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Day 3

Back to the Uintas!

Got up early and tried fishing again. Didn't get a single bite. Didn't lose any flies though! Huzzah for small victories.

After a great brekky of pancakes (hotcakes) and fish we had a short devotional time and wandered about the basin to try fishing some different lakes.

I got a bite (but no fish) before lunch and then a few more bites after lunch. And THEN, you'll never believe it, but I actually caught a fish! It was a very large Eastern Brook Trout. We were letting all our catches go (Dave had already gotten quite a few by then), and as I was taking mine off the hook he broke the line and got off with my best fly! AARG! Oh well, it was worth the 87 cents just to reel in one.

Broke the hook on another fly after getting a bite on it and then we headed back to camp.

Got some more spectacular views on the way back. I think we decided not to go up towards Anderson's pass tomorrow, but to take the long way around. Yay for staying alive! We might use it to come down, but we'll look at it from the top and decide then. Went to bed early.

P.S. Saw an owl tonight as we were hanging our food. Dave said it was the closest he's ever been to one in the wild! It was so cool and quiet. If I hadn't been looking up at the right time I never would have seen it. You couldn't hear it land or take off or anything. It stared down at us for a while with its gigantic eyes, then flew off to new intrests. I love owls.


At 12:15 a.m., Blogger # 47 said...

I had a surplus of commenty things to say so I shall arranged them in number points for you. ;D

1) Yeay for small victories! You did much better than I did last time I fished, where I lost a lure and then got a new one from a very nice Japanese man who was nearly a stranger. I then promptly lost *his* too. Arg!! I actually waded out into the lake to get it the second time, out of sheer spite for the logs.

2)I love the pic you have right after supposedly "fishing some different lakes". No wonder you were having issues... ;P

3) And lastly, you're quite talented if you can "get some more spectacular views" in the manner that you did pictured above the caption... with your eyes closed. ;D Quite cunning, really.

I know I know... excessively annoying commentary. But let's just say that it's midnight, I'm eating marshmallow cereal, and it all sounded brilliant at the time...

At 10:08 p.m., Blogger Joel and Stacey said...

You always did have a thing for owls didn't you? :-)


At 2:10 p.m., Blogger Ben said...

owls rock. they are wise enough to have discovered how many licks it takes to get to the tootsieroll center of a tootsiepop.


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