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travelling about

So, to where have I gone this fortnight past? Many lands indeed. St. Louis (which was very much nicer than usual), Cleveland, JFK, LaGuardia, Houston (a lot) (fabulously), Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Kokomo :), Walton, Binghamton, and probably some other place too.
I was much to busy waddling about, putting people in awkward straights to take a lot of pictures, so here's some real (inawkward) turtles in St.Louis!:

It was great fun watching them paddle about, and I so enjoyed watching them slide off of their logs and rocks into the water, that I decided I should practice too!

It did turn out rather worse than I expected though, cause I knocked some of Josh's freshly washed dishes onto his floor. ooops. AwKwarD


Happy Independence Day!

Independence is a big deal. Especially for awkward turtles. Have you ever been stuck on your back depending on some kind soul to come along and flip you over? Not a lot of fun. Today however, was a lot of fun! I got to go to JFK again and to Portland Maine for the first time! Right now I'm spending the night in Raleigh NC. Here I am waiting for the fireworks to start:

It was kind of awkward standing on leg like that but it was a good view.


Hello East Coast!

I got to see the entire state of New York yesterday! Flew (see told ya I can fly) to JFK and then went out to Buffalo. I need to learn some geography though. Or maybe just travel more... As we were getting close to Buffalo I saw a bunch of water running off a cliff on the horizon. I was like "O O let me guess, is that the edge of the world?" and somebody else was all "No stupid those are the Niagara Falls." Awkward. Went back to JFK and had to stay there due to some 16 hour duty day limit of my pilot. The flight today was mostly not awkward because I was hiding in my shell the whole time. (Well aside from the part where the flight attendant tripped on my shell and spilled a whole tray of drinks on somebody.) oops


Who says turtles can't fly?

I can. and I do. A whole lot (when I'm not out surfin' with the dudes anyway). Oops, that was awkward, allow me to introduce myself real quick here. My name's Awkward, and I'm a turtle. A lot of people make fun of my name until I cry, then they get all like awkward turtle, and that only makes it worse. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I can fly, and this is a blog about my adventures traveling around the country.
Here's a picture of me in Houston:

I'm in the Holiday Inn as you can see. It's a great life for turtles in Houston. Lots of open space to wander around in. And the bed in the Inn has long enough sheets that I can slide right to the floor without worrying about falling on my back and getting stuck until the room service lady comes in to rescue me. Talk about AwKwarD.

This is just an introductory post, (did I forget to mention that I'm taking over Josh's blog-changed the settings and everything) but you'll hear more from me later. Bye now.