The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Almost 2000!

I'm almost at 2000 visitors! It would be really cool if I got my 2005th visitor right at midnight, Jan 1, 2005. Anyway, tell me if you are 2000 and I will try to find something cool for you. So I was visiting somebody's house the other day and I saw a nativity scene. It got me thinking. Here's a question for all protestant Christians out there: Do you have a crucifix? Why not? Do you not have the same qualms about creating (or supporting) a graven image that differs from the crucifix only by (supposedly) showing Christ a few years earlier in his life? Not to mention the carven bullock and possibly a grove to go with it. You condemn Catholics for doing what you ten times worse just because you only do it for a month and they have them all year. I'm not excusing Catholics or anything, but at least they don't put an ox at the foot of the cross. I would start listing all the passages where carved or graven images (especially oxen) (some even starting out harmless) were turned into idols and commanded to be cut down and burned, but I need to go clean my room now.

almost 2000!


Anchors and Swords

Joel came back today! He just got out of Navy boot camp and got a week to visit before he has to go get more advanced training. Brad came back too! He was out in the wild New York (Home of the world's largest apple) But now I am leaving for the evening service so I might talk more later tonight. Just remember that humpty dumpty was pushed. lol. sorry. a little randomness there. goodbye.


Home Sweet Home

I know as a Christian that I will not truly be at home while I am on earth, but coming home is so sweet especially after my stint in the unsheltered world. I think they make college semesters just the right length. Just when I am beginning to lose hope that there is anybody at all who is striving after righteousness, or at least somebody who is not striving after indulging in every vice and corruption imaginable, I get to come home and get with hundreds of friends who seek to serve my Lord in attitude, conversation, dress, action, and every other aspect of their lives! And it is so wonderful. I'm back as a cashier at my former summer job. I'm a little upset because they lowered the starting wage, so I took a pay cut for being a dedicated employee. If they do that again I will have to quit so I can pay for my house.


Flying in the wind

Is very fun because sometimes you can go backwards. But today the winds were so strong that they wouldn't even let me get in a plane. (They being Purdue administration) (Of course the wind was so strong I probably couldn't have trained very well even if I had gotten in a plane.) So I sat down at the airport all day and waited to see if the wind would blow away sometime. The only thing I achieved though, was a little studying, and really impressing the full timers down at hanger 6. It was kind of funny. I walked in for the last time at about 4:00 to scratch my name off the last slot of the day and make sure I was signed up for tomorrow, and Patty (the secretary) was like You've been here all day? (Surprised because we're not allowed to hang out in hanger 6, we have to go over to hanger 5) (They're to go good for us over at 6) And I was like Yeah. And Brian (one of the head flight instructors) was like: "You're still trying to get done!?" (Shocked and amazed) And Patty was like: "Yeah, he's the one who broke his ankle, and he's been here all day." (Said with awe) And Brian was like: "Yeah, I know. That's incredible." At this point I should have said something about that's what it takes to be Mr. Incredible, but I just mumbled something about Purdue making you stay for a whole week after finals if you don't get done and walked out. So I really missed my opportunity for fame, but it was still cool that Brian was visibly moved by my ***Ahem*** HHMHMH* "True Dedication." (To making this my last week of this year in Lafayette.)
Tonight Andrew came over and we all looked at a house down the street to consider for rent. Nice house. EXPENSIVE but nice.



Praise the Lord! For I have passed my simulator phase check, which gives me three classes down and four to go. I also got to fly for almost two and a half hours. I was signed up for eight, but two and a half is really good considering the weather. Tomorrow is looking to be an especially blessed day of rest. Could you all pray that I get some good weather next week so I can fly? Thanks.


Sim Phase Check

I thought this week was supposed to be easy! It has a lot less homework load, but my class time has doubled. I flew flight sim for two hours today to get ready for my check ride (who knows why they call it a ride). I am supposed to fly an real airplane tomorrow! :) for four hours! got to sleep now. Goodnight.


I can fly on wings of eagles.

But Purdue will only let me do it in good weather, which this day was not. I was planning on knocking out a couple hours of sim instrument in the air and refreshing my maneuvers, but I ended up staying on the ground and then completing the second part of one of my group projects. Have any of you eaten oatmeal with a fork? I did because I was too lazy to wash a spoon. I figured out that I have enough food up here to last me one day past my last final. -If I buy butter. I used my last bit on Mac & Cheese this afternoon.


There and Back Again

So much has happened since I last updated. Let me tell you about it. No, let me sum up. Thanksgiving happy at Grandma's, Worked over 40 hours + study over break, Mom and Dad go on cruise for 25th wedding aneversiary, saw Shrek 2, saw Incredables!!!!, came back to school, crammed for exam, took exam, passed exam, took another exam, passed exam, meetings for group projects every afternoon and evening, showed Jon the bridge, sim, mit, go to doctor, get permission to fly, physics lab, finally get seven hours of sleep, study physics, group project 1, tell people at hanger 6 that I can fly and get put back on the list, study physics, physics, group project 2, physics quiz, sim, call home, sim x 2, update blog. And that's about it. Incredables lived up to its name, Shrek 2 should have been called The Donkey Strikes Back, and pretzles taste really good when they are dipped in leftover refried (reheated refried) beans and melted only slightly moldy cheese. (I think I got all the mold out before I stirred it up). Now that I have free time, and free time in abundance, I don't really know what to do with myself. Any suggestions?