The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


I found the key!

The key to great flying is love! If you take a plane in the sky and you don't love her, it will be all bumpy and things will just go to pieces. But, if you have real love, she will stay in the sky for you, even when science tells you it won't happen.

Love hope and joy out ~josh


Happy Birthday Nicole!!!!

My little sister is a teenager! Oh my goodness, I can't believe it. I must have a lot of studying to do or something, cause I'm eating like crazy again.



I did pretty bad on my management exam. But apparently the rest of the class did too so our professor is going to count it a little less in our final grade. I'm going to contest some of his grading too, so that might help me if he accepst my plea.

In other news, I got to do a real instrument approach in a Seminole yesterday! I didn't kill us either.


Just finished another round of quizzes

I found out that if I can keep my standing in my systems class that I get to taxi the 727 or 737 around the airport! so cool! I think I will call this year "the year of the exams" because I have an average of three per week. CrAzY. If the weather gets better in two hours then I get to fly and if not then I get to do some simulator.

I found out during the football game on Saturday that I was a few Chex shy of a party mix.


How high is down?

Name's Roast. Chuck Roast. I'm a real hunk. So this dame walks into Kroger where I was chillin with the meat and says "I got a problem." I sees that she got a ton of bread so I'm like "I might help you out if we can make a good trade." "What kind of trade?" she asks. "A trade involving pictures of dead presidents for my collection" I reply. She must have been partial to my beefy looks cause she agrees and gives me ride home in her luxury sedan. Seems that this lady has an odd son (hasn't quite got all his marbles back in the same bottle) who's gone vegan on her and she wants me to fix him up good. Sose I gets all disguised up like Steak~ a fellow from the old days, heard he got sliced up over in a tussle at the Texas Roadhouse. Anyways I gets disguised up a goes and hides out in his freezer for a while. All this time I'm playin this mental game with him you know like whisperin "Pepper Steak" in a really low a creepy voice every time he walks by. Try it sometime. Go ahead and whisper pepper steak right now. So finally I thinks he's ready and I pulls my iron. I practically drop all my 1.88 pounds of pure muscle on his head and he's like "ouch." So I looks coolly up at him and reply "Eat me!" Well, he does, he dresses me up and runs me through the grillers, and let m tell you what, 325 degrees is way hotter than any heat I've ever packed. Oh, and somewhere between the eat me part and the grillers he calls his mom and finds out that I'm not really Steak (may he rest in pieces) and he hooks me up with a couple carrot babes and potatoes. I didn't turn out to bad if I do say so myself.

Yeah I cooked chuck roast pretty good and I'll always remember the time I went into McDonalds and someone said "Now there's a fellow who is a couple fries short of a happy meal."


I found a sweet bike trail up here!

It dosen't have any hills, but it goes pretty fast through some great woods with a couple decent gullies. So my classes are done and it's time for me to clean up the house! CORPS rally is tonight 7:30 in stewart 311. be there!

Other people just comment "he's a few quarters short of a full roll," whenever I am near.


I had a management exam today

Every time I looked up from my test sheet I saw my prof (the one that's paranoid about cheating) bending over the seating chart and his eyes were going over every student and he'd occasionally make little notes. Apparently I didn't do anything suspicious though, cause he let me turn in my exam. I'm sure I got at least 6 points on it too.

Just recently I've been thinking that I can think best at night. I just don't know if it is cause my brain is working better or if it just because I'm so tired that I don't know how bad I really am thinking.

Anyway, some people look at me and say "It looks like some of the salt missed the pretzel."


I really don't like crazy trendy blog fads

but I got directly tagged, so I must maintain good faith with all my fellow bloggers who go for that stuff. Here goes:

10 years ago I was:
-half my current age
-playing with legos, playing soccer, or hitting tons of balls across my neighbor's fence
avoiding school as much as possible

5 years ago I was:
-in high school
-playing JV basketball
-getting excited about learning to drive

1 year ago I was:
-starting my sophomore year at Purdue
-careless on my bike
-enjoying the best professors ever

yesterday I:
-got up early
-tried to fix my bike
-gave up and walked
-got frustrated
-gave blood
-was late for class
-missed the bus
-walked more
-missed two people by two minutes
-forgot or dropped half my stuff for MIT
-was really glad that I didn't have a headache

5 snacks I enjoy
-Apple Pie
-trail bars
-animal crackers
-ice cream
-sugar cereal

5 songs I know all the words to:
-Happy Birthday
-Trip to Tomorrow
-RowRowRow your Boat?

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
-give at least 10 million to my church
-invest in charities, missions, and shelters
-pay for college for me and my sibs
-buy a nice jet and hundreds of Bibles
-get enough avgas to take me to where people want Bibles

5 places I would run away to:
-Happy Hollow Park
-My headphones
-the West (all of it) (except California)
-the Amazon
-the sky

5 things I would never wear:
-plaid and stripes
-anything with stupid words or pictures
-well maybe.......

5 favorite TV shows
-What's TV precious?

5 bad habits
-wasting time
-eating too much
-complaing about my great life
-opening my mouth
-not looking out for other folks

5 biggest joys:
-Talking with or about God
-helping people
-biking with a ton of friends
-a really good meal
-huge thunderstorms (tornado preferred)

5 people I tag to do this:
-the buck stops here



I got up early this morning so I could go to a blood drive on campus. After a nice breakfast I went out and found that my bike tire was all flat since I hadn't pumped it all weekend. Then my pump quit out on me so after a good 20 minutes wasted I decided to take the bus to campus. Halfway to the bus stop I realized that I had forgotten my Student ID card so I just decided to walk to campus. I don't like walking that far in my sandals (those poor guys get walked all over enough already) so I took them off and let them ride in my bag after I made sure they could see out well. Anyway, after I finally got to Elliot I found out that I needed a photo ID in order to donate. Of course that was back home in my wallet, so I spent my hour of extra time wandering about the engineering buildings and finding a newspaper.


5 guesses

as to what I do when I am stressed about school:
1 homework
2 update blog
3 eat
4 study
5 exercise

See if you can get the right answer! Unless you are Ross. Then you should not even guess until Wednesday.

Last night as I was leaving church

I thought that weather was just perfect for an evening stroll through the park. So I started out when I got home, but I bored with myself really fast and came on back. Then Ross, Andrew and I sat around for a while and told of our respective weekends.



I going to do a post about heroes when I get time. Right now I'm happily at home.



I have about 24 hours to determine what kind of weekend I'm going to have. I can either stay up here and have a ton of fun and do a bunch of stuff with CORPS: movies, workshops, lunches, parties.... or I can go down to Indy and have a ton of fun and work and get paid and do a bunch of stuff with CYA: biking, airsoft battles, cookouts.... So I really don't have any idea about what I want to do and I am opening it up to a vote by all of you. Leave your vote and valued opinion~ I highly value unbiased opinions (i.e. I won't plague you with my presence in either city).


It rained this morning

It was so nice to feel the cool rain on my face as I rode to class at 7:30. The only downside is that I had to wear jeans. They are mostly dry by now. Except for my seat. It is mostly wet.

If someone ignores you, could you say that they are practicing ignorance?



Where do sandals go when they are hungry?



Well I just finished another exam and found out that I didn't do too badly on the last two. In fact I got a 40/40 and 8/10 respectively. Church last night was AWESOME! The fireside chat was good too. Got to go. TON of stuff to do.


Got puke?

I had a long day. Got up and studied for my 355 exam, then I went to 300. It was ok except for being reminded that I have a hw and an exam on Monday. Then I had my 355 exam. It was pretty good. We (Shawn, Jon and I) went out to the 727 to check some of our answers after it was over.When we got back inside we all started cramming for our 321 quiz. I really hope professor Fanjoy gives partial credit for his quizzes because this one was insane. I know I got at least 5 of 10, but the rest was above my knowledge level. Well, I survived and chilled for an hour before I went out into the 32*C to go fly. I had the unfortunate oppurtunity to fly first so after a good hour I was hot, tired, and worn out. I switched to the back and my first thought was "I don't feel so great" so I tried to keep my head in the vent airstream and relax. I made one fatal error however. I decided to do the cryptoquip in my newspaper. Which effected the production of my second thought "I better get out my air sack." And my third thought "I'm glad I got that bag out." It was rough, but my intructor ~ Hi! :) ~made it better by giving a dissertation on which foods taste better the second time. So after a long 48 minutes (a measured distance on the Norvikclas infinant-X continum distortion table) We landed and I had a nice quiet ride back to the house. I then decided to head over to Navs and proceeded to get a baeutiful headache from their praise music. They had a good speaker and I saw Chris G for the first time in forever, so it was all cool. I came home and ate too much spaghetti, so now I'm just sitting here typing til it all settles. But it seems that my typing has finally caught up with me, so I'll sign out now.



Exam yesterday, exam tomorrow, crazy bit of life today. I went down to the physics building for class and when I got out I found that I had locked my keys at the house. So I walked to the bus stop and rode down to the airport for my next class. I was in a bit of a bind since my class ended at 12:30 and Jared was meeting me at my house at one. Fortunately my class let out early so I got back to my house by 12:52 and broke inside by 12:54 and the rest of my day was great! I just got home and found Ross playing his guitar for Ronny. Twas very touching. Got to get to MIT now. CYA



I finally have a big list of blogs I read at least once a year. If you are not on there it is probably because I haven't found your blog yet or you are on xanga. If you want me to find and include your blog please tell me so.

It is not fun to carry a backpack with sunburnt back. It is fun to burn old dressers. You can look at pictures of Ronnie's final moments if you all go to Ross's blog and beg him to put some on there. I don't think I've ever made an eight foot wall of flame before.



had a nice day of rest and peace yesterday. Twas nice because it meant I was all charged up for today. I went with CORPS down to raccoon lake and had a ton of fun swimming and stuff there. I only regretted that I didn't have my beach towel because I thought I wouldn't need it during my first weeks of school.


life and fun

Steep Turns in a 727 are CRAZY! I got to do one on Wednesday. Then yesterday I found that my management prof is truly paranoid about cheating. We had to write a 1-2 page paper on the subject, look up purdue's cheating policy, print it out, vow to abide by it, sign it and turn it in to him, AND THEN he spent 45 minutes talking about it in class! We had time to look at about three slides of actual class material. It's insane. I've got about fifteen hundred numbers to memorize for a 727 quiz next week and an engine out checklist I need to know in two hours, so I'm gone. Have a great weekend!

Oh, did someone IM me yesterday? I accidentally closed it before I could read it. I blame the pop-ups.