The most engaging life I've ever had

exciting, fun, a little intimidating, definitely worth it.


Three words to describe my last class ever:

Canceled By Weather.

oh well, I get to go into work early now.

two finals and I am DONE!!!


Happy Birthday Caleb!

Can you believe that my little brother is sixteen? wowzers. I wish I could go see him, but alas, for I am bound in chains of scholastic material.


Another one bites the dust.

And another goes down...

I finished up two classes today. Turned in my tennis take home final and got an A on my Air traffic control final (which means that I get a recommendation to the FAA for a controller position, AND if I do amazingly well on my weather final I could have a 4.0 for this semester!) I interview with Big Sky tomorrow, so I will spend some time prepping for that.

Josh Out.


I went to the last fireside chat of my college career last night.

It was a lot of fun. It was senior night so a bunch of high school seniors came, and James, Ryan, Kara, Andrew, and I all got a nice card from everybody. Pastor Long talked about the Love of God. Brian came! Somebody else didn't. :'-( A bunch of people from Indy and Kokomo were all pouring through the door and I ran over to look for her, standing on my tiptoes so I could see over everybody's heads. But I just stood there telling myself that she would be the next one through the door, until the stream of people petered out. I stood there for a couple more minutes, waiting, hoping, "maybe she is just taking her time," but she never walked in. So I tried to convince myself that maybe she took a different car and just drove slower. But like your expectations to find something interesting to read on here, it just never came to be. She has one more chance to come up, but then I might get a job some 2,278.14 miles away and never get to see her again.

I've got two finals this week and two next week and then I'm DONE FOREVER!!!

off to class.


It's so wierd to think that I only have

TWO WEEKS of school left! I was going to do a long thoughtful post on the most important stuff that I've learned in the last four years, but then I was like "Nah, that'll take to long and be really boring." So you can see that I've at least learned to use my time better. AHHH... there I go talking about what I've learned. SLAP SLAP "Snap out of it Josh!" If I had a big graduation party at my house up here on Saturday the 12th, do you think anybody would come out for it?



Here I am, adding another state to the list of states from which I've posted. Of course I've gone and forgotten what all my other states were, so if somebody wants to read all my archives and count them up feel free to do so. One of the coolest things about my archives is that I can use them to keep track of when I am eligible to donate blood. On a totally unrelated subject, I get to go to a Jazz concert tonight! Are you jealous yet Andrew? Well I need to work on my air traffic control for a while now.
Josh Out.



We started prepping for our sim checkrides this morning. One of the crews that flew after me had an empty seat so I volunteered to take it. We were graded like we were taking our actual checkrides, and I think I got the highest checkride score of my life on my second practice run. :-)
We got to do steep turns, stalls, a two engine ILS to missed, and a single engine visual with a 10kt direct crosswind. It was pretty sweet cause we had to come in high and fast, but the plane landed like it didn't even realize that it had a flameout and an engine fire.

Does anybody know of cheap airline fares to Washington state?


What a world we live in.

Isn't the world built pretty well? With everything from the weather to economics to politics all going round and round, never quite achieving balance, yet never hitting too much of an extreme. When it gets close to an extreme some big storm will erupt (t-storms, depressions, WWII) and bring it back in. I was just thinking about this cause when we started flight school the whole job market was pathetic and you had to have like 2000 hours of experience to get hired by anybody, but our advisers told us that it would be turning around about the time that we graduate, and they were right! We just got part of a lecture the other day about how fortunate we are to be graduating right now because the world is once again turning to the skies for their travel needs and businesses are booming and growing at tremendous rates. Piedmont is coming to campus Monday after the next to find some employees, so I'm going to go listen to their presentation, but they are only down to 325 hours total time minimums. I could get 325 by a class date, but they will prolly only look at the CFI half of our class for now.

Finals are going to be pretty cool this year. I hope to get my final for my online ATC class set up for the end of next week, I get to do 737FMS training for one final and a 727 sim checkride for another, my tennis final will be a take home exam, and that only leaves Weather on Wednesday and Com on Saturday of finals week for me.

Caleb came up to visit, so we are having a grand time, but now I must be off to work. If you see any normal posts on here, they will only happen because my password is saved and Caleb might find out.


Big Com exam today.

It will be my last regular season exam! I hope I don't do anything stupid on it.



I am so glad I am only taking 12 hours this semester. If I wasn't I would be totally swamped right now. I am only posting because I can do it while I listen to my ATC lecture online. It's really crazy but I have the potential to be hired by Big Sky Airlines and fly some 19 seat turboprops by July. So I am putting in an application with them and a couple other Airlines that probably won't hire me because the are not as desperate for pilots. Ok I've gotta run. Enjoy the weather before it drops to really cold on a scale of zero to hot.