The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Corro con Hermana!

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

It's #16 for her. Quite amazing really. I can't believe she's growing up so fast. crazy crazy crazy!!! We went running this morning. Twas a lot of fun. I always have more fun when I'm running with someone. This was one of Nicole's major level up birthdays. She advanced in Technology, Beauty, and Intelligence. What a lot of experience points to spend!

My life has been going on quite well also. Been really busy with random things like interviewing for Chautauqua. Still haven't heard back from them. Still haven't decided if I'll go even if they do ask me too. Ugg~ my mind is in such a fuddle right now. I know what I want to do, I know what the world says would be smart to do, and I'm not really sure which one God is pushing me towards. Maybe this is one of those choices where He take me somewhere awesome no matter which way I go and He's just going to leave it up to me. Ahh well, I'll keep muddling it out and make the choice when I have to. I'm heading back to Cincinnati tomorrow to get ready for Bible study. Maybe I'll get to see Shawn while I'm there!



So my power went out before I went to church on Sunday. I expected it to be on when I got back. It wasn't. And now, four days later, it still isn't. I threw away a ton of food yesterday, and drove to Indy today. I was planning on coming up here for a while, so I'm not just running home to avoid my problems. I've got weddings to go to. And scavenger hunts. And Irish festivities. I would tell you about my exciting and crazy week, but I'm going to enjoy my family now.


Running into day two

I didn't run yesterday, because I figured a slower phase in would be better for me in the long run, so I did strength exercises instead and went running again this morning.

Already my legs are beginning to return to their old stride and my lungs are remembering what it is to process oxygen at a super high rate. There was one point where I was in the middle of an uphill and it really felt great to be out running. That just gave me an even bigger surge because I knew, with practice, I could gain that feeling for just about my entire run. Every time I go I plan on increasing my distance and pace by a little bit until I'm back in shape.

In my non-athletic world, I just finished reading Satan Cast Out by Frederick Leahy. It's a really interesting, Biblically based study in demonology and the activity of Satan and his minions from the beginning until now. It also gives practical applications on how we should respond to spiritual activity today. Highly Recommended.


I just might have an idea

For what to do with the rest of my life.

It might not make some people very happy.
It might make others really happy.
And it might bring joy to those who have yet to experience it.

And it doesn't include Sam's Club.
(Cause they still haven't called me)

We'll see.


Still no word

Had the best turnout at my Bible study on Judges last night. Three new guys came so that was pretty cool. Shawn came home and we had a great discussion about time and God. He had to turn around and leave before I even got up this morning, so I'm back to sitting around. I think I've even run out of things to blog about, so now I'm going to open it up to you.

Ask me a question. About me, you, life, death, whatever. I'll try to answer it and promise not to delete your comments when you disagree with me! It will be quite fun cause you all can gather round your computers and laugh and say things like "Ha, Josh thinks the government uses the internet to spy on everybody! What a crazy idea!"

P.S. Dear Mr. CIA person, I do not actually think that you are using the internet to spy on me. Please do not send your hit team to take me out because I really haven't caught on to your strategy.

I did end up doing something fun today. I decided that I could go running since I didn't have to stay out of shape to fly anymore. So I did a little trial jog down the lane and back. There is a difference between running in Indianapolis and running in Cincinnati. A BIG difference. Cincinnati has hills.

I found out that my legs are still in great shape~ they could do anything I asked them to. My respiratory/cardiovascular systems however, are totally shot. I was going up this really long hill (steady steep rise for about 3/4 of a mile) right at the end of my trip and I was already running on negative oxygen capacity so it was getting really hard. I was like "Don't stop (wheeze) gotta reach the top (wheeze wheeze) you can't stop on me!" and I was using everything in the book to crest the hill. But my body was like "Not gonna stop eh? Here's some lunch for you!" Since I didn't want to see cheesy beef shells again I slowed to a walk :(

I don't know of anything that will condition my respiratory system like running, so I'm going to make it to the top tomorrow. (And I'm bringing toothpaste)


I'm officially a bum

Went down to Sam's this morning and begged for a job. Still wondering if that was the right thing to do. Trying to decide how long I'm going to wait for them to respond before I need to head somewhere else. I did talk to a manager and he said that they were hiring and that he would keep an eye out for my name, but who knows what will come of it.


Comin' back from Milwaukee

(the city of cows cheese and beer) We were sent down to our approach altitude pretty early and I got to talk to dad!!! My Captain thought it was really funny that I said "Hi Dad" on the radio. He was laughing the rest of the way back to Cincinnati. Hmm... good thing I didn't say something that was actually funny. He might have hurt himself... Tomorrow I get to fly to Indy and Buffalo NY. Could be my last trip ever with Chautauqua. But I'm guessing they'll need me during my reserve on Thursday and Friday.