The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Go Purdue!

We finally started winning again! I guess losing all the time just got old or something, but we've finally won back-to-back games for the first time since the first game of the 2008 season, and back-to-back games in one season since almost exactly 2 years ago! Way to go guys! Keep it up and maybe we can go to a bowl game next year, yes?



When I said pictures were coming soon, by soon I meant before the end of the month. ;P
But here they are:

Moose in a lake

Clouds over Kings~ we were glad we didn't retry it after we saw these.

Squirty cheese on a cracker!

Squirty cheese on a beef nugget!!

Stacey! Guess what kind of bushes grow naturally out there.
No wonder we didn't run into any bad guys!

Moose (s?) in the woods

Breathing mountain air sure does amazing things to one's height.
Or maybe it's the lack of gravity.




Hiking out

Leaving the basin

Crossing streams



Do they dare cross the rickety old bridge?

Stream down in the valley

Great stream!

Big clouds again

Back at the trailhead

Driving out, we saw a picture of the ultimate lifestyle

Squirty cheese explosion

Before shaving

After shaving

Mountains we passed on the way from Wyoming to Salt Lake City.

That's all folks!


Day 5

We decided not to re-attempt King's peak today cause we were both pretty bushed, so we went fishing instead.

(And that is all my writing)

On our fishing day we got to see a bunch of moose. It was pretty sweet. That night a group of fellows moved in like right next to our camp. >:(
We almost moved to a different site even though it was 7pm and getting dark already.
But we decided to stay put and head out the next morning.

Day 6
We got up early, packed up, and took a different route out of the basin, stopping to get lots of pics along the way. Made it all the way back to the car by mid-afternoon and drove to a Hotel in WY for the night. Stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner. We soaked in the hot tub after taking the first shower in 7 days. Was really nice. Rest of the pics to come soon.