The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


It's funny how many ideas I have

That I think I ought to post on here which seem to get checked at the door to the library. I've started driving my car in semi-manual mode. I can run the shifter through 1st-3rd gears and then click the o/d on when I hit the top of 3. It seems to be a lot more smooth than letting my car figure out what gear she should be in on her own.

I think I ought to post some pictures and have a naming contest soon.

I need to put some ultra-dense material around my apartment so that it will be zero-g inside. It's just the right size for that, because you'll always be near enough to a wall to push yourself off toward where you want to go.


Was it a dream?

Back in Columbus after a week and a half break from reality. Going home is so nice, but it goes by entirely too fast. I suppose working is a good thing though, so I ought to be happy about being here. I just wish they would let me work during the week and rest on Sundays ya know? Anyway, got to be around some big goings-on in Indy while I was there, so that was fun. I only have one slim chance of making it back during all of March so I guess everyone out here is stuck with me for a while. If you hear about any crazies running around Columbus don't believe a word of it. I'm perfectly fine thank you very much. (the aliens are much worse than the crazies anyway)


The night is far spent

The day at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.


All Hail To Our Old Gold And Black!

Heading up to my beloved Alma Mater this afternoon. It'll be fun to stomp around my stomping grounds and remember all the goings on that went on back in my younger days.
...except for the goings on that involved the police and food poisoning :P


Have you ever

eaten chips and salsa in an elevator? I have. Just this evening in fact.

I also got to see the tower again, so that was a lot more cool than eating chips and salsa in an elevator.

My final test is tomorrow and then it's back home for a couple days and off to Columbus.


I had the most fun

I've ever had on facebook a couple nights ago. :-)

I've also been debating about the definitions of pirated music. I got some CDs from the library, and when I played them they automatically copied into my music library. So I'm wondering whether or not to delete them. I'm not stealing from the artist or the production company, since they don't get paid for library music, and by keeping it on my computer, I'm making the library's resources more available to the public (since I don't have to check out the actual disc every time I want to hear it).
I don't know, what do y'all think?


Had a weird dream last night

The odd thing is that I still remember it. I don't usually remember dreams. My lovely neighbors decided run run back and forth in front of my apartment yelling obscenities at each other at 3 this morning. I don't know if it was an outlet for their anger with each other, or if someone noticed my Choose Life plate cover, or what, but I found the words that whomever was trying to teach to all the kids in my complex carved into the frost on my trunk. Maybe they thought all the kids should know how to spell them too.

On a lighter note, my electric bill is down 30% this month. I don't know how I accomplished that. Also, my toilet is sweating. I don't know why, nothing in my apartment should be sweating at the current temperature. Maybe it has a fever or something. I'll have to dump some Tylenol down it's throat.

Drivin' to Indy tonight!


Had a cool storm last night

Rain so thick I could barely see the building fifteen feet away from my window.


I was thinking of someting clever

as I walked into the library, but someone else had it on hold and I had to return it before I could write it on here. Give me a few weeks to find it again. (I don't even remember the title so it might be hard)

My check engine light is out. However, since it has been on since I bought the car and I haven't done anything differently, I think there was a change in the status of my light bulb and not my engine. Just a hunch. It'll be nice not having that thing shine in my eyes when I drive at night.

I start my recurrent ground training on Monday, and could potentially be learning a new airplane on the 2nd of March. It would be kind of cool to get three type ratings in three years, but I'm sure I won't be saying that two months into the training if I do have to go.

That's all for now.


Still Fighting

I think part of my problem is due to breathing stale air. Every time I go outside and run around a little (what's this thing I keep hearing about? walking?) I start to feel better, but when I go back in I get worse. Since it's a balmy 40 outside, I'm thinking about opening my windows and cycling all the air in my house. Speaking of the warmth, I'm so happy to have a car with a sun roof! It's a lot of fun to tilt it open, turn up the radio and cruise the curves of 315 around all the drivers who insist on going 5 under in the middle lane. I finish my laundry in the next five-ten minutes and then it's off to Bible study!


Sitting in Cleveland

With a cold. Crew scheduling decided not to let me go to church yesterday, and sent me to Cleveland instead. It probably ended up better that way, because I would have given whatever bug I've got to everyone there. Could it be salmonella from my peanut butter crackers? Possibly, but I doubt it. It feels more like a cold+chills on steroids. Somebody ought to ban diseases from being on steroids. I drank thirty+ oz of OJ and ate an orange in the past 24 hours, but it didn't seem to help much. (Maybe OJ is what's killing me)

I'm going to stop here and make a plea that you freshen up before you get on an airplane. Please, for the sake of all that is good and right in the world. I was riding up here and a fellow sat behind me on a nearly empty plane. Normally that would not be a problem, but this fellow was exceptional. I don't know if it was his breath, or just some odor surrounding him, but I had to breathe through a napkin for the whole flight to avoid adding my own unpleasant odor to the mix. I almost asked the people in front of me if they had some gum that I could offer to the guy. I think the last time I've gotten a whiff of something that bad was when Stacey found some green meat in the fridge at church. So, even if you are certain that you aren't that bad, please have a breath freshener anyway and help save the world.

I've got a new pet now. His name is Dracula. I found him in my bed and tied him up in a plastic bag. Then I put all of my stuff on a table and went through all my bags and turned my clothes inside out to make sure none of his friends would be coming home with me. The third-to-last thing I need is to have a colony of those little suckers starting up in my apartment.

In case you were wondering, the second-to-last thing I need is to be tied up and stretched out by my digits, while having my skin removed by a vegetable peeler, alternating with Chinese water torture, solitary confinement, and being beaten raw with spiked bamboo poles. I'm not telling the last thing I need.



I got called at 3am, arrived at the airport at 6:30 for a flight and five schedule changes later, I'm still here. My latest flight is supposed to leave in an hour, so we'll see if that one sticks. I was going to get to go to Houston (woo hoo!), but now I'm going to Cincinnati, with a possible overnight in St. Louis (boo) (the places we stay there have a way of putting the misery in Missouri) But maybe this time will be better.

Edit. Haha, did I say St. Louis? Now I'm staying in Buffalo NY. I really think I'm staying here, because I'm at the hotel. It's a far cry from sunny and warm Texas, but seeing the mist of the Niagara Falls and an entire great lake frozen over on the way in helped to compensate for the high of 3 degrees. And the hotel is way better than St. Louis' so hooray for that!


Took a break from blogging

For more important things. One of them being work. I've been thinking that this economy, while bad for a lot of people, has actually helped me out a little. It's bringing all the rich people down to my level of uber-broke, so now I get to start my life on a level plane instead of way behind everybody. I sure hope we don't stay this way though. It would really stink to go back to being a second or third-world nation.