see all light rays. I wonder if heaven will have any new colors. Due to several preconceived notions being severly dashed, my other blog is due for some major changes. Starting with this one.

Now for some due readership recognition.
1. Most famous reader- Jonneh the creator of Amburgers & Wootbeer, one of the best shorts I have seen (next to Duckland Muntants 2 -the revenge of the duckies). Jonneh left me a comment! I'm so happy! Check out my rootbeer post to see it.
2. Most persistent readers- Nirmala and Kara - two comments within 90 minutes of my post. Thanks to you both.
3. And then there is Aunt Cindi! Yeah, we know. We have ways of finding out who reads our blogs. (sinister laugh) I'd love to get a comment from you though.


Shooting Spree on Purdue Campus!

There was a shooting spree on campus at about 7:38 this morning. A young man wearing a Purdue jacket walked across campus this morning and without warning he started shooting around wildly! Well, his legs did at least. He walked onto a spot that had just been swept by the famed "ice polishers" he lost all traction and braking ability and nearly fell to his death. Fortunately there were no casualties. However, his dignity is reported to be in critical condition.

There are muffled reports of a student uprising about to happen on campus on account of the Ice Polishers. Prematurely hailed for clearing snow, the student body now loathes these beastly machines for removing all traction from the sidewalks. Reported to give the pathways a Mu value of 8, my sources state that they must be removed before more shootings happen with more disastrous consequences.

In other news:
Vertical Loops didn't happen yesterday like they were supposed to. But at least Ross got his wish for snow.

This morning I got up at 6:45 and staggered to my only class of the day because my physics lab was extra credit. So I got there a little early cause I walked faster than usual, and sat and talked to Miss Bosler for a while. Then at 7:30 some lady came in and said all three of Dr. Blanchard's classes were canceled today! Which means that I got up at 6:45 for nothing and also that I have no classes today.