The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Blessed is the man who's sins have all been forgiven!

We had a great Psalm explanation on Psalm 32 by Pastor Johnston this morning. We stayed around church for a real long time talking to all the people we hadn't seen for two weeks. And I get to start work tomorrow! I am so looking forward to throwing a hammer around this summer. voteing will go at least till Wednesday (when I get my pictures back) and the tally now is one for the long and short of my trip and none for anything else. but you can still vote! hurry before it's too late.


Hey I'm back!

Great fun! I'm taking a vote on whether I should put the long boring details of my trip, a quick summary, or nothing at all. (possible made up version as a write in)



We thought we were going to drive all day and get home last night, but Dad got "lost" and we ended up in an amusement park!! I was totally surprised. Caleb and I went on the double loop coaster three times! So now we are in Iowa and will probably get back tonight. (barring further unforseen detours)



I'm still getting a lot of visitors. I'm in Cheyenne Wyoming and having a blast!!! We've stopped all over from Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Yellowstone (whitewater rafting baby!), a couple Air Force Bases (finally saw how Dad's missile operations worked), and Independence Rock, to Registry Cliff, etc, etc, etc. See Y'all later.


off gone goodbye hit the road get out....

Well we leave tomorrow afternoon sometime. For the great state of Montana! It will be my first time to see big sky and it's going to be great if the large sky I saw in Wyoming was any indication. I haven't even started packing yet. Maybe I better go do that now. After I leave you with an inspirational quote:
What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with your God. - Micah 6:8




I just got back from paintballing with Dad, Caleb, Nicole and a bunch of folks from church. It was a lot of fun. And I have a lot of cool welts. Especially on my knee where Dad hit me up pretty good. I am going on a road trip to Montana in two days! it will be so much fun, but I won't be around an internet connection for a while I think, so I probably won't be posting for two weeks after Saturday.


tonight was fun. lots of pancakes, great fellowship and sardines in the whole church. missed all you who weren't there.


back home eating food and getting fat Posted by Hello

Jehovah is God

Sunday night I went to bed and played my Songs of Deliverance CD by Jason Coghill and the last thing I heard before my radio turned off was "the sons of Judah are glad because you are God" and as I went to sleep I was comforted by the fact that no matter how my checkride went everything would always be great because God is and always will be God. It's a good thing too because I failed my checkride the next morning. I did accuracy landings first ~ the one manuver that I have been having trouble with all semester~ and after one try and a go-around it was like God took my plane and put it down within like five inches of the point I was trying to hit and it was so great! So I went out and did the rest of my stuff and came back for a few more landings. I did a short field landing just fine, but my soft field landing lost a gust right at stall speed so I touched down way to soon and my examiner had to fail me. But my instructor came over right away and we went right up and practiced for a quick hour and filled out all the re-check paperwork and everything, and I passed my second try!!! The cool thing about checkrides is that if you only mess up on one part, you only have to do that part over instead of re-doing the whole thing. So I did the whole second flight in 18 minutes and now I am a Commercial pilot.

So I came home right away (after two hours of trying to put all my stuff in my car) and now I am trying to stock up on real food.

And I already have my two jobs lined up! Both Mr. Cutter and Sam's were cool with me working less than eight hours apiece for them so I can get eleven hour days now!


Physics is finally over!

For now at least. I hope I pass. So now I just have some paperwork, and ton of study, and a checkride to pass. I sure hope I pass because I don't think I can make it up here for another day. My steep turns were perfect today! Right on with altitude and airspeed. I can't wait to take mom up and do a 60 degree steep turn with her. And I still need to show Caleb my zero G manuver. I will go study now.



so today was okay. After Econ I went to get my pictures from CVS and found that one of my rolls was corrupted, so I don't have any pictures past Wednesday in Walton. None of the play, none of the hands or heads or church or youth event or the Susquahanna or anything. Oh well. I went to the airport and studied alone from 11 to 1:30, then I flew for a couple hours and studied with Shawn till 7:30. So I fixed my last Spaghetti to make up for not eating all day, but it didn't help any cause I could only eat a few bites. I think I am getting nervous about my Commercial. And I haven't even started studying for my Physics final on Saturday. hmm. I really need to go to bed now. Goodnight.

Econ is done!

I only wish it was the hardest of my classes so I could relax a little, but alas it is not so I shall continue to weary myself in the drudgeries of physics review until Saturday.


Camping is fun

A little cold maybe, but still fun. Jon passed his Commercial! He had a four hour oral and a one hour flight, but he survived. Shawn is next and I will bring up the rear at 7:30 on Monday. I'm already starting to sweat the oral because I have Mitch (known for his weird questions). I think I will spend the rest of the afternoon studying for Econ and finding a Seminole mannual.


$$$ I'm in the money Mr. Jones $$$

Well not really. But I did save a lot on car insuran.... I mean books for next year. My ROTC connections had me in Physics with a guy who is going to start flying at Lackland AFB in like two weeks. And since he is in the flight program and dosen't really need Boeing systems manuals (he will be in Lockheed Martin Fighters) he sold about $400 worth of books to me for $120!!!! Which is a great deal for the both of us.

Well I'm back to studying Commercial systems.


Mom got her throat cut open this morning!

Because she had thyroid? surgery. But she is all good now.

I'm trying to frantically memorize everything I need to know for my commercial checkride.