The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Sucks like a 50 gallon shop-vac

I got a call from crew scheduling at 10:30 last night. They wanted me to have a 5:30 show for some sweet flying today. But since they decided to call me when I was off duty instead calling in the twelve hours they had yesterday or the hour this morning, they ended up breaking my rest period into two less than eight hour chunks. :( :( :( I wanted to fly, but I needed to be legal and they killed me on that by half an hour. ugg. So now I get to sit around on my bum for another day with nothing really exciting to do.

Yesterday was fun though. Got to go to church and worship God with a bunch of great people. I do hope I get to see them again sometime.

I think the only downside of going to dozens of churches across America is that you start to love people in all of them, and even with the internet and cell phones, it's really hard to keep up with all those people. On my next set of days off I want to go all over Indiana, visit Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois. Then I want to go to like three places in Australia, Ireland, and Scotland. DARN! I only have two days off! Oh well... I can't wait till we all die and get to be together forever, with One we love even more.

(note to any CIA or FAA spies- I'm not about to try to take that dying thing into my own hands and timing~ so no worries there OK?)


Good Grief!

A ton of stuff has happened since my last post. Every day something happens and I'm like "I should blog about this" but then I get so busy I forget to do anything but check my email and my schedule. Here's a quick glimpse at all my fun happenings:

A family at the church I went to in Columbus somehow got my phone number (nice spy skills) and invited me out to their farm for dinner! Very fun and cool family- ask me about them sometime.

I've flown to a couple more new states and airports. Got to land on the 007 runway in Washington DC (pointed at the White House!) And smelled the sweet air of Oklahoma. The weather was so perfect there, that I almost thought I died for a second. mmmm

Got to have dinner at my Columbus pastor's house last night and took a trip to Toledo today, which by the way, is CALEB'S BIRTHDAY!!!! After my trip I went to get measured for a tux for a wedding that I don't have off yet, and getting rid of a reserve day is proving to be quite a challenge. The stress of trying not to get in the bad with my amazing new company, and to assure two days off is enough to make me sick, but I'll survive.

Haven't got anything on my schedule for tomorrow yet, so I'm hoping I get to go to church without any interruptions.

5 days till Cincinnati!


Flew a round trip to Boston yesterday

It was my first trip in eight days and I flew a really mediocre approach into Columbus. I saved the landing (my second night landing), but I was really bummed that I didn't do a great approach into it. Today and tomorrow are my days off, but I'm just sitting them out here in Columbus, because it would be really pointless to try to fly home for just half a day. I hope it gets warm out here so I can go running instead of sitting around inside all the time.


I did my patriotic duty today

and paid my taxes. I took them to a little hole in the wall post office so there wasn't any line at all! And then I went out to lunch with a bunch of folks from the crashpad and got a call from crew scheduling right after I ordered my food. I was afraid I was going to have to run out to the airport, but they were just notifying me of a round trip to Boston tomorrow.



Went around a nice line of t-storms all the way from Columbus to Orlando and back yesterday. We had a pretty nice light show, especially after it got dark. I made my sweetest approach yet, but I ended it with a really lame hard landing >P On the way back to CMH, I got to see St. Elmo's fire for the first time! Also got this really weird scent of ozone?? that, I was told, comes from being really close to lightning. We had a Skybus pilot ask to jump on our flight, but we were weight limited so we couldn't let him on... Would of been his last ride.

In other news, I got a call last night that said I could have Cincinnati as a base in May! Yay! Yay! Yay!


Grandma took us to O'Charlie's last night

and I got a meal with asparagus in it. It was pretty good.


Drivin' Home

I was driving back from Columbus this evening and I was going through a stretch of road where I couldn't pick up any radio stations (my reception is really horrid) so I had my tuner going in circles across the bandwidth. It finally landed on what I thought at first was the scam station- Played a commercial to "get the secret that credit companies don't want you to know" that included repeating their phone number about ten times (apparently people who aren't smart enough to make good financial decisions can't remember a phone number either)- This commercial was followed by an ad to get somebody's "ten secrets to improving your kids grades" and yet another "beat the credit companIES." Then it was announced that I was listening to the top hits country station... I'm not going to make any insinuations about the quality of adds being targeted at the audience, but I will say that I was glad to discover that I could pick up another set of commercials connected to a non-country station.