The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Happy New Year!!!

I was hoping to party it in with a bunch of new friends in Columbus, but crew scheduling had different plans for me and sent me to Dallas/Fort Worth TX instead. Fortunately I'm in the central time zone now though, so I can watch the ball drop and go to bed at 11.


The year is winding down.

It was quite a different year than I expected at the beginning. Both in good and bad ways. But the whole trend was somewhat positive so I'm happy about that. I think one of the best things that happened this year was my making some 50 or so new friends. It's been great knowing y'all.


Speed Record!

I had a super tailwind on the way to JFK so I decided to see how fast I could go. I got up to 585 knots ground speed! Do you know how many miles per hour that is???

Get ready for it....


Yee haw!

I was kind of bummed I couldn't get up to 600 knots, but my red line wouldn't let me get that fast. Maybe next time.



I did my first international trip for Chautauqua today. This time last year I was moping about the news of Big Sky going under, so I feel that this is a great improvement. There is a beautiful snow up here, probably about 3-4 inches and a light dust has been falling ever since we landed.


Laundry day

I'm cleaning my clothes today. It'll be nice to wear something fresh again. (After 4 weeks they get kind of old and nobody seems to want to be around you anymore.) Crew scheduling called me today and wants to send me on an overnight trip to Toronto tomorrow. But I'm not sure if they can legally do that or not, so well see.
Also, it looks like I'm getting caught up with my life enough to start posting regularly again!


Here you go

Here's another try at my Easter egg. It's harder to find now though. I can think of two ways to not spend forever finding it and one of them is in a two word palindrome. Random jibberish that is just here to through you off. Or is it?



A post! just for the five of you that are dedicated enough to come back every day I present: An Easter Egg! At least somewhere in this string of hidden words.