The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


I fixed both my flats yesterday

had a tack in one tire and a glass shard in the other. Unfortunately, the patch on my mountain bike didn't last the night. But my road bike held up fine, and I am once again zipping crazily across campus. If you see me don't stop and definitely don't start hopping back and forth because it's REALLY hard to miss you when you do that. I wanted to take my TRACON exam today, but the prof had to take his wife to the hospital, so it didn't happen. Maybe Thursday. Ok well class is about to start now, so I'm gone. Later y'all.


I got a new tube for my road bike last night

I've been putting it off for a while because I had my mountain bike to use and I didn't want to spend the money. But I finally went for it last night. Great right!? Now I can zip around at breakneck speeds once again. Well... maybe not. Maybe God has something against me biking. See I got up this morning and gathered my stuff and rushed off to class. I wasn't even out of my driveway before I realized that my mountain bike (which was perfectly fine last night) had gone south :( .
So, since I hadn't put the new tube on my road bike yet, I had to drive. (kinda nice cause it was all drizzly) But after dinner I put on the new tube (which holds air 50% better!) and started heading in to campus. It may hold air 50% better but it's like 200% shorter and I was walking my bike by within five minutes of leaving. I was already more than half way to campus so I just walked there and locked up my bike. After I was done though, I couldn't just leave my bike to be vandalized so I had to run it all the way back to green gables. Ended up missing the first half of prayer :( .
Agggghhhhh That's two paragraphs ending in frownies. I really did have a good day. (well aside from leaving my jacket on the bus) I got a huge homework assignment done, AND I got all practiced up for my approach control simulator exam, and I got attendance points for a totally pointless English conference, and now I get to hang out and study for my ATP test. :)


I put my map of Winter Park on my wall.

BAD IDEA. Now I'm dying to go skiing again. Oh man that was so much fun! But for now I'll just enjoy making sloppy landings in a 727. I think I'm loosing my touch. We were doing crosswind landings and windshear escape manuevers. I handled the windshear alright, but I just couldn't get a single good landing. I need to practice in a real plane or something.


I cheated today

and did a bunch of back posting on here since I got out of my ATC exam pretty fast and didn't have anything due in English class. So now I get to listen to a couple presentations and go study for my airline indoctrination class.


I passed 176767.6

on the odometer in the car today. And the Hedgehogs won our soccer game 8-2 against some undefeated team. So we get to go to the playoffs pretty soon. Big things are happening all around.


The Allens have a sweet house

We (some CORPS folks) went to their house for lunch today. They have this great Sears&Roebuck mail order house from the 1930's way out in the country. On the way back to church Andrew started teaching me how to drive a stick. I only stalled twice in about four starts before we switched so we could get to church on time.


Talked to my boss this morning

He said I have a great brother. I agreed.


Fall Break!!!

Yay I'm home on fall break! It's all fun and games. Or work and dentist visits. I have to write a 6-7 hundred word paper and study for my airline transport pilot exam. It is nice though to not have a hundred other classes getting in my way. I do have to fight off the temptation to sit and play computer games however. I could also be bummed because I have to have another million and a half tests on my cardiovascular system before we can make any progress in determining if I can fly again or not. And I can't get those tests scheduled until Thanksgiving break at the earliest. Oh well.... It's all good. I'm thinking about doing a major upgrade to my links~ weeding out the dead one and adding some good ones. If you want a blog posted just tell me about it in a comment.
Grace out.


Got my first flat of the semester today

I'm pretty surprised that it came so late. I also took another ATC exam. One more and we will have been quizzed on our entire book. I am also figureing out how to run the Shelbyville tracon simulator. We truned in our professional editing projects in english class today, so we only have our final project left to do. Well, that and whatever random assignments our prof decides to give us. All my classes for Thursday and Friday got cancled so I could go home Wednesday night for break, but then work reared its ugly head. It's not really that ugly or I would have slain it long ago, but financial woes do seem to throw themselves in the way of fun and relaxation sometimes.

Oh that reminds me. So far people have given over $200 to CPC on my website. That is really great and I'm excited, but I'm still below half way to my goal. Sooo If you all can get together and get at least another $100 in there, I will give the last $200 to meet my goal myself. Sound good? Of course this means that YOU need to go give 5-20 dollars right now so we can get that last 100. And don't complain that you don't have enough money. I'm in college and I'm doing this, so you can too.


I finished a book the other day

It was Jungle Calls by Ron Snell. It was book three in a humorous auto-biographical series of his life as a MK (missionary kid) in Peru. He had the pleasure of being part of the first contact with the Mastes tribe (formerly known for never letting any male survive their presence)! It was nice for a quick leisurely read. Now I'm reading the autobiography of a great church father.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER!!!! she turned 14!!! on the 29th and it has taken me this long to post about it. Don't tell her, but I'm thinking about bringing her a present when I go back to Indy.

Work is making me go insane. I started talking to myself on Saturday and didn't even care that people were staring. It's still fun though. I get to review my scripture memory when I'm not very busy.

I got to see Nickel Creek live on Thursday!!!!!!!!!
I didn't think I was going to be able to go because I had called to get tickets for me and Stacey and they were all sold out. But I wandered over to the auditorium before the concert with some vague hope of scalping a ticket, and the box office gave me a free one that someone had given back to them!!!!! I thought I missed a couple songs because I heard music going on, but it just turned out to be Tift Merrit who was tagging along for the publicity, and who was way more country than I took I liking for. I did sit through the rest of her show, praying fervently that she wouldn't have to sing with Nickel Creek, AND I even clapped politely at the end of all her songs. But she left after about half an hour and we got an almost awesome show afterwards.

Sunday we did the Life Chain and we had a pretty good group come out to protest abortion. We got to stand right in front of the courthouse! Afterwards though we found that Blue's car had been burgled :( He lost the faceplate to his $250 radio and Eleni lost a bunch of cash. The burglars didn't take our Bibles (though they need to read one).

The Lafayette church ordained two new deacons last night.