The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


I finished a book the other day

Pretty amazing huh? Anyway it was called "Saints for all Seasons" It was composed by about twenty famous (I'd only heard of one of them) Catholic authors/writers who all did an essay on their favorite saint. I got the book mostly because I was interested in seeing how the Catholic Church chose and appointed their various saints. I didn't find out much about that, but I did learn about some people who really lived to fullest extent of their beliefs. I also got a lot of information about why Catholics believe it is ok to pray to the saints, and some actually good reasons to hold the saints as an example for us to follow. It was quite interesting to sort through all the doctrine in the book, especially when I got to the chapter by the fellow whose favorite saint was The Unknown Saint~ reminded me of a passage in Acts. That fellow made a valid point that all saints are relatively on the same level with each other, and a heretical statement that anyone who has made a significant contribution to the world, or has done great things because of their faith should be considered saints. Of course C.S. Lewis would debate me on this topic, but I still believe that only Christ can bring us to heaven.

So that is my book report for today. Now I'm reading about a M.K. in Peru.

P.S. did you know that Joan of Arc was not a canonized saint until about 1936? Kind of interesting that she would pop up about the time of the feminist movement.

P.P.S. also, apparently Mary was planning on being celibate until she found out that she was pregnant...AND she would say the rosary... "Hail me, mother of God...."


Here's to Chris and Kelly

They got married on Saturday! Which means that the Lafayette church gets another cool and fun couple to add to their roster.
Andrew gave me a great cold a couple days ago. I had been fighting it for a week but I lost the battle after I stayed up way too late three nights in a row. Yesterday was the worst cause I had a massive headache and felt like I was going to pass out all day long, but I think I'm on the upside now.
We as a class applauded a professor today... I think its one of the first times we've ever done that. Oo~ I had another first today~ I got to work the external power, activate the hydraulic B system and raise the cargo door on a real 727!!! Then I helped give about 30 middle schoolers a tour/learning experience at the airport.


New record!

Airport run in 9:52! And my hair has permanet little ridges in it where my helmet pads rest.


Arrr Avast!

Alright me hearties, prepare to be boarded, for tis talk like a pirate day today! I set a new record for the airport run this morning. Good ol Marlin & Dory hoisted the main sail and came avast the dock in 10:09, beating their previous record by 22 seconds and clinching their spot as the fastest schooner within 100 leagues. One of me classes was canceled because me Cap'in took sick and ported off to the infirmary. So now I has some time to work on fillin a treasure chest for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. If youse keen spare some dubblins, or pieces of eight, or any other form of monetary compensation, I'd be greatly obliged if ye headed to sea and pitched them in the pot.

>>>>>> Head to Sea Here <<<<<<


I signed up for classes for the last time

here at Purdue this morning. Even with my minor, I didn't have enough required classes to make me a full time student. So in order to keep my co-rec privileges I had to sign up for tennis. Although after I give it some thought, I might switch to ROTC conditioning, Spanish, Hebrew, or some programming class. Any suggestions?

I saw a pretty funny bumper sticker at Sam's on Saturday. It said "In case of rapture I get your stuff."

I rode my mountain bike to class this morning cause I don't like to take Marlin & Dory out in the rain. It was nearly impossible to imagine being as cold as I was, especially after the sweltering heat of yesterday... Anyway, I've been riding my bike so much, I've been thinking about shaving and learning Italian. But maybe I'm just going crazy.


I rode about 197 miles

in the past 13 days without a single flat tire! But my legs are shot and I am sooo ready for a day of rest tomorrow.


I just finished my tower controller simulation

I was running planes at 1 a minute coming into 4 of Washington National's 6 runways (really 3 runways with two possible directions to land). I did it for 45 minutes without a single separation error! It was really nerve wracking and fun, and when I was done it gave me some message about earning a bonus.
So now my test scores for that class are:
which gives me a cumulative 111% grade.
I should start concentrating on my English class more now.
Grace out.


Mr. 15k looked at 5 pages and didn't even tell me who he was.

But I know that he is from Oakland CA, uses Explorer 6.0 on his WindowsXP, and gets internet service from SBC. I could reveal more, but I won't. My sim got canceled today because the instructor was sick. :( :( :( I gave away a few resumes at the Industrial Roundtable, but most of the companies there were looking for engineers instead of grounded pilots. Saw Will Tolbert though. That was pretty cool. Also picked up about five or six more key chains. But now I must go eat dinner.
Joy out.


11 more people

to 15,000 visitors on my blog. scroll down to see if you are number 15,000 and leave me a note or something. you will find you are having a better day day than I.
hope out


We came, we saw, we conquered

A troop of us invaded enemy territory this week. We took a couple cars down to that engineer-forsaken land of Bloomington. Fortunately, we had an engineer with us to throw out an occasional infinite math equation or third derivative formula. We arrived late Friday night, after fortifying ourselves with some sweet pie and other great food in Indy. After taking my roommate's house by storm, we unpacked and went to bed.
Saturday morning we got up, ate some great pancakes and bacon, stretched out, and drove to Jackson Creek Middle School. There we unloaded our bikes and hit the road on a great 65 mile adventure. We were rode the Hoosier hills bike tour, and even Andrew's mom came along for the full 100+ kilometers! I was impressed. Anyway, we had some totally sweet hills to climb, and it was really mean but fun to take my Dad's old JC Penny 10 speed and rip past a bunch of guys with the high-tech half pound racing bikes. I was sure sore after the race though. It was rough just climbing stairs. lol I must be getting old.
Sunday, we went to the Church of the Good Shepherd in Bloomington, and after lunch and packing we all went to my house for some house gear and a quick running tour. Then we went back south and attended the evening service at Southside. I hadn't been to Southside in who-knows-how-many-years, so it was absolutely fabulous to get a chance to worship with them. After that service, we raced north again, and went to fireside chat in Lafayette, where we talked about the infiniteness of God~ pretty sweet end to a great weekend.



I took another exam this morning. I had to read a clearance delivery strip properly. Did you know that it is possible to be sick of Pringles? Unfortunately I am. And I'm sick of chips and pretzels in general. I'm glad our house gets a lot of random visits by various people who usually tend to raid our snack stash.